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OOC: D’vash pulled about a 1000 tera bites of information. The bulk of which was programming language but there were significant personal and other non-secure information. However there was bits and pieces that could be useful that D’Vash would need to analyze. Other efforts to ‘bug’ the comms systems were passably successful. The data would go into a file that could be remotely accessed as long as the Atlantis was in communication range and sent a carrier beam to the ship.

“Yes, Captain, I did,” the CIO replied. “I was able to get quite a bit of information that will give a better understanding f the pirates. Quite a bit is easily accessible. Other information I will have to analyze before it can be of any use to use. I was also able to tap into their comms systems. I should be able to access any comms they send or receive as long as we stay within communication range

Jen came in on the comms =^= Atlantis to Captain. I know you are enjoying your flight back with all the scenery, but we have an unknown bogie in the region that the Orb calls ‘The Darkness’ and which Shade indicated they - as in themselves - were ‘cursed’ from having them in the area and that has, as you have likely seen, gotten them stressed. The Darkness appear to engage in random acts of chaos and destruction. It is a bio ship with some stealth ability and, according to the Orb utilizes anti-proton weaponry as well as fighter craft that may also make kamikaze runs. When we see them they appear to be on a path that is like a grid search. And welcome back. We are on yellow alert and attempting to track this ‘Darkness’. =^=
Jen, XO


=/\=Understood,=/\= Kelly said to the XO. Things were all over the place right now and while Kelly didn’t have all the details, she knew her XO did. The Andorian was brilliant, effective, and almost born for the role of leadership. When she moved to the bridge she would find out more but a CO had to trust their XO with blind faith. If you doubted command teams didn’t work. =/\=Will be on the bridge shortly. Bordeaux out.=/\=

He increased the speed of the shuttle in an effort to get back to Atlantis before they needed to go to red alert. Keeping his eyes on the ship, he said to Kelly, “You might want spit out that little blur pill I gave you earlier. You don’t want the capsule to start dissolving, it might leave you with a hangover lasting more than 4 hours.”

Odinson (CIO)

Kelly looked at Odinson and then Bordeaux with an expression the two men could easily read knowing her as well as they did. “She swallowed it,” Ian closed his eyes and felt a heavy sigh leave his body.

D’Vash looked at Ian with surprise and concern. “Swallowed it?” He shifted his gaze back to Kelly. “Really?”

“No I just....drank a lot of coffee. I didn’t know about the dissolve thing. Odinson said no swallowing,” Kelly pointed a finger at her CIO and tried to not laugh. Looking at Odinson Kelly raised an eyebrow. “What kind of hangover are we talking about. Like epic grad night or run of the mill shore leave.” It wasn’t that she was mad or worried. Just planning on how to handle it as the shuttle approached the Atlantis.


OCC: I am 100% willing to run with your hangover idea Terry. I think it is rather fun. Most of the time the CO is dodging phasers in a fight not waves of nausea. If you hint in a post what should be happening or say it I will follow your lead. ~ Kate

OOC: The two ships are only several hundred meters apart. You guys ‘landed’ on the asteroid next to each other for repairs and they put that covering over you that held atmosphere.


“Well, the idea is to bite the capsule and release the contents into your system that way. People have either bit it and let it do its job or spit it out. It takes a while to dissolve with just your saliva. . . . but, I don’t recall anybody actually swallowing it.”

The CIO shook his head. “Your stomach acids will most likely make it dissolve more quickly, then. . . . I’m suggesting you not be too far from the head. Cold compresses for your head should hep, and, let’s pray that we don’t need to go to red alert for at least 8-10 hours. Of course, that’s just an estimate, Captain. . . .”

Odinson (CIO)

River listened to the others and rolled her eyes Great just what we need, an incapacitated captain She thought to herself, it was a bit harsh but River was going into battle mode and that always awakened a part a certain part of her, the part that served on Acheron. An even colder version of herself, if that was even possible.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

“At least there is climate control. In our junior year Dante and I crashed several grad parties and then had to stand in the heat doing those lame drill shows for the parents as part of the grad ceremony. Threw up in Pearl Perkin’s dress cap. She didn’t notice before she put it on. Just get me a bucket. and open a line to the XO. Nash see if you can figure out what the Darkness seems to be looking for. Jen said they were searching in a grid pattern. “

Kelly motioned for the pilot to get up as she took control of the shuttle. She had no doubt they would not get left behind however, Jen would not risk the lives of the crew to save half a dozen officers. Seeing the Atlantis altering course slightly to make their journey shorter Kelly pressed the engines to full speed for a rende vouz.

Kelly Bordeaux

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