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Posted July 22, 2021, 7:31 a.m. by Lieutenant Cara Esmé O’Farrell (Counselor / Education Specialist) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Gravel Mardusk (Chief of Security) in Lounge - Neighbors… Thats Very Convenient (Tag CNS)
Two days.

It had been two full days since Gravel had left her in the Lounge after their first dinner. In those two days several things had happened of note:

First. His mom had called. She was being transferred. Federation Presidential Star Fleet Advisor. Not too shabby.

Second. He had finally heard from Mike, who was now the Chief of his Clan and the co-head of another and… and Mardusk had started thinking of something (actually someone) else and wasn’t really paying attention.

Third. He had seen Cara a few times in passing, always giving her a smile and trying to make sure he breathed right as he waved or said hello and reminded her of dinner.


She had gotten lost a record nineteen times in two days. And that’s just the times he knew about. The times a Security patrol had found her wandering. He figured the real number was in the mid-30’s. Each time he told the patrol to get her to her room or her office, but he didn’t talk to her… as much as he wanted to.

Tonight that changed. Tonight he pulled on jeans, a blue t-shirt that said ‘Old Punks Never Die, We Just Stand In Back’, a dark gray sport coat, and his combat boots. His green skin was freshly scrubbed, and he walked out of his door and to the next door on the left. He pressed the chime and waited.


Two days that seemed like only hours. Settling to a new duty station was always interesting. She’d had her boarding physical and Dr. Evrilla was amazing. The new meds made her feel normal and none of the side effects of what she usually used. The three hours between ending one and starting the other had been miserable. But she managed and a lot of ginger candies and the new hypo later she was fine.

She had heard from her sister who was starting a new post as chief surgeon at Star Fleet Medical. Mom was doing much better but Dad was making an annoyance of himself. So everything was normal. She’d met the captain…boy was that interesting. Eng had been by her office…to bring a desk and generally got in the way of her working. Interrupted a pediatric session to give her advice on decorating.

She’d seen Gravel a few times in passing and each time she had to wait for him to go around a corner. One so she could chuckle because he was trying so hard to be chill. And two so she could reactivate the LCARS panel and the directions she had been following. Oh! And she’d gotten to know a good portion of the security department because apparently they were on the look out for the poor lost counselor. That was annoying because her lack of direction was annoying, but it was great too because they were so busy doing their jobs they forgot to worry about her being the counselor. But she had gotten lost so many more times than they were aware.

Her first full day on duty was…she was glad it was over. She was cranky. The door chimed and then it opened. GG Allin, I Hate People was blaring over the speakers. Her quarters were different. The furniture was gone, replaced by floor pillows, a long foam pad that folded at one end to provide a back, and a thick giant futon mattress, and a very low table. Cara, hair down, curls bouncing, was wearing black low cut jeans and green leather sandals. She was pulling on a jean jacket over a green t-shirt with burnt orange writing…”Don’t Make This Ginger Snap.”

She gave him a once over and grinned. “Hey neighbor, don’t you like nice.”

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