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Posted by Commander Garinder’Jen th’Jir (Executive Officer) in Bridge Main Sim

Posted by Commander Garinder’Jen th’Jir (Executive Officer) in Bridge Main Sim
Cara nodded and tapped her combadge. =^=O’Farrell to Mardusk. Cmdr Jen wants all visiting workers evacuated off the ship.=^=
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=^= O’Farrell to NE RSM Qrow. Cmdr Jen has issued an evacuation order. As soon as all the pirate crew is off the ship he wants everyone back on board. Possible incoming hostile.=^=

O’Farrell, CNS

Shade appeared on the screen… He hissed, =^=We are cursed… Are they coming this way?=^= Likewise the claxons started ringing on the Carrier.

The short answer was no. Although the Darkness ship disappeared frequently from the sensors, the pattern they could detect seemed to be a sweeping back and forth pattern that could be a search grid.


Shade did not appear to be pleased and their actions quite urgent. That was good to know. But ‘cursed’? Interesting. =^= Not that we can see. It appears more like a search pattern. By any chance was this the direction that we came to your base? =^= Were they sniffing them out? How did they know they were even there without outside information? Something to consider another time.

To what stations there were he called out, “I need a star. What is our nearest star?”

Hi 673, orange dwarf star, 0.67 solar mass unit. 12 light years.

To engineering he said, “Repair status? Shield levels? Weapons? Impulse? Warp?”

In that regard 95% of all the repairs were completed and the supplies for the rest were placed in the Atlantis storage holds. As a general rule all systems were at 95% operational status with the exception of the superstructure which despite their best efforts they could not get past 80%. They technology and equipment on the base was not advanced enough to do more than a patch job on the significant hull damage.

To science he said, “We’ve had a century to work on our shields since first encountering anti protonic weapons. Where are we on this?”

“Counselor, what are the chances of convincing Shade and friends to join us?” he asked, mentally ticking down a list.
Jen, XO

Cara gave it a moment of thought, “Very high. Our weapons and technology are more advanced and they would be ‘grateful’ for the ‘assistance.’ But the cost may be high and more importantly there is the risk of being double crossed.”

O’Farrell, CNS


Jen considered the counselor’s assessment. “Given his .. concern over this ‘Darkness’ it seems his greater concern is with saving his skin.” To the Orb he said, “How ‘old’ are stories about this Darkness?”

He read through the status reports of the repairs. Mostly good. He’d have liked the structural numbers to be higher with regard to dealing with those beams but work with what one has rather than what one doesn’t have.

“Helm, plot a course for that star but do not engage. That is our fallback position.”
- Jen, XO

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Jen noted on the screen that the shuttle was on approach.

=^= Bridge to Shuttle Bay. Prepare to receive the Captain and Away Team. Shuttle is en route. Make it smooth but make it quick. =^=

To the shuttle he said =^= Atlantis to Captain. I know you are enjoying your flight back with all the scenery, but we have an unknown bogie in the region that the Orb calls ‘The Darkness’ and which Shade indicated they - as in themselves - were ‘cursed’ that has, as you have likely seen, gotten them stressed. The Darkness appear to engage in random acts of chaos and destruction. It is a bio ship with some stealth ability and, according to the Orb utilizes anti-proton weaponry as well as fighter craft that may also make kamikaze runs. When we see them they appear to be on a path that is like a grid search. And welcome back. We are on yellow alert and =^=
Jen, XO

The Darkness “Octopus” changed course and oriented itself towards the base… and in turn at both the Atlantis and Pirate Carrier. It increase to 3/4 impulse power. The ETA barring any major course changes due to the asteroid field was 19 minutes. It seemed that their ‘secret’ base of operations somehow revealed itself.


“Swell, so they can move quick.” Jen muttered. There was time enough to get the shuttle back on board. “Helm, change course to rendezvous quicker with the shuttle to get them aboard.”

“Orb. Do you have tactical information on this ‘Darkness’? Range and strength of their anti proton weaponry?”

“Tactical. They’re coming to visit. Get eyes on that squid and tell me all you can.”

“Science. That is an organic ship. What does that mean? Is it natural or artificial power generation. Is it a mix of tech and bio? How does that thing move?”
Jen, XO

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