Evrilla's Quarters

Posted Sept. 27, 2021, 12:30 p.m. by Commander Garinder'Jen th'Jir (Executive Officer) (Gene Gibbs)

Jen had to look up the CMO’s quarters. Without specific designations they could be almost anywhere on the ship. The various ‘offices’ of the department heads were easy to find; living quarters not so easy. However, the Andorian had trodded on virtually every deck on the ship in his morning runs where he engaged in a variety of different routes that included Jeffries Tubes, corridors and ladders. In one way it was a varied routine of not getting bored with running. On the other it allowed him the ability to get to know the ship much better. One thing he did know after this time: this was a big ship.

Over dinner earlier he had been thinking of this meeting and had stared at the ushaan-tor that he had taken out and polished. It was sitting on an open wooden case, gleaming in the overhead light. His had accompanied him in his postings and carried with him as an ‘additional’ item in his field kit. Evrilla’s request was unusual, though she was of Andor, and that made her an ally. Different yes, but, in Jen’s view, the same. Still, it dredged up memories of his son, teaching him, and who had since turned away from the Andorian traditions. That, in itself, was distressing to Jen. Still, he could not fault him for making his choices. Jen had taught to choose wisely, that all choices held consequences and, when faced with a large choice, to consider the cost of one path over another. Children .. were full of surprises. slowly he fit the ushaan-tor into the case, carefully placed the cloth over it and closed it. The snap seemed loud in the room.

He came to Evrilla’s quarters about the agreed upon time. He was not dressed in his uniform but in a more casual dress of loose fitting shirt and trousers with a light ‘runner’ shoe. Over one arm he had a uniform tunic and in the other two slim cases in a dark, worn wood. He held them by a handle at the top of each. With the free finger he pressed the chime.
- Jen, XO

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