CMO Check in- Evrilla meets Maybelle Spunkler

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Posted by Civilian Evrilla (Chief Medical Officer w/ specialty in Pathology) in CMO Check in- Evrilla meets Maybelle Spunkler

Posted by Civilian Maybelle Spunkler (Maybelle Spunkler) in CMO Check in- Evrilla meets Maybelle Spunkler
“Now then, would you happen to know if Maybelle is allergic to Metorapan?” She had already pulled up the girl’s records on her PADD, but she offered the olive branch regardless. Maybelle wasn’t, she had been right despite her pronunciation troubles, but repetition harmed no one.
-CMO Evrilla

Drayke, CE

“Sadly they didn’t provide me with a history of… well anything. Her parents just asked me, literally with a midnight call. She does have an allergy though to listening when some people tell them to not working on the school science project without their adult supervision.” Jacen said as he looked over at her with an accusing glare. When he left the replicator was not where they left it, along with some tell scorch marks he knew they hadn’t left. “You wouldn’t know about any scorch marks on your project would you munchkin?”

“Um....I guess if you give me a minute to think,” Maybelle didn’t exactly lie but she was doing what she had heard Ms. Kelly had been accused of: Skirting the truth. SHe didn’t see the scorch marks but they had to have been there. It was just when the circuit popped and the sparks flew everywhere, Maybelle was more worried about setting the room on fire instead of checking on the damage to the box.

“ are playing dumb. You are way too smart to do that. You know there are some things you shouldn’t idolize about Ms. Kelly,” Jacen leaned back in his chair studying the kid. It was not that he was mad at her. Mad would come later when she was treated, out of sickbay, and in the safety of his quarters where there were no witnesses. While all would turn out fine, there would be a discussion about what could have happened and the consequences that follow.

“So what do you like to do Tatly,” Maybelle asked the kid next to her.

Jacen rubbed his face partly in frustration and partly in exhaustion. Yep she’s going with playing dumb, he thought. It was a long day and getting longer by the minute.

“There are so many fun things to do on this ship. We got swimming, movies, games, and Mr. Drayke is building us a playground. Not sure when he is actually going to get around to putting up the jungle gym Ms. Kelly and I found on IFEA (Intergalactic Ferengi Exports and Acquisitions).” Maybelle looked at Jacen hoping he would add something about the timeline of the project except his classic response of it’s on the to do list.


Tatyl’s eyes got wider with each listed activity, surprised by the possibilities.

“Look, I am working on it… you somehow keep getting Captain Bordeaux to change the parameters… and I am starting to think it’s the same way my signature got onto the form to accept legal wardship while your parents are going,” Jacen said as he smirked at Maybelle. “Like really… a moat?” he asked her with an incredulous look. “She approved a bloody moat?” he said as he couldn’t help but love the kid’s tenacity in some ways, even if she seemed to cause Jacen nothing but endless grief.

“It’s more of a lazy river,” Maybelle said excitedly to Tatyl before looking at Evrilla. “It is going to be so much fun. Can Tatly come swimming with me when it’s done?” Maybelle instantly liked the little girl next to her. She seemed fun and excited about living on the ship. It was a long time since she had someone like her on the Atlantis. While she could not talk about it now, she would have to tell Tatly about the secret clubhouse she and her friends had created in the diplomatic suites.


Tatyl was nodding enthusiastically, but Evrilla rolled her eyes. “You can’t swim dear, you’ll have to learn.” There wasn’t much liquid water in Aenar ice caves, so Tatyl (and Evrilla for that matter) had yet to learn. “And I certainly can’t swim, so your new assignment is finding someone to teach the both of us.”

“Well can you do it as soon as you can Ms. Evrilla,” Maybelle said excited but in a polite tone. “The captain has a sailboat and she takes the command crew out once a year or whenever we hit a world with water , doesn’t she Mr. Jacen,” she looked at Jacen to back her up. “You and Tatly are going to have so much fun Ms. Evrilla.”

“Back to this burn though, I don’t think it’s an allergic reaction. I have been helping Maybelle with a school project which is creating a miniature replication unit, those marks aren’t that far off of the ones I have had one me far too many times… how close and I munchkin?” he said looking over at Maybelle.

Drayke, CE

Evrilla raised an eyebrow, slightly unimpressed. “I’m well aware this is either acid burn or electrical burns, rather than an allergic response. Metorapan is a pain killer she’ll likely want when I begin to regenerate nerve endings. Rexlin is standard for adults, but Metorapan is easier to change the dosage on according to weight.”

“That’s why you’re the doctor, but… as for allergic not as sure. She has to have that information in her file this can’t be the first time she was gotten a burn and needed something like that,” he said as he looked back at Maybelle wondering if he was close to the truth. He wasn’t sure all the things she had been in sickbay for, but he suspected if in the short window he had to watch out after her there must have been other moments with her parents just as bad. “Come on munchkin, think back… the good Doc can simply look it up it’s all on file.”

“I don’t think so. I mean I am in here a lot and I have never felt worse when I left. Does that help you Ms. Evrilla,” Maybelle looked at the doctor hoping she was helping the situation and not making it worse. She liked the new doc a lot and hated the idea she would run from Maybelle the second she saw her coming into Sickbay. It would not be the first one of the docs in sickbay moaned seeing her in there again. The other reason Maybelle decided she needed to make a good impression was because of Tatyl. If Ms. Evrilla didn’t like her, then she might not let Tatyl play with her. That would be worse than any injury Maybelle had. Besides Maybelle had never met another Andorian and it would be so cool to learn about Andoria.

“You aren’t Maybelle, don’t worry.” Evrilla mentally poked her daughter, and Tatyl jumped up onto the biobed with Maybelle. Moral support and distraction were her main jobs in sickbay, and she was an old hand at it.

Maybelle gave Drayke a slightly frustrated look before turning her attention back to Evrilla. “Okay so maybe he should wait over with Ravonne,” she said in a soft tone. “Doctor-patient privilege right?” The truth was as a child there was no doctor-patient privilege. With Jacen being the legal adult in charge he had the same standing as if he was her actual father. This meant that he would be the one in charge to take her home and be the point of contact for any follow ups. The only reason Maybelle wanted Jacen to skeeddal was to avoid answering his question. She was too young to remember that eventually, she was going to have to back to the same quarters with the man.

“He can no longer be considered disruptive to the standard atmosphere, so he’ll be staying dear. And I need to know as well, it’ll be a filed incident report.” Evrilla retrieved a hypo of Metorapan and the Anabolic Protoplasers, a more advanced form of dermal regenerator Maybelle might not be familiar with.

“This is going to involve paperwork,” Maybelle’s eyes got large. “I was just hoping for a band aid and lollipop.” Frowning Maybelle started to rethink this trip to sickbay. All the officers she knew moaned and groaned about paperwork. She hoped it would not be too much on Ms. Evrilla. This led Maybelle to think about Mr. Jacen’s earlier question. Maybe there was gonna be paperwork on that.

“Everything on a Starship is paperwork. Medical reports like these get scanned, and pertinent information is added to your quick access file. It’s how we keep track of what you need when you come into sickbay, and what we might need to restock on.” Evrilla had, once upon a time, done paperwork for nearly everyone she knew. “It’s a great way to keep track of what’s going on, and it allows everyone to have the same info.”

Letting out a groan, Maybelle slumped slightly on the biobed. “Okay fine but you always are telling your crew to think outside the box to find a solution. You just promoted Ensign Boyle for being creative. I was just trying something. It wasn’t like I set fire to the science lab again,” she looked at Jacen with a serious expression.


“Ensign Boyle is a moron, I gave him a different shift and called it a promotion to keep morale up. If you could just follow orders and pass the Starfleet exam I would replace you with him in a heartbeat.” Jacen said, it was in some ways disparaging to Boyle, but he didn’t truly mean it about the officer. He did like to try and encourage in his own way Maybelle though, and as Boyle wasn’t here he didn’t need to know about the jab.

The Protoplasers and Metorapan were set onto a tray beside the bed, but Evrilla was willing to wait for the girl to finish talking before she began.
-CMO Evrilla

Drayke, CE

Looking at the tools on the tray beside the bed, Maybelle looked up at Evrilla. “That looks different than the magic wands Ms. Lauren uses to fix cuts and bruises. Are they special because you are the top doctor?” Rank and position was something Maybelle really didn’t understand at her age. She knew each department had a boss and the boss had different jobs. She just assumed bosses had different tools as well. Ms. Lauren called medical tricorders magic wands because it sounded so less scary that the fancy names the adults called them.

“These are the fancy magic wands we get out when we want to fix something other than a cut or bruise.” The protoplasers would heal the burns from the inside out, ensuring nothing got stuck inside. “I should decree these as my boss tools, shouldn’t I?” Evrilla grinned at the kids, doing her best to put the older girl at ease.

“I mean you still just wave it over a cut and it disappears right?” Maybelle avoided looking at Mr. Jacen. If there was one thing she knew about the officers of the Atlantis, they were fearless and never scared of anything. Heck, Ms. Evrilla was going to throw out Mr. Jacen and no one threw him or Mr. Mardusk out of anywhere. All of a sudden Maybelle started to think that Ms. Evrilla might be the bravest person on the ship. The last thing she could do was show she was scared or nervous.


“Yes, it’s the same basic principle. Good job, Maybelle.” Evrilla was fairly impressed by the girl’s grasp of medical tech, it seemed comparable to Tatyl’s. Seeing as Tatyl was practically raised in a pathology lab, that took some experience. “I’m using these because they do the same thing in a different way. It’s like using water to make tea, but milk to make hot chocolate. Both make a nice warm drink, but they taste better with different liquids.”
-CMO Evrilla

Maybelle beamed hearing that Evrilla was not going to yell at her like some of the adults did time after time. “I’m in here a lot…maybe more since Tatly will probably come and see you a lot.” Maybelle smiled at her new friend.

As the doctor began to work, Maybelle tensed up slightly not wanting to look at it but not sure she couldn’t look at what was going in. “Yo…magpie,” Jacen leaned forward in his seat reaching out and grabbing the toe of Maybelle’s shoe. Squeezing the tip put her attention on him and not the arm or the doctor. While Maybelle was not exactly his child, this was not his first rodeo in Sickbay as a parent. Her toe was out of the way enough to not obstruct the doctor’s work but still allowed Jacen to make sure Maybelle knew he was right there. “Did you tell Tatly about the science field trip next week? Maybe she can be in our group?” Jacen had no idea if the CMO’s child was going on the trip but it was a topic that did not involve medical, treatments or explaining anything.

Tatyl’s eyes grew wide and she nodded vigorously.

Locking eyes with Jacen, Maybelle nodded taking a deep breath. Even when he was all gruff and grumpy, Mr. Jacen had a nice side that was always there even when he was trying to make the world think he was not happy.

Maybelle chatted away to Tatly trying not to look at her arm in the process.

“Hey doc…think I can grab a minute after this,” he asked in a low tone. It was that dull, monotone cadence that almost all children tuned out assuming it was boring adult talk. His entrance into this medical issue had been abrupt, jarring, and not typical however nothing about Maybelle was typical.

“Of course Mr. Jacen. Just a few more minutes.” Evrilla smiled at Drayke, recognizing the slight frazzled feel.

Maybelle Spunkler and Drayke

OCC: Hey Leonora, I first off want to say I am so sorry about how long it took for me to reply. Real-life has been really hard. Trying to find my feet. Thank you for your time and patience with this wait. ~ Kate

OOC: Hi Kate. It’s not a problem at all. Take all the time you need. -Leonora

“Now Maybelle, your arm will be a little sensitive for a few days. If you can, try to stick to tanktops or short sleeves.” Evrilla tucked the medical supplies away, instead pulling out two juice boxes. “Mango juice?” Tatyl grabbed her box with a grin, pulling Maybelle towards the entrance. “We aren’t allowed to have consumatables in the main bay,” she explained happily.

With the girls gone, Evrilla turned to face Drayke. “How can I help you, Mr. Jacen?”
-CMO Evrilla

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