Transporter room 12 ...When the past doesn't match the present...or the future

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USS Atlantis
Kelly knew her crew would have her orders completed by the time she reached deck twelve. As expected Lt. Rogers was waiting in the hall outside the little-used transporter room. “Ready sir,” Lt. Rogers reported to both Kelly and his superior falling in step as they exited the turboshaft. “Dawson, Peters and Franklin have taken up positions in Transporter room 12 with Unit two at the ready in the hall,” he reported.

“Understood now let’s get the package and get the hell out of here,” Kelly grumbled along with several other sentiments about why the hell diplomacy is required for Star Fleet and not the “other parties” in every one of these damned situations. Pausing for a second after Kelly entered, ROgers looked up at Mardusk. “Is this a drill or live event,” he asked. “I just wasn’t sure if we should set the phasers to basic stun of dial it up to damn that hurts like hell.”

Entering the room, Kelly saw the three security officers waiting in the room. WIth them, Styxx, and Mardusk also in the room it would be a turkey shoot if anyone opened up fire but Kelly knew who would still be standing after the dust settled. “Make sure to run a scan for weapons and then initiate transporter sequence,” Kelly barked watching the white lights coalesce over the transporter pads.

Standing before the Atlantis crew were four beings. As soon as they materialized they bunched closer in almost a diamond shape with a woman at the apex, flanked by two others. The fourth life sign was behind the three and barely visible. Of the guests, one appeared to be a human male. He was probably just over six foot tall with an athletic build. The other was a humanoid male with an elongated cranium. It was long enough to draw interest but could easily be hidden by a hat if they wanted to disguise themselves. He had jet black eyes and a long white fu man chu type beard. He was almost at tall as the other man but for lankier. In his hand, he held a simple cane. Due to his apparent age, it did not stand out except for the large blue crystal on the top he was balancing his weight on. At first glance, you would not think of him as any sort of physical threat. The woman had pale blue skin, jet black hair, and striking red eyes. She was built like a dancer with long, lean limbs and perfectly sculpted muscles. The skin-tight black leather pants with matching leather sports bra-like top reminded one of what Orions might wear and easily showed she did not have any visible weapons on her.

While no one from the Beacon of Hope was prepared for how they arrived here, they also were not green soldiers. Giving Zala a side glance, Rogan depressed the button on the top of the cylnder he had tucked in the palm of his hand. The group standing before him had been persistent about lowering the shields so he took a chance that arming the security protocols remotely meant no one could board the Beacon of Hope.

“That was very interesting,” Zala Tsu purred as she scanned the room. Her slippery smile faltered as it appeared she was not seeing what she expected. This could have been so much easier if the crew had complied with their initial request. Now they would not be so polite.

“I am Captain Kelly Bordeaux of the USS Atlan,” she announced already tired of the games with this woman and ready to get the package and these people off her ship. Before Kelly could finish her sentence, the alien with the elongated head dipped his staff towards Kelly. Half a heartbeat later, Kelly was thrown from her standing position and slammed into the ceiling of the room. A sickening thud echoed in the room as Kelly’s head impacted the top of the bulkhead. Her body went limp as if an invisible hand was holding her in that position.

Mardusk’s eyes narrowed and a phaser was aimed at the cane-wielder’s head faster than arms that large should move.

“Hold your fire or we will kill her,” Zalla directed her attention onto Styxx and Mardusk. As if to punctuate her sentence, Kelly moved from the ceiling to slammed into the floor and back up to the ceiling. Kelly’s body hung limp in the invisible grip. “Bring me, Ian Bordeaux,” Zala fixed an icy gaze as she gave a command

Kelly Bordeaux

River looked at the group “Do that and you’re tightly dressed ass is next” River growled and she wasn’t bluffing if they killed the captain she would make sure they all suffered. “And I assure you it will be slow and very painful” she added angrily a sadistic smile on her face. River wanted to charge forward to break the old mans neck pin Zala down and make her scream. But she knew she was at a disadvantage to an extent, however the few hundred marines and security on the ship did make her more confident.

“Promises promises,” Zala Tsu purred and gave River a slow smile. She let her eyes run up and down the woman speaking to her gauging her ability in a fight. They were about the same height but Zala guessed the woman was far more solid in muscle tone and strength. It would be a good fight when it happened but for now, she could not indulge in whims. “Who doesn’t like a little pain? Makes you feel alive,” she said in a tone that was almost flirtatious. “However business before pleasure. WHere is Bordeaux,” she repeated her command.

“Do you really think after assaulting our captain we would follow your commands? This ship is full of soldiers and kicking such a wasps nest is never a good thing.” She said coldly “Is Mr Bordeaux, or at least which ever version you’re looking for worth that?” she asked

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

Zala Tsu’s brow wrinkled ever so slightly as she listened to Styxx. It was almost as if she was confused by her words but recovered quickly. It would have been far easier if Ian had just shown up as requested but if this woman was his kin or wife, any action against her would bring him soon enough. The three other companions did not react to the events. Simply stood watching everything play out.

“My esteemed colleague here is right. And you just played your trump card, sucker punching our Captain like that. But what I guess you don’t realize is that you are the one who just lost any bargaining power.” and he chuckled and elbowed Styxx in a friendly fashion. In a stage whisper, but without taking his eyes off the newcomers, he said “So tell me, River… do you think they know how many people on this ship are qualified to be Captain? You know… just in case some smart-ass d!<kheads come on board and take out Kelly? I mean, off-hand I can think of twenty. Hell, I can think of three just in this room.” and he smiled wickedly at the arrivals.

River shook her head “You know Mardusk. I’m not sure their smart enough to know, I mean they seem to be in the wrong place, looking for the right person in the wrong job, stuck in a room with two people who are the best killers on this ship and they attacked our captain revealing their probable trump card, right away. I’m not sure they have enough braincells between them to know its more then Twenty, and that both of us have taken command before” she said mockingly

“So here’s your position in case you didn’t know. You have our Captain, yes. And we do adore her. But if I’m being really honest? We have a few dozen other Captains, so if you kill her, we’ll just kill all of you and file a report. Done. Hell, we probably will have a new Skipper within the hour. But you? You need one very specific person. And we know where they are, and you don’t. And we can move through this ship, and you can’t without being shot to pieces. SO.... here’s what we’re gonna do. First, you’re gonna put the Skipper down nice and gently and let our Medical team take her to Sickbay. Then, you are going to surrender to us and then maybe… just maybe… we’ll discuss your request. But if you don’t comply right f%<king now, my friend here and I are gonna kill all of you and you’ll never even have a shot at what you are here for. So lower her down gently or we fire. You have till the count of one.” and he made a gesture and Security phasers rose and powered on to full. “Five. Four. Three. …”

Mardusk, CoS

River smile turned sadistic again as Mardusk counted down “You’re giving them that much time. you’re far to generous” she quipped as she aimed her phaser. Part of her hoped they wouldn’t stand down, she really wanted to kill them and she hadn’t really been hiding that fact. But obviously she wanted the captain to be safe.

Lieut Styxx (OIC Marine)

OCC: Fixing a split

Zala Tsu let out a deep laugh as if she found the situation funny. Her hair moved about her shoulders long and soft. In any other situation, it would have been alluring and sensual. As the man counted down, the two companions separated finally revealing the fourth person in the entourage. She was not like the other three. First, she was considerably younger, probably between ten and fourteen. It was hard to know based on the way she was dressed. Skin-tight pants and boots that rose to her knees gave her an older appearance of someone in their late teens but the simple white shirt and leather jacket showed she was not trying to be alluring like Zala. The girl’s blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail suggesting she was not yet old enough to care about her appearance. The man flanked her tightly making any shots tricky. Either one could easily pull her forward as a human shield.

The young girl was clearly with them but she did not carry the same haughty, confident demeanor of the other three. She looked nervous until she saw Kelly limp on the ceiling. At that moment her face slipped from neutral to panicked. It was clear this fourth person had no idea anyone would be hurt. The shock and horror in her eyes could not be misinterpreted. “Zala, you said no one would be hurt” she snapped. Before the girl could move or react, the blue-skinned alien grabbed her by the hair and pulled her in close to her body. Lifting her wrist, she placed the end of a star-like decoration at the girl’s jugular vein.

“She was the one that initiated the violence. You could not see hiding behind Rogan and Da-Mu,” she closed her fingers around Jessa’s throat hard enough the girl let out a small cough not expecting to be unable to breath. “We had to protect you. Look at them, pet,” she raised an eyebrow coyly at Mardusk and Styxx. “They are everything we have been told,” Zala spoke in a slippery melodic tone. “They scoff at the life of one of their own and already have one to replace her with. They do not value life but mock it. We came in peace. They came with armed men.” She stopped the monologue to lock her eyes between the woman and the large green man before her. “Looks like they are about to shoot and you are in the way.” The two other companions moved in tightly behind Zala. The angle they were at would again make it tricky. They could blanket the area with phaser fire but it would most definitely hit the young girl. The point at the girl’s neck was pressed so tight against it any movement by Zala Tsu could result in a puncture wound.

Her demeanor changed rapidly with all humor and mirth leaving her expression. “No. No, I do not think I will release your Captain until you comply with my request. We will crush her and toss away the body if you shoot. Want to take the chance? You may have a dozen or so spares but we however have only one package. We also do not adore her but I am sure someone on this ship does. Let me introduce you to Jessa. I am sure Ian will not be so willing to sacrifice her,” she tightened her grip on Jessa’s throat, “or maybe he would be. Might be best to ask him. Five, four,” she mocked the security chief with his own words choking Jessa harder. It might be all an act but the young girl was starting to panic. Her eyes began to water and her hands began to claw at Zala’s around her neck.

The Elders

“Two. One. Fire.” Mardusk said flatly and massive bolts of heavy-stun fire erupted from the dozen phasers aimed at the group. As they fired Mardusk rushed the group, using his mass to scatter them so River could single them out. And the gods help them if he got a grip on any of them.

Mardusk, COS

Zala Tsu had expected something like this. She would have preferred to just deal with Bordeaux but even a winding road took you where you wanted to go. It only took longer. Raking her finger across Jessa’s neck she applied enough pressure to break the skin and puncture the girl’s artery. The wound was not mortal but enough that without treatment for a sufficient amount of time Jessa would die from it. She closed her eyes and used her thoughts to push Jessa towards the large green man’s chest as he approached her. It was then Zala Tsu felt the impact from the first phaser blast. The jolt of energy shot up her body from her hip instantly incapacitating her. Zala’s mind when blank as she dropped to the floor.

It had felt good for River to shoot Zala Tsu. she regretted it wasn’t on kill. but she hoped she would get a chance to ‘talk’ to her later.

The first bolt hit Da-Mu in the shoulder spinning him. This broke his hold on Kelly who fell from the ceiling to the metal tiled floor with a thunk. Before he impacted the same floor, he caught out of his eye both Rogan and Zala falling to the ground. Jessa was nowhere to be seen but that was not important. She would find them when the time came.

Rogan gritted his teeth knowing what was about to happen. He flinched slightly right before the first bolt hit him first in the arm and then in the chest. The pain was far more than he anticipated ricocheting throughout his extremities. The last thought in his mind was this had better be worth it.

Jessa gasped feeling Zala release her chokehold. She sucked in one breath of air before pain shot through her neck and a sticky wetness began to run down her collar. Her eyes darted to all the chaos. Her hands flew to her neck feeling hot blood coating her fingers. The room was starting to spin and her legs felt weak. The large man rushing towards her blocked any beams from dropping her like it did her companions. Jessa’s complexion paled as she dropped to her knees holding the side of her neck. She could feel the pulse of blood spurting from her wound. Jessa knew enough to put pressure on it but she felt all her strength leaving her. “Rogan,” she called out weakly falling back to her butt as she blinked rapidly. The room was spinning and she was having a hard time focusing. Her breathing was coming out in heavy gasps as she felt panic and fear creeping throughout her body.

“Clear…clear…clear,” rang out in several different voices echoing off the walls. The sound of boots entering the room replaced the pings of the weapons. She could hear people talking but not make out any conversation in particular. Just voices.

Jessa had been around enough combat situations to know the firing had ended. “Help…help me,” she called out before feeling tears spring to her eyes. This was not what they had planned. This was not the way it was supposed to happen. “Hep....eee,” she tried again weakly feeling the room starting to go black.

The Elders

OCC: You are free to write in your take on shoot the intruders. Good play James and Nathan. ~ Kate

GET A MEDIC IN HERE!!!” Mardusk’s voice boomed through the room. He pointed Styxx to Kelly and began to secure the ‘guests’. He kicked the ‘cane’ away and tapped his commbadge.

Jessa dug her heels into the hard floor trying to move back. They slid as if it was ice. Zala Tsu, Rogan, or Da-Mu hadn’t responded to Jessa’s calls for help. Instead, the people aboard the ship were apparently now in control. Looking to her left she saw the large man kick at Da-Mu as her vision began to cloud over again. “Zah,” Jessa struggled to stay conscious. Her body began to shake but she suddenly was able to move. The back of her shirt was slowly being drenched in blood allowing her to move a few inches along the floor. Jessa had no idea where to go and she was in no condition to do anything. The fear of being left in these people’s hands however was far more terrifying than her injury. “Im soh…eeee,” Jessa managed as the large green man began to approach her. She doubted anyone in the room would care but if she had one last thing to say before she slipped away, Jessa wanted to apologize for what had happened to the woman Da-Mu had hurt.

=/\= Security to Sickbay! Prep for emergency point to point transport! =/\= and he grabbed NE Drank and made her kneel next to the young woman. He pressed her hard on the side of of the young woman’s neck and said “Do NOT let go! Not until the Doc tells you! =/\= Sickbay! Two to beam in! NE Drank and victim. Prep for incoming wouded. Its the Skipper. Engage! =/\= and Drank and the wounded girl vanished in a swirl of lights. Mardusk glanced at River and said “How is she, Styxx?” as he began to restrain… very securely… their now-prisoners.

Mardusk, CoS

As Mardusk was seeing to their new ‘guests. River had checked on the captain, she was unconcious but ok. However that was river’s best guess she wasn’t a doctor. Luckily one of the people to come into the room NC Private Grim a marine medic “Check her out” she ordered the young medic nodded and began his scans.

“I think she’ll be alright.” River called to Mardusk “How’s the kid?” she asked

“Took one to the jugular form her friend here. But she’ll manage.”

“Kelly,” Ian’s voice rang through the door scanning the room. His eyes immediately went to the streak of blood on the floor. “Kelly,” he barked out again scanning the bodies on the floor. Over by Styxx, he found the body he was looking for. “…Kelly,” he repeated sliding to the ground next to her as he lifted her head to his lap. “What the hell happened,” he asked no one and everyone. She sat limp in his arms. It was probably not the best to be moving her yet all Ian had been told was there was a situation in transporter twelve and he needed to be there ASAP. “And why is there no medic in here.” Ian was always in control. Even now he had some semblance of composure but it was slowly seeping from his body.

Ian Bordeaux

River put her hands on Ian’s shoulders “Ian Stop. there is medic with her” she said gesturing to the other person round the captain. A quick look at his uniform would confirm the insignia of a marine Medic “As for what happened. A group of three adults an one kid beamed over looking for you. they wanted to get to you so bad that they attacked the captain and threatened to kill the kid that was with them. Me and Mardusk stopped them. For now.” She said trying to explain what happened as quickly as possible the captain needed to get to sickbay.

“We need to beam her to sickbay.” River said as kindly as she could =^= Beam the captain and NC Private Grimm directly to sickbay=^= she ordered through her com.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

Ian watched Kelly beam out and was on his feet before the swirls of the transporter dissipated.

As the last of the prisoners were restrained and hooded, Mardusk lifted the cane-carrier and the lead spokeswoman up like so much limp bags of garbage. He began walking out with them, one in each hand. “I’m taking these two to the brig. Styxx, you mind bringing the last one? And be super careful that you don’t accidentally bang their head into something.” The last words left his mouth as he lifted the one who had carried the cane and used his head to activate the door control. He walked out the door and down the passageway, and one of the Security team said “Chief, why aren’t we just beaming them into the bring?” Mardusk didn’t look at him, he simply said “They got a weapon through the transporter. We’re gonna keep them unconscious and then do a full strip-search and put them in prisoner jumpers. I am not* taking any more of their crap today. Send a detail to Sickbay. I want eyes on that young girl at all times.” and he thought for a moment and then said “Make it a Protection Detail. No one, and I mean NO ONE* goes near her without me there… especially Ian Bordeaux. He’s their target for whatever reason. He stays the hell away until we know what is going on.”

Mardusk, CoS

River nodded and picked up the last one. not caring to be careful or delicate. She headed towards the door, scanning the room for anything that might have been left. If there was something she made sure to pick it up. Before he left she turned to Ian “I would suggest going back to your quarters. Wait till the CO is up and then go see her. I’ll get Mardusk to post security at your door, Just in case” she said before heading out banging her guest against the wall as she left

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

Ian looked at Styxx like she had a screw loose. “Yeah do that,” he said walking out of the transporter room. His only thought was to Kelly right now. Once she was fine and he knew it, he would worry about the rest.

As Mardusk approached the turbo, he would not find it empty but filled with a young doctor sent down from sickbay. Her eyes widened as she saw the individuals stacked like cords of wood in his arms. “What happened to them,” she said pulling out her medical tricorder as if she were in a western about to have a draw down at noon.

Medical staff & Ian Bordeaux

Mardusk didn’t look at the doctor, he just said in the boulder-smashing voice of his “In the words of the ancient poets of Earth… Talk shit. Get hit. That’s what happened.” and he moved so River could get the last one in the lift.

They stepped off the lift and went directly to the brig.

Mardusk, Cos

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