Holodeck - Engine Caper

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Posted by Commander Garinder’Jen th’Jir (Executive Officer) in Holodeck - Engine Caper
OOC: Going to run this as an alt timeline to try to work this in.

They filed out of the ready room, Jen in the lead. “Commander,” he said to Mardusk. “Let’s get this caper going. Counselor, I want you there too to provide details on what you think the pirates would pay attention to.” He looked over to Three of Five. “Three of Five. Commander Mardusk has a plan to work a project in the holodeck regarding an older version of engineering. Go with him and the Counselor. The Commander will brief you on the way. Your expertise in these matters will be helpful to give logistical detail and reality of merging technologies.”

To the three, he said, “Good luck.”
- Jen, XO

OOC: Because it’s getting confusing which character I’m playing, I’m just dropping Cara in here and saying she was her from the beginning.
OOC: I hear ya. On other ships I have my cast of thousands of NE’s and it is a challenge …
Cara nodded, “Aye Cmdr,” and she moved toward the turbolift with the other two, and stepped on once it arrived. For the duration of the ride she was going over in her mind what she knew from their meeting, wishing she could have observed the crew in their own environment.

“Understood, sir.” He said as he moved to the turbolift with the counselor and the commander.
Three of Five, engineer

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