What the hell is up with this island

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Lexi leaned back on her chair and closed her eyes feeling the sun warm her face and body. Her family needed this vacation but she needed it even more. Work, marriage, family, and life in Starfleet came with so many more challenges than Lexi expected. This was the lie she told herself. Alexandra Garfield had spent the first five years of her career bouncing around the galaxy, away from family, exploring the galaxy. It was fun but also lonely. She reconnected with Chris several times during this period with one fateful science conference producing thier daughter. Stretching her body out anyone would have seen it as her relaxing but Lexi instead was trying to find a position to relax and work out the tension in her body. Taking a deep breath, Lexi exhaled it louder than she intended drawing the attention of her companion.

“Drink this,” Kelly handed Lexi a chilled bottle of strong alcohol. “Whatever problem is going on between you and Chris is going to be shared easier the drunker you get.” She waited for Lexi’s protest. It was coming just like the conversation that was simmering just under the surface. She just needed to give Lexi some time and a little encouragement. “Ian did you lie about there being a barbecue or just raising the cow for the barbecue. I am dying here,” Kelly glanced over at Ian with a smile.

Lexi took a sip of the drink and blinked shaking her head. Kelly counted the juice in a drink and not the alcohol which translated into a drink far stronger than one normally expected. “What makes you think there is a problem with Chris?” Kelly’s knack for being a Betzoid at times annoyed Lexi.

“Because we are in the middle of a desert island instead of with his family on the ranch,” Kelly said simply taking a sip of her drink.

“Becuase he has no idea what is really going on,” Lexi spun her legs around to sit facing Kelly.

“What is going on,” Kelly took a long swig on her drink. Her gut told her it wasn’t something as trivial as a hot ensign or old flame. Chris and Lexi had their problems like any other couple but it usually revolves around who left their shoes in the middle of the floor or who missed the clothes hamper.

“Chris and i were talking about more kids. I mentioned it to my mom who has completely went off the deep end. She doesn’t understand why we are not back in Israel which is where I was headed before marrying Chris that weekend. All I hear is how I need to give Ruth a better up bringing. Kelly she doesn’t know the Shema.” The blank stare by Kelly made Lexi swing around and drop back into the seat. “It’s the first prayer all Jewish kids learn,” she informed Kelly frowning.

“And your mom is going to expect Ruth to know it,” Kelly finally snapped the pieces together. “So can’t you just cram for it with her?”

“That is exactly what he said,” Lexi waved frustratedly at Chris. Looking around rapidly for a second she realized Ruth was no longer building a sand castle but moving towards the waters edge. In truth Ruth was only about two feet from Chris. One large step and he would be next to Ruth but right now Lexi was just annoyed.

“Ruth if daddy isn’t going to watch you come sit with me ,” Lexi called out.

Lexi Robins

Chris looked over at Lexi with an eye roll before he walked over to Ruth and put her five inches closer to him. “She’s fine, where is she going to go? Wander into the ocean and I won’t notice? It’s not like there is a lot around for me to be distracted by.” Chris said as he gestured around the beach which had some tiki huts set up around them with booze and fires as with a few passing beachgoers coming and leaving. This area of the beach was fairly dense, as it wasn’t tourist season and often only found native islanders coming and going.

“But I’s wanna go in the water,” Ruth plopped down in the sand crossing her arms. “I’m tired of playin’ in da sand,” she kicked the small sand castle tower over with her foot she had built ten minutes earlier. Surfing was gonna be so much fun but it was taking forever.

“No, but it seems you are more focused on your stick and the sex wax than Ruth,” Lexi glared back taking a long sip of the drink Kelly gave her. In a few years she would have to be more clever with her retorts but at least in this case her comment completely was accurate. Chris has been polishing that surfboard for what seemed like an hour. “She has been waiting forever and I am still not sure it is the best idea for you to take her out alone. Swimming in a pool is very different from the ocean.”

Chris was wearing his board shorts and was next to the surfboard he had been waxing up. It was clear this was his element, tanned and toned he looked like the people that were coming and going all around him. He had planned to take Ruth out and let her lay on the board as he floated her around. It was something his father always did to him and his brother and sister and he wanted a chance to experience that with his own daughter. “I can still get you one ready and you can go out with us, there is a boogie board and wakeboards that are pretty easy to get on. You don’t have to sit there and look like you have wandered the desert for 40 years.” Chris said as he looked to his left as he saw Ian wandering towards him from the forested area with a bunch of bananas behind him.

“Hey hero,” extended her middle finger and rubbed the corner of her eye looking at her husband. Part of her irritation was coming from how incredibly hot he looked. Her mother had pissed her off and Chris seemed to not want to dwell in the misery that was coming up to their visit in Israel. This meant she had to stew by herself. “You know what the real problem with Chris right now,” Lexi stared at him hard as she talked to Kelly in a low tone. “He has to be all golden and musclely.” Lexi produced a disgusted throat noise as she took another sip of her drink. “I mean look at him. He is all glistening and I know he is only polishing the board in that position that slowly to make me stare at him.”

“Well it is working because you haven’t stopped staring since you starting complaining thirty minutes ago,” Kelly looked at Chris. In any other situation, a captain should not oogle her crew but Lexi was right. Chris right now looked like the poster model of a surfing advertisement. If she wasn’t married and sitting next to the man’s wife, Kelly would have taken her chances, even if it was just for a shore leave memory, on his surfboard. Lowering her glasses as she watched Chris’ strong and purposeful diagonal strokes slide over the board. The force and intensity did not stop or slow as he moved the nub of wax over the fiberglass surface. Long strokes, short fast ones, circular ones: It was almost mesmerizing and hypnotic to watch…or maybe it was the booze and being on the island.

Blinking twice, Kelly snapped out of the daydream she slipped into finding Ian busy at the grill. Australian cuisine was something Ian was rather good at for being Yank but from what Kelly could tell there was little difference in American grilling versus Australian barbecuing except fruit. Turns out Australians grilled a lot more fruit than Americans. As hot as Chris looked polishing the surfboard, Ian had his own sex appeal that was hard to ignore. He had a working man, salt of the earth, persona around him in this setting. Like he could walk into the jungle and stride out with all the things necessary to create a gourmet meal complete with drippy candles as the sun dipped into the ocean.

Ian didn’t quite look like he belonged as well as Chris. He was still tanned and toned, but he wasn’t wearing the shirtless cabana boy look Chris had. Instead, he had what many might have called a tactical vest, with everything someone who thought they might get lost on a deserted island might need. “Hey, Chris… these the edible kind? I found them growing and was curious how good they might be.”

“I am not the biologist, ask her,” Chris said as kneeled up from the board, pointing at Lexi with the rag in hand he had been using to brush down his board. “You might be careful though… could have a like monkey crap on it… this isn’t a Piggly Wiggly,” Chris said with a smirk as he looked down at Ruth with a big smile. “You bout ready? We need to get you a life vest and you have to be tethered to the board as well.” Chris said as he moved back his beach towel that was near his cooler as he began looking for where he put down the life vest.

“Yes. That’s a Musa ingens variety which is why it’s eighteen inches and not the typical seven inches you find normal. Its seems they grow them bigger down under,” Lexi yelled out looking at the bunch of banana.

“I don’t know if I like how you two are eyeing my banana…” Ian said as he smirked at the ladies as he walked past heading to the grill smoke was billowing.

“It’s the grill baby. It’s all about the food and the booze. You know the way to my heart,” Kelly laughed blowing him a kiss. “And on your way back through Can you whip up two more of those banana rum things,” she lifted her half empty glass. “Two more of these and your virtue could be in compromised state with me, along with our family stays of two,” she smiled with an evil expression as her lips wrapped around the straw slowly pulling up a large swallow of the pale yellow frozen concoction.

Lexi’s eyes met Chris’ as they exchanged a silent glance. She knew exactly what he was thinking.

Lexi bit the inside of her cheek to hide the smile. it was so hard to stay mad at Chris. Don’t wink. I swear to god if you wink, she threatened him in her mind.

The moment would have been perfect except for it was suddenly missing the fifth member of the group. Scanning around Lexi found Ruth.

“Ugh…see…you are not paying attention,” Lexi gestured to the waterline as Ruth ran back and forth letting the waves chase her into shore. “You do remember that she can’t swim right?”

“Yes yes, I will get floaties on her too. We are not going that far out, wont even hit the tide break. It’s just a paddle around the shoreline.” Chris said as he felt a twinge of irritation. Lexi would not get off his balls and it was driving him insane. He thought this trip would be good for everyone but she seemed insistent on being mad.

“Chris, I don’t want to spend the trip at the doctor’s because we were one of those parents that let their kid almost drown at the beach. She is too little to be doing this.” Lexi was nervous even though it was unwarranted. Chris would not o anything to put their daughter in danger or jeopardy. It was just Lexi’s overprotective mom reflexes kicking in. Even after two years of being married, it was hard to give up control of Ruth at times.

“Mommy stop,” Ruth held up both hands as if it was a game on a playground and she didn’t want someone running up to her. “Finish your juice with Aunt Kelly. I is a big girl and big girls surf,” Ruth stated emphatically putting her hands on her small hips before looking at Chris to agree “Tell mommy I is a big girl and big girls surf.”

“You are a very big girl,” Chris said as he lifted her up as he began to tickle his daughter as he began to slather her with love and affection. “My little Baby Ruth…” he said as he put her back down as he patted her bottom. “Get the floaties and I will get your life vest on baby girl.”

Ruth ran as fast as her chubby legs could carry her to Lexi and Kelly. “Foaties pease,” she stuck out her arms waiting for one of the two woman to meet her needs. Kelly grabbed them and handed one to Lexi as the simultaneously prepared Ruth. “I hate Foaties,” Ruth said as she was jerked right and left by the women trying to slip the tight plastic sleeves past her elbows.

“Not more than Aunt Kelly,” she groaned pinning Ruth between her knees as Lexi struggled with the other arm. A squeak and suddenly both rings of plastic slipped into their needed position.

Knowing what was coming next, Lexi hurried said “remember the life vest,” as Ruth prepared to bolt

Not waiting a second longer, Ruth spun kicking up sand as she ran to her daddy. “I’s coming. I’s ready. Dont weave me,” Ruth called out waving her hands as if Chris was suddenly going to disappear into thin air. Skidding to a stop in front of Chris, Ruth held out her arms and wobbled in one foot waiting for Chris to start strapping the life vest to her body. This position was one Ruth knew well becuase of all the times she had been on Uncle Ian’s and Aunt Kelly’s boat. “Mommy said not to forget the wife vest.” Giving Chris a confused look she took a deep breath as he began snapping and buckling the equivalent of a water based straight jacket to his daughters body.

“Daddy,” she paused posing a question to him in a very sincere and inquisitive tone

“If sur fin’ is so dangerous why aren’t you wearing a wife vest. We all wear wife vests on da’ boat?”

“Because I know how to swim baby, but you are right, life vests are very important and you need them too.” Chris said as he kissed the top her head before he began to put the vest on her. “When you get older certain situations you can lose some of the safety, but if you want I can wear one with you munchkin.” Chris said with a playful smirk as he picked her up as he began spinning Ruth in the air as if she was an airplane before he put her back down.

Looking back at Lexi Chris winked at her as he got finished up the things needed. “I love you too…” he added, as he looked back with a wide smile. This smile, despite any irritation, was very genuine. He couldn’t help but let the irritation wash over him. As much as she could annoy him, she could thrill him and make him feel like the luckiest man alive just as easily.

Lexi Robins

Christopher Robins

Small barking could be heard from behind Ian as he began grilling next to the others, as a little beagle can running from the brush chasing a bird as it flew away. “Lilith!” Ian said as the dog began to run toward Kelly for protection between Ian’s legs. “Girl I told you not to chase the birds…” Ian said with a sigh as he shook his head as he saw the dog began to climb up into Kelly’s arms as she began to lick her face.

“Well at least she likes you, my last girlfriend she hated… so we do have that going for you,” Ian said to Kelly as he smiled widely. “Come here girl I have some nummies for you.” Ian said as he grabbed a piece of the sausage and kneeled down as the dog began to make a beeline for him as she began to lick her jowls at the treat.

Bordeaux, Chief Diplomat

“Don’t kid yourself. The only reason she is coming to you now is because you are using food,” Kelly joked back before settling into the chair again watching Chris surf with Ruth. The sight brought a smile to her face watching the pair play in the water as much as they tried to surf it.

“So when are you taking the leap,” Lexi asked finishing her drink and reaching for a new one.

“I have never really liked surfing,” Kelly replied absent-mindedly letting out a laugh as Chris slipped off the back of the board trying to balance a squirming Ruth .

“Not surfing. The leap from dog mom to real mom.” While Chris never was interested in debating the topic, Lexi could not stop wondering about it. Kelly and Ian had been married for about two years now. Once a couple moved past the two-year mark they often began talking about family but Kelly never mentioned it once.

Kelly took a long swig of her drink pondering what to tell Lexi. “Ian and I have talked about it but,” she took another sip not sure how to finish her sentence. The topic had been on her mind a lot more recently. Maybe it was because their family was always asking about it too. Kelly nipped it in the bud fast. Ian would respond with a humorous one liner about it being more fun trying than succeeding yet she often saw him give her a side glance after. It was normal to want children. Kelly had for years but now she suddenly had so many reservations. Maybe talking to Lexi about them would get her head on straight.

“I wanted kids for years when I was married to Ric. We tried in every exotic location across the galaxy,” Kelly laughed with a smirk remembering several times in particular. “Thankfully it never happened because divorce for kids sucks especially when you have two parents with careers like we do…did.” Glancing over at Ian, Kelly kept her voice low.

“Ian would make a fabulous father. The truth is I am not so sure I would. Lexi I am the captain of a starship with at times a thousand people on it. What do I do if I am on the bridge in a crisis?”

“Same thing I do when I am in the science lab. Trust the system and safety protocols. Kelly,” Lexi scrutinized her friend, “what you are worrying about i totally freaked out about before coming to the ship. I had Chris nuts on our honeymoon worrying but I got over it like you should. Besides you would make a great mom. The kids love you. They act like you are a rock star,” Lexi laughed taking a long drink of her beverage.

“It’s easy to be the favorite aunt but how can I separate? I am expected to put the lives of the crew over everything else. We all signed up to give our lives to starfleet if necessary but I know I could not think straight if I had to choose between my kid and the crew.”

“And you think because your neck is shinier than the rest of the crew we don’t think the same thing? Look if you don’t want kids figure out the reason why but don’t hide behind some lame two bit excuse. It will make you less squirmy every time someone brings it up,” Lexi lectured her friend.

Kelly felt better admitting all that she had out loud to someone other than Ian for once. The only problem was Lexi was saying everything Ian always did.


“Dinner!” Ian shouted at the pair as he came back to the women with two bowls of food that were mixed with fresh-caught shrimp, rice, and fresh ingredients he could find around their beachfront. “Eat up… I have a feeling Chris is going to drag us out to windsurf of something soon… we don’t wanna collapse in the middle of the ocean,” he said as he took Lilith off of Kelly as he set the dog down near a bowl he had ready for her as he came back to kiss Kelly as began walking past the two. “You are gonna makeup with your honeyfuggle if you want some similar sugar doll,” Ian said towards Lexi with a playful tongue sticking out as he began to wave for Chris to come back to the beach.

Bordeaux, Chief Diplomatic Officer

“Wanna see something funny,” Kelly said to Lexi as Ian stood on the beach with Lillith in his arms. Picking up a forkful of the food Kelly yelled out Ian’s previous girlfriend’s name causing the dog to go nuts barking and wiggling as if someone had just come to the door. Placing the food in her mouth she chewed with an innocent expression.

“Lilith hated her,” Kelly laughed. “Ian says there was a whole host of reasons as to why they split but if you ask me it was because his dog hated her.”


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