'And' is a Number

Posted Aug. 1, 2021, 7:56 p.m. by Lieutenant Cara Esmé O’Farrell (Counselor / Education Specialist) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Gravel Mardusk (Chief of Security) in ‘And’ is a Number


It’s said (other than in the privacy of your own quarters) that there is nothing more intimate between two people than to dance. And for Cara it felt very true as Gravel supported her through the dip, each turn and spin, as they moved through each missed step as if it was part of their rhythm. For the first time since he entered the turbolift with her that first time, Cara actually considered his sheer size. She didn’t exactly have chairs or other furniture to accommodate. “Where ever you feel most comfortable. I have no preference.” As he lifted his arm she turned in and then on the next, 1..2..3.&.4..5.&.6.&.7.&.8, count she turned back out. With each the space between them was less, was closer, and their rhythm became smoother.


“Well…” 1 - 2 & 3… “… if we are planning…” 4…5 & 6 & 7 & 8, “… to do what I think-” stumble stumble 3… 4… 5…”- we are talking about…” and he sighed heavily and then stopped, lifted her high and fast, throwing her legs out behind her and then brought her down faster, swinger her towards him so her legs wrapped around his waist. He bent over, lowering her upper half towards the floor.

“Then how about my place if you are okay letting me wear just your hair for a while?” and he grinned at her and licked his lips.


He was making her breathless, and not just with the dancing. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he lowered her to the floor. She was oddly relaxed, nervous, and utterly still at the same time. She blushed, Orions weren’t telepathic were they? Because she’d had a very similar thought earlier that day. Her eyes dropped to his mouth and then returned to his amazing green eyes as she nodded agreement. “Now see that’s all I thought I was wearin’. I suppose I could just shave my head and wear yer hat instead.”


He smiled at her and said “Oh, you’ll be wearin’ the hat… nothing else besides me, though.” and he pulled her up and, for the second time that night, kissed her like only someone wanting to know how every millimeter of her body felt on his could.


She looked at him, “Will I now?” She grinned snagged the hat off his head and flipped it over and up and on to her head, smirking at him. And then he was kissing her, and she couldn’t seem to get enough. Kissing Gravel was incredible. Cara pressed closer, his warmth seeping into her through their clothing. She kissed him, sometimes questioning, a slight hesitancy, and at other times with deep desire, but always there was more.

“15 MINUTES REMAINING TO RESERVED TIME.” The voice of the computer startled her, and after a long moment she pulled away with a soft laugh. “Now what?”


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