Side Sim - Lera and ... Lera (Counselor)

Posted July 21, 2021, 10:40 p.m. by Jennifer Ward

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Despite being wrapped up in herself to the point of tauntness in her own muscles, the movement of the woman beside her wasn’t lost on her. Revna wasn’t doing well, either. And Lera wasn’t making it any easier. She knew Mar would take her to task for everything that had happened today, already. But if he knew the hardship she was adding to the Counselor, she would probably be in for a lot more than a stern reprimand.

Squeezing the balls in her hands a moment, she realized they were just pliable enough to let her ball up her fists, but not so tender that her nails could reach her palms. She didn’t look up as Rev went over the list of things she was going to have to do to comply with her ability to remain on the Atlantis and in her given profession. Nodding, she sighed and looked up finally. “I can’t make a promise to keep it up all the time. I would be lieing if I did. But I can promise you I will do my best to comply. The work thing will be hard, but probably the easiest. The journal and meal tracking, I will also do my best. As to the weighted blanket,” she shivered slightly at the idea of something heavier being on her in a crisis. “I can try. That’s all I can say.” It didn’t occur to her that she slept better with Mardusk’s arm over her at night, or that being close to his weight made her feel grounded when she wasn’t at her best. The idea may have sat better with her if she had.

“Revna… what’s wrong?” She set the balls on the couch beside her and went to the woman’s side. “And don’t tell me nothing cause we’d both know it’s a lie. I’ve agreed to your terms and will do my best to stop being a brat when it comes to getting better. So now it’s your turn. Why do I suddenly feel like I need to call Mar or medical to get here on the double?” She crouched in front of the woman with her hands on the arms of the seat. She was still shaking, slightly, but keeping herself on the balls of her feet forced her to balance and eased up on the shaking a bit.


Revna worked with Lera for weeks, months really. Lera was a good person and what she had been through was horrendous. But they were quickly approaching her own departure from Atlantis, and Lera wasn’t making significant progress. After that first initial acceptance that things were bad Lera shut down. She just told Revna what she though Revna wanted to hear. And that was normal. To want things to go back to what had ‘worked’ previously. But it didn’t work. Being on Atlantis wasn’t good for Lera. She wanted and tried to go back to work and not deal with the issues. Her ‘brown outs’ were getting worse and now Revna had to make the hard choice. With her own departure there wasn’t anyone trained to deal with the kind of trauma treatment Lera needed. Two days a week, even three, wasn’t enough. And so Revna had told Lera her decision. The evaluation had been submitted and signed off on. Revna hated it, but she had to do what was best and safest for Lera. And she didn’t know when she would return from her own medical treatment. So, despite how Lera might feel about it, Revna closed out the file and sent it on to Star Fleet Medical.

Psychological Evaluation of Lieutenant Auleraine Brison
Completed by Lieutenant Revna Edman
Lt Brison has been suffering from severe untreated PTSD since she was held captive. She often becomes restless, agitated, and disassociates. She has nightmares and will often clench her fists until her nails draw blood. All normal responses to her extreme stress. However she consistently resists any form of assistance or to admit that there is a problem. She has periods of brown outs while she is working which puts her and those she is working with in danger. As the systems worsen she takes on more duty shifts which only increases her physical exhaustion and increases her mental stress making the symptoms worse. It is my recommendation that Lt Brison be temporarily transferred to Star Fleet medical for intensive treatment so that she can heal and return to the work to which she excels.

Lt Revna Edman, Counselor

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