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Posted Sept. 27, 2021, 3:41 p.m. by Lieutenant Cara Esmé O’Farrell (Counselor / Education Specialist) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Gravel Mardusk (Chief of Security) in I’m Not Lost, I’m…Exploring…Yeah Exploring

Posted by Lieutenant Cara Esmé O’Farrell (Counselor / Education Specialist) in I’m Not Lost, I’m…Exploring…Yeah Exploring

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Gravel Mardusk (Chief of Security) in I’m Not Lost, I’m…Exploring…Yeah Exploring

Gravel smiled and said “You’re h-breath and kisses, eh? Well, I’m about t steal your time, as well.” And he stepped back. “Unfortunately, it’s in a professional way… at least for now. C’mon and have a seat.” and he walked her to his desk and sat down. tapping the desk interface he brought up a recording of an interview. Before he played it, he said “So I want you to hear and see this. This is an interview about a dispute that was heard in the lounge. The person is a civilian, married, one child. Xeno-engineer by profession; studies new tech coming from outside the Federation. He works for the Daystrom Institute, so he has some clout. Anyway… watch and tell me what you think. You down for that?”


She’d let him steal her time whenever he Cara blinked once…she was muddled headed and d@&%it she wanted to stay that way. A deep slow breath and she sat forcing herself to switch gears. “Ya know it’s my day off, right?” she grinned, “Show me what ya got.”


Mardusk nodded and pulled the conversation between him and the individual in question and put it through the holo-projector an into the center of the room.

Mardusk: “So, Mr. Grenlee-“
Greenlee: “Doctor Greenlee… PhD.” he interrupted, his tone was dripping with condescension.
Mardusk: “Right. Doctor. Apologies. You and Lieutenant Frees were arguing in the lounge. Tell me about that.”
Greenlee: “The dispute was over Engineering principles… I doubt you would understand.”
Mardusk: a small grin around a clenched jaw “Try me.”
Greenlee: “Hasperion’s Principal of Amandagoumaz Frequency Modulation. Know it? No, I didn’t think so. Suffice to say he was wrong… and an idiot. And I don’t waste my time with idiots. And as I apparently have a better grasp of Federation law than the ships ooooo illustrious Chief Security Buffoon, I know you can’t hold me here against my will. Good day.” Greenlee stands and smiles a wholly arrogant smile and leaves

The recording ended.

Mardusk looked at Cara and said “Sooo… first impressions?”


Cara watched carefully, listening to the words as well as watching his behavior. It was a short interaction and not a lot to go on, or so the untrained would think. “He uses arrogance to cover up the fact that he feels inferior. Watch his body language when you called him Mr., nostrils flaired, eyes opening wide, and the tick at the inside corner of his left eye. His title is armor and he doesn’t like people chipping at it, on purpose or by accident. He’s materialistic. His degree for instance. There is no need to qualify PhD over EdD. Neither is superior to the other, but he feels so and needs others to see it as well. The pleasure on his face at reciting the name of the theory reinforces this. Knowledge and words are items he posses, controls, and uses to his advantage. The way he tugged at the cuffs of his sleeves and shrugging, attempting to draw attention to the monetary value of the clothes. He was watching to see if you noticed, and the look of contempt when you didn’t was focused on your uniform, not you. When you failed to look totally bewildered by his rambling of technobabble it made him angry and he lashed out by attempting to belittle you and your position. He sees private work as a mark of success and is offended at a fundamental level that people in the ‘military’ are as smart or smarter than him. He hates being here, and I will go out on a limb and say that he was forced here, but he will tell everyone it was his choice to save face.”


Mardusk nodded and then said “Ok… now read this and tell me if your assessment changes.

The file was marked with the Star Fleet Security marker indicating an active investigation. It was a suspicious death case from eleven years earlier. Mardusk had obviously pulled it from the cold case section of the database.

Name: Goumaz, Amanda
Species: Human
Age: 27
Cause of death: Blunt Force Trauma to the Skull

The record went on to say that the victim had been found in the cargo hold of the USS Hasperion surrounded by fallen storage crates. It was deemed accidental at the time, but the fracture pattern of the skull was a spider web pattern form a single point of impact. While conceivable that the victim was struck by only the corner of one of the smaller crates, the odds of that happening were small. Additionally, the victim had filed a complaint with the Command Staff of feeling like someone had been accessing her quarters, although no record could support that claim.

Mardusk looked at Cara and said “So that Principal he mouthed off about? Yeah… doesn’t exist in engineering or physics or mathematics anywhere in the known universe. That’s when I started digging… found that. And this…” and he pulled up another file. It was a paper written by one Sebastian Greenlee concerning biomechanical possibilities of holomatrix research. It detailed experiments he performed while working on a science vessel… the USS Hasperion.

Mardusk, CoS

Cara read both reports and then shook her head. “No, my assessment of his personality stands - he’s arrogant, materialistic, despises the military, and sees others beneath himself. The reasons behind his behaviors are…unclear, and at this point seeing all that I won’t hazard more without more information or talking with him directly. Have you searched to see if there is a connection between Greenlee, Goumaz, and Lieutenant Frees?”


Mardusk tilted his head to the side and gave her a half smile. “You know, this really isn’t the first time I’ve done this…” and he shook his head and chuckled. “No, no connection between the three. But look at this…” and he pulled up a file and spun it around.

Cara just gave him a look, “I am aware of that, and you’re very good at it too. So show me what’s next.”

Two pictures. Two human women. Both moderately attractive in terms of established parameters of beauty for the species. Both brunette. Both with blue eyes. Both Engineers. Both Lieutenants. Both built almost identically. Both the approximate same height. Approximate same weight. Hair styles similar.

“One is Frees. One is Goumaz. And this -” and he pulled up another file. This picture was formatted differently, obviously older. It showed a third woman who looked remarkably similar to both. “- is Mr. Greenlee’s mother. Engineering Lieutenant Reanne Holmes-Greenly. Convicted of murder, one count, 39 years ago. She killed her husband… Sebastian’s father…”

“In front of him at the age of three.”


“Several Questions. What does Frees say about the argument? Where is Lt Holmes-Greenly now? And where are Frees and Greenlee? Do you have and can I see the report on his mother. And I need to pull his psychological profile. He’s not required to see fleet counselors for personal care, but he required to submit to a psych review every year when he works on a Fleet ship.” Cara really didn’t like the implications of what she was seeing. Greenlee went one way or the other....


“Frees says the guy came up to her and started grilling her about Engineering principals… but old ones. Decades old. A lot that aren’t in use anymore or have been proven to be erroneous. She asked him to leave, he got closer. She moved, he moved with her. Finally, she screamed at him to, and I quote, ‘Get the F^^^ away from’ her. Thats when we intervened. Oh… this is Greenlee’s wife.” Another picture… another match. “His mom died on a prison colony eighteen years ago. Verified. And his psych records? Here’s a fun one for you… sealed by special request. Daystrom Institute… told you he had pull. And I have patrols and undercovers watching both parties.”


“Is Frees filing charges for verbal harassment at the very least. I can’t get his file unsealed, but if she’s pressing charges, I can force a psychological evaluation on him. Regulation 73-C, Subsection B requires any non-Star Fleet personnel or family to undergo a psychological assessment every year while serving or living on a Star Fleet location. Protocol 121 (Section B Subsection 4): requires any non-star fleet personnel to submit for psychological evaluation when part of any security investigation and can be confined to brig or quarters until they comply. Especially since there is not profile on file. Where is his wife? You said he had a child too?”

“Wife and child are on board. She is an Ensign in the Medical Section. 14 years his junior, if that matters. Kid is three years old. Frees doesn’t want anything to do with the guy, but isn’t pushing it… for now. I think that may change, depending on what you and I think might be happening here.”

Cara wasn’t sure if the age mattered…she picked up the file and read it over. Looking at the age of Fees-??, Goumaz-27, the wife-29, the mother at time of the murder-??, Greenlee was now 41 but had been 3 at the time..... “Sh^%! His son is 3. Same as him when his father died. Obviously no’ a primary trigger, unless he had a son 11 years ago we donna know about. But it could up the risk factors. Push him inta actin’ more irrationally and recklessly.”

“Other than my professional opinion that this guy should not be wandering around freely, what do you need from me?” Cara was sure that Gravel had a plan or the beginnings of one. Or even more disturbing information to give her. She would really like to be able to observe this guy without him being aware.


“I need you to watch while I interview him again. And Frees. I’m going to wait until the good Doctor is having dinner and then call him away… make sure I’m interrupting. That tends to irritate people. And if he is what I think he may be? I think keeping him focused on my dumb ass may be best for anyone involved in looking into him.”

Mardusk, CoS

Cara nodded, “Where can I watch from? Preferable views where I can see him from the front and above.” Them she smiled very sweetly at him, “Yeah okay, you keep his creeper attention on you. He tries something you break bones, or I will. Okay?”


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