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Posted July 29, 2021, 6:17 p.m. by Lieutenant Cara Esmé O’Farrell (Counselor / Education Specialist) (Jennifer Ward)

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Posted by Lieutenant Cara Esmé O’Farrell (Counselor / Education Specialist) in Diamond Star - Neighbors… Thats Very Convenient (Tag CNS)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Gravel Mardusk (Chief of Security) in Diamond Star - Neighbors… Thats Very Convenient (Tag CNS)
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Cara smiled up at him and something in her eyes was michevious and daring him. “Yeah it did. Probably will again too. Practice ya know, since my feet are still on the ground.” Silent giggles shook her shoulders as she teased him. She followed him out hand still tucked firmly into his.


Gravel looked down at her and said “Hmmm… okay, then.” He led her to the turbo lift and said “Deck 4.” knowing full well she wouldn’t know where the Observation Deck was or not. As the doors slid open, he turned her quickly and immediately to the left, down a right hand turn, left, left again, then right… ensuring she was well turned around before stopping at a door and saying “One stop first.” and he opened the door and ushered her into…

Deck 4? It was on the same deck as their quarters? She didn’t remember that…quarters and a shuttle bay on deck 4. Well he did say he by passed the observation lounge because of her stomach. And while she contemplated this he’d led her every which way and she was totally turned around....wait black color on the floor… didn’t that mean their sec....

His quarters.

He then scooped her up off the floor like he was carrying her off, held her to him and then kissed her again… but this time there was no reservation. Just her, him, and the kiss.

Cara was caught totally off guard. Conversing with Gravel was easy and it was easy to be unguarded. If he thought she would hesitate, she did not. Cara had never been held like that and there was something intensely intimate about it that shook her, while she melted into the kiss.

Finally he broke the kiss and said “Ok… now the Observation Deck.” and set her abruptly on her feet. He then looked at her and said “And I’ll be sweeping you off your feet any time you dare me like that again.” and he grinned and winked.


She flushed hotly, swallowed, and smiled at him from the corner of her eye. “I’ll remember that.” She looked…shocked and something else, but she slipped her hand back into his as they left. Her stomach felt all kinds of unsettled but in a good way.


They made their way to the Observation Deck. Gravel was silent, his mind swirling and his stomach churning like he had just been punched hard… but he liked it. When they finally stepped onto the Observation Deck, he had come to a decision and a realization… not necessarily in that order.

Cara was quiet. Her own contemplations turning the gears in her head. Logic losing at pushing back against common sense and emotions standing on the sidelines laughing.

The deck was almost empty, and the dome was crystal clear. The ship was at impulse, rendezvousing with a Pendragon-class to transfer personnel. The massive warship hovered above the Atlantis, visible in all its glory through the transparent dome.

“Well… there you go.” he said softly. He nodded as the only other two people on the deck said hello as they passed and left.

They were alone.


Cara nodded to the pair as they passed and raised a brow after they did so with a grin. Two of the same from the lounge the other night. She looked up at the sight of the warship. A sharp indrawn whistle if appreciation. At impulse the sight of the stars moving and the feel of the ship traveling didn’t bother her. “For pure intimidation factor it gets a solid 10.” She walked farther into the room staring up through the dome. “But Atlantis beats her for sheer size.”


“Sounds like you and me a bit.” Gravel replied with a chuckle. “I’m the Atlantis, just to clarify.” and he followed her further in. Her eyes on the ship, his eyes were on her. He followed her movements and tried very hard not to stare. “So I have a question for you… if you are up for a very personal one…”


Looking out at the view she grinned, “Are ya sayin’ I’m intimidatin’?” She looked back at him. After that kiss in his quarters, it was a little late to be worried about ‘very personal’ questions. Cara had promised herself to not jump in so fast and blindly again. That chemistry wasn’t the only thing. She smiled, no teasing there. “Of course. If it’s too much I’ll say so. What is it?”


“Well, I hope its not too much, but fair enough. So who are the special people in your life? Who are important?” he asked, walking up next to her and taking her hand while looking at the other vessel.


That wasn’t that personal. But then being a counselor Cara dealt in personal. “My parents and sisters. I have a couple friends I’ve made over the years I keep in touch with. Luanna and I served together at Star Fleet Medical. Renee and I have been friends since we were kids.” Cara squeezed his hand as she talked. “You asked me how long my longest relationship was, and I told you a year. That was the last meaningful romantic relationship. I would be pleasently surprised and happy if that was about to change.”


Gravel stopped cold. Really? First date and you are talking like that? he thought for a second… and then he smiled.

“Well… I can’t predict the future. But I would hope that, whatever it holds… that you are a significant part of it.” He took her other hand in his and looked down at her.

“I’d like to help you break that record, if you like.”


Cara needed to stop talking. It wasn’t that what she said wasn’t how she felt, but even Cara had to admit she was admitting to a bit much for a first date.

Not for the first time that night she thought maybe it was time to call it an evening. She didn’t want to though. She really enjoyed his company and spending time with Gravel.

She looked up at him hands in his, “Yeah? That’s a long time ta commit ta for someone you just met.” She smiled at him, “Whatever the future might be, I’d like that.” If he wasn’t so tall, she would have kissed his cheek. Instead she lifted his hand to her and kissed him in the exact center of his palm.

She squeezed his hands and then let go, wandering a few feet away, then laid down on the floor on her back, ankles crossed, one hand behind her head, the other resting over her fluttering stomach. She glanced over at him. “The view’s amazin’.” And she winked at him.


Mardusk moved over and laid down next to her, mirroring her pose. His head to the side, he looked at her from just a few inches away. “Best view in the galaxy…” he said softly. He smiled at her and then said “You know… I’m starting to think that some of the things you say… you are messing with me. You wouldn’t be messing with me, now would you? Because that would just be…” and he inched closer, “… terrible.” and he smiled.


Cara chuckled softly meeting his gaze. “I am messin’ with you as much as you are messin’ with me. So,” she inched slightly closer, “cards in the table?”

Her voice was whisper soft, “Yeah I’m messin’ with ya justa bit, but it’s all still honest.”


Gravel looked at her for a long moment, and he slowly raised one hand to gently trace the side of her face with his fingertips…

Then he kissed her.

It was a solid kiss; full of affection, desire, and the need to be close to her. He held her mouth to his with one large hand on the back of her head, and after a few moments he suddenly pulled back and said with eyes open wide in surprise “We really should get off the floor.”


It was encompassing, affectionate, and wonderful. Get off the floor? Her eyes opened wide. What was wrong with her?!?! She was up with surprising agility. Honestly she’d thought the actual view, ya know of the stars, would have been better not tippin’ her neck at odd angles. But she just had ta keep flirtin’ with him. She moved over to one of the windows. She was flustered and somewhat embarrassed. Thankfully they were still alone. “I should say I’m sorry, but I’m not.”


Gravel walked up next to her and said “You shouldn’t be. I don’t think you… me… we… have done anything wrong.” He put a large green hand on the small of her back. “Listen… I really don’t know why things are moving like they are. And yeah, its a lot scary. But I think if we just let things go as they seem to want to… we’ll be okay. Might even break that record of yours if we don’t try to hard to… to… to steer things away from what they seem to be. And I’m not saying we just get jump right in and let ourselves get carried away… but I think we can just enjoy the ride as ling as we manage each other’s expectations.” He looked down and smiled.

“Like for instance, I expect I’m gonna want to kiss you quite a bit, prying eyes be damned.” and he leaned down and gave her a lingering kiss on the lips before standing up and looking out the window.


She sighed when he pulled away. “I think I can handle that expectation.” Cara looked through the window at the stars past their reflection. It wasn’t a whole lot of scary, and it should be. And that scared her more than their…whatever this was. She met his gaze in their reflection, and it was serious. Her voice lacked the teasing quality of earlier, still sincere. In its place was affection and desire, but not born of physical passion. Though they both knew that was there somewhere, between them. “I donna care about records, Gravel. I am enjoyin’ the ride. And what’s scary is this donna scare me.”


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