Lost City of Atlantis or Saoghal eile

Posted July 21, 2021, 10:32 p.m. by Lieutenant Cara Esmé O’Farrell (Counselor / Education Specialist) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Gravel Mardusk (Chief of Security) in Lost City of Atlantis or Saoghal eile


“Day after works just fine for me. I’ll defer ta your experience and let you pick. After that I may have more of an opinion. But day after tomorrow is my first duty shift. I may be really cranky. You’ve been warned.” She stared at what was left of the cake and thought better of it. “But if I’m gonna make Bubbles go missing for a bit, I best get on that.” She grinned, stood up and patted his shoulder. “Donna wake the neighbor when ya go home tonight.”


Mardusk looked at her said “Oh no. I plan on going home and falling right to sleep…” and he stood up and scooped up the tray and glassware and fixed her with a look that was unlike any he had shown in their hours together,

”… I got a gorgeous redhead to dream about.” and he winked and walked past her and dropped the remains in the recycler and walked towards the door.


Cara shook her head as he left, and then laughed softly to herself.

The next morning Cara was sitting in the lounge…yes she found her way there all by her own little lonesome…after wandering around deck 17 and then 18 for over half an hour. She wasn’t telling anyone that though and it’s also why she got up early....She was sipping coffee, black. It needed to be a lot stronger.

Just around 12 hours ago she’d left the lounge and made her way…eventually…back to the shuttle bay and laying on the sweet Irish charm she was capable of, struck a deal with Lt Chambers. That deal ended with Cara having to agree to have breakfast with Lt Chambers. In exchange Chambers got the latest shipment for Mike’s Place confused, lost, and mis-labelled. Bubbles was there from 1945 until 0300 in the morning. Cara found a nice out of the way place, on the upper level of the cargo bay (yeah it took her awhile to find that) and got to observe Bubbles first hand. Yeah crazy didn’t cover it.

So now it was 0630 and she was sitting at a table. She was dressed in her uniform, hair pinned up in what was called a ‘messy’ bun, coffee already in hand and food on the table. But out of politeness she hadn’t started eating yet. She had an appt in sickbay first thing at 0800. So that meant one hour and then half an hour to make sure she didn’t get lost. Chambers showed up late. “Oh you already got got your food…” Cara nodded, “The line was empty, so I took advantage. I didna mind waitin’. Getcha self somethin’.” He was a pleasant enough fellow, he tried way too hard to impress her, and was not comfortable with silence. Giving her no time to finish the bite she was eating and answer or contribute to the conversation. “You knew a lot about those perishables in those crates. So botany or ecology?” Cara shook her head, sipped her coffee, “I’m not a science officer, I’m…” Chambers grinned, “So a doctor then? I’d let you check me out.” Cara blinked…wow.... “Nay Lad. I’m the new ship’s counselor.” Chambers turned a deathly shade of whitish grey and chocked on his coffee…and here it came.....”Oh cough yeah I guess that would make sense since Ms Edman left on the shuttle you arrived with....well Um I’m glad I could help you get that surprise set up for your friend. It was a really late night. I…umm…yeah…have a good day Lt.” Champers left feeling like he’d dodged a phaser shot.

Cara set her coffee down and cut another piece of waffle with her fork and then popped it in her mouth. Yeah being a counselor could be lonely, but times like this it was funny. The man had started off making a fool of himself when she arrived, and had just kept digging himself deeper. She felt bad for him though. In all that rambling he did he’d let slip the ‘Dear John’ letter he’d gotten. She gave him a week before he come to her office. She leaned back, propped her feet up and sipped her coffee.


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