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“Helm, as soon as the Captain is on board, pull us away from the pirate base and put some space between us and the carrier - just enough to know what the vector of that Darkness is heading to.”
- Jen, XO


The Darkness Octopus was now on a direct course. Their ETA was 6 minutes to the outskirts of the asteroid and another 2 if they were able to draw a straight line course at the same speed to the asteroid which was very unlikely. If they had to maneuver like the Atlantis, it would take 5 more minutes.

A light blinked on the comms console and a channel opened. =^=Atlantis, this is shuttle Timaeus. ETA is 7.5 minutes. Please have the doors open to welcome us home. We’re coming in hot.=^=

Odinson (CIO)

7.5 minutes. Were they dragging the shuttle? =^= Make it 5. By the time you hit the bridge you will have 10 before the bogie is here. =^= His tone was not ‘snappy’ but it did exhibit some impatience at the lack of hustle happening.

Jen rubbed at his chin. The pirates were cutting and running by the look of it. How fast was that thing anyway? “Orb, how fast has the Darkness been noted at going?”
- Jen
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The Orb responded. “There have been very few survivors of an encounter with the Darkness. They can surpass the average warship’s warp 5, they have evaded pursuit of the Lorn - suggesting that warp 8 or more is within their abilities. That class of ship has been detected moving at warp 7. That is considered a minimal estimate of its speed.”

Yes, yes, Jen thought, the big bad wolf not leaving any pig survivors so they don’t know how fast it can run or how bad its breath is. Jen was rather fond of that Terran fairy tale, but had always thought the wolf to be smart enough to not go down a chimney, given that it could talk. Warp 8 was fine. Maybe they could stretch its legs.

Sensors detected that the atmosphere bubble was now down and the Pirate ship started thrusting off the asteroid. There was no way possible that they had evacuated all the crew and supplies that were on the base in the amount of time they used.


“Life signs still aboard the pirate base,” he snapped. “Emergency transporters stand by for transport. Security and Marines to each transporter.”

The doors whooshed and the away team had at last arrived from their vacation …
Jen, XO

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“How many life signs are we talking about,” Kelly said taking a seat next to Jen on the bridge. It was not that she cared about how many lives they were saving. She would pack them into the common areas if need be but she was more worried about being outnumbered and overrun by the pirate refugees. Usually being abandoned tended to switch people’s loyalties but it still was a concern. At least Styxx and security would be handling it. If there was a problem her marine officer would make sure their guests stopped acting up.

“Welcome back Captain,” Jen said, then glanced at the sensor station. “We are scanning now on people left on the base. It will come down to time as that ship is coming in quickly.”

“Has the darkness tried to initiate communication with either us or the pirates,” Kelly asked If they hadn’t it could mean several things. A shark did not call out olly olly oxen free before diving into a school of fish. A shark was the powerhouse of the ocean and simply ate whatever was on the buffet for the day. This darkness might be a shark and so powerful no one had anything to stop it or make it reason. On the other hand, it could be just living off its reputation from the Lorn if Kelly had understand the summary provided to her since she arrived on the bridge. The Lorn were not the most friendly people in this neck of the woods so right now it was a crap shoot. Either way Kelly was hoping to roll a seven or eleven to score a win against this newest threat.

Kelly Bordeaux

“They have not initiated anything. Nor have we. For most of the time we’ve been on passive sensors to not alert them to our location as it appeared they were searching on a grid like pattern. From what the orb said keeping one’s head down was the most prudent course. They utilize anti proton beams, fighters that may or may not go suicide, and their hull is a form of neutronium mesh that is quite .. tough. We may have them on speed and if worse comes to worse I’ve plotted a .. tactical retreat.”
- Jen, XO

“I am not opposed to the live to fight another day,” Kelly agreed with her first officer. The man was brilliant and his background as a marine told Kelly that he would not tactically retreat unless he had weighed all the options and it was a valid one. “So do we think they were scanning for the base,” she asked looking over all the data that had been accumulated since she had left.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

The base had been there for months if not years.

“The ‘Orb’,” Jen said, gesturing to it with a thumb, “has provided some information on it, but not divulging all it knows. Apparently we wouldn’t understand. What it has divulged is that they this Darkness is a chaos entity that lives to destroy things. It seems to take after Kirk’s planet killer in its armor and weapons. Most of the races are afraid of it and I can see why, with it’s biological and technological mix. Apparently it has no motives apart from keeping its status of the bully on the block.” He took a breath. “To answer your question I think they were looking for something. If it was the base they got us as a bonus. Either way it would explain the grid search pattern. It implies a method to their chaos, that they are not simply opportunists but seek out their targets.”

“Orb,” Jen inquired, “Has there been any commonality on the apparent targets of the Darkness? Civilian? Military? Privateer? Do they attack land targets or only ships?”
- Jen, XO

The was a pause, almost as if the question confused the Orb, although more likely it was just the sheer huge volume of possible variables that the Orb was chewing through. “Space Craft are the number one target, the aggression is slightly skewed towards military and exploratory ships in this case. When non-space crafts are attacked planets are attacked en-masse destroying civilian and military instillations. Also planets without military bases have been targeted so there is no evidence that the Darkness will avoid civilian targets… in fact in terms of casualties, the Darkness has inflicted over a 200:1 non-combatant to combatant kill rate.”

“Racially speaking the attacks tend to be in the fringes of settled space, norming for population density, there isn’t a statistical preference. However based on sheer number of attacks without norming for known factors… the Nine and the Alfians have been attacked more than any other race. The Lorn report the fewest attacks followed by the Caste and Enodorians.”


Kelly mulled over the information provided. “So in summation they attack civilians and fringe in far greater numbers than military. They also seem to avoid the Lorn and Caste which from our orb friend here said are pretty tough in a fight. So are they just avoiding hard targets,” Kelly mused. “I mean if you can’t beat the bear when you poke it, only an idiot pokes the bear.” Tapping a finger on the edge of her seat she then turned her gaze back to Jen.

“Military targets do not seem to be a priority. The Lorn is the preeminent power in this sector of space. Neither the Caste or the Enodorian have reported a successful engagement with the Darkness.”

“Orb,” Kelly asked out loud, “if you were going to take on the Darkenss how would you defeat it given our weapons and resources?” Kelly had no plan to go on the offensive but if they needed to in order to buy time before their tactical retreat maybe the orb knew something they didn’t. “Maybe there is a exhaust port right below the main port that is two meters wide,” she threw out a hypothetical situation to her XO.

“Your ship is tactically inferior. Your beam weapons lack sufficient force to consistently damage the Darkness ship. Your missile weapons are projected to have moderate effectiveness. The only “true” advantage your vessel possesses is, likely, a higher top speed when in optimal condition allowing you to dictate the space in which you fight.”

“What’s the situation on any survivors on that base,” she asked the bridge. If people weren’t stranded, she probably would be executing Jen’s tactical retreat. Until everyone was safe on board, Kelly and the crew would hold their ground as long as they could.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

There was 2,214 life forms still on the base. The carrier is currently carrying over 6,000 people.

The Darkness Octopus had reached the edge of the asteroid field and was moving with a certain lack of evasiveness, using their anti proton beam to vaporize and deflect asteroids in their path. Each one of the tentacles on the ship had their own anti-proton beam that would fire in sequence and en masse at the floating rock and ice. The sustained ‘dark’ beams almost seemed to vibrate the main screen as they watched. It was a very intimating sight, as destroying the asteroids that the Atlantis phaser banks would have virtually no chance of shattering.


“I need options people,” Kelly said watching with almost a fascination as the tentacles crushed the asteroids in almost an effortless manner. She did not want to leave these people but she had her own people. These were the moments where the weight of the chair felt crushing. Starfleet always talked about sacrifice but it was not so easy in the real world. How did you sacrifice and could you sleep afterwards. “We can’t fight this thing but we can’t just leave these people so I am entertaining any ideas. Don’t hold back.”

Kelly Bordeaux

Cara stared at the screen. If the Cpt wanted to stay and save people....”Could we play dead? Is any of that debris as big or bigger than Atlantis?” It was hard to tell from the screen. “Could we just power down and float about with it all ‘till it passes?” Cara was no tactician and was sure it was probably a far fetched idea but it was all she could think of.

O’Farrell, CNS

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