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Lauren lifted her mask to her face and was already reading the information displayed above the bed under the name Doe, Jane. She frowned and even though the mask was covering her mouth, the creases in her eyes and wrinkles spreading on her forehead told everyone in the room the situation had gone from serious to severe. “I need her blood typed and a transfusion yesterday. Do we know if she is human,” Lauren snapped reaching out to her left as the nurses ripped open the girl’s shirt to prepare for treatment. . Seconds later a port was placed in her hand. Lauren rapidly inserted it close to the girl’s heart. Transfusions were a tricky thing. While it saved lives, it could kill almost as instantly as they reason it was needed. Type O was considered a universal donor meaning anyone could receive it. Any human which at times was hard to tell. Lauren hoped that this girl was human and she wasn’t about to kill her faster than the neck wound. This was why most sick bays carried Hemolog.

Even though the neck wound was not closed yet, she had to get blood into the patient. A first-year medical student could recognize that the patient was going to hypovolemic shock by the physical symptoms of pale and clammy skin, rapid, shallow breathing, weak pulse, loss of consciousness, and blue-tinged lips and fingernails. “She is in hypovolemic shock meaning she had lost over twenty percent of her blood volume. Let’s start her on two 500-mL of Hemolog but we need her typed because this is not going to be enough. When she is typed I need her off the Hemolog and an intravenous line for a transfusion containing blood plasma, platelets, red blood cells, and intravenous crystalloids of whatever is pumping in her viens.” Lauren continued to talk as she moved towards the neck wound. The blood was no longer red and spurting out with the pulse. Instead, it had changed to a darker color and was thicker. The rush of blood from the injury was slowing almost as if it were no longer serious. This, however, was because the heart was no longer beating as fast or as strong to push it through the veins and arteries.

As Lauren picked up the clamp and surgical sutures, she looked at the nurse holding the wound closed. “Okay we need to be quick. When I say move move. Move,” Lauren said sharply. If the wound had been fresh, a spray of blood would have coated Lauren like a hose. Since it was over ten minutes old, the gushes just came out thick but slower. The suction line cleared the pools of accumulating blood allowing Lauren to see the nicked vein. Lauren let out the breath she had been holding seeing the injury was less than she anticipated. Clamping off the vein, she set about suturing the wound. “You saved her life the way you were holding it. Good work Marine,” Lauren said briefly. “Hold this,” she handed the woman the clamp. Lauren hated when she was dismissed mid-procedure. The Marine had done an amazing job and it only felt right to let her stay and assist.

Seeing the staff waiting for instructions Lauren again began to command the surgical team. “I need that blood tested for electrolyte imbalances in the kidneys and liver. Run an echocardiogram of the heart and then catheterize that and the bladder so we know the blood is getting to all her organs. I am going to need I mg of polyadrenaline and 20 mg of Vasokin.” The glance from one of the nurses at the use of the experimental medicine did not give Lauren pause. “It does us no good to seal her up if she goes into organ failure,” Lauren responded before any more questions were asked.

“Hang on honey. I am going to make you all better okay,”’ she said softly to the young girl on the table. Even though Jessa was unconscious, Lauren continued to talk to her as if she was wide awake. “You are going to be up and running and playing and eating pizza before you know it so don’t quit on me baby ‘cause I am not quitting on you,” she said gently as she worked on sealing up the wound.

Lauren Shan

Cara hadn’t left Sickbay. She had. Feeling she would be needed later and wanted to be in hand. She also had basic medic training and was willing to help as needed. When things settled down she stopped a nurse in the main bay. “I’m O neg blood type. I’m willin’ ta donate if they need it, for either patient.” She saw security arrive a breathed a bit easier. Cara spent a lot of time with security and trusted them all to be level-headed and fair.

O’Farrell, CNS

Lauren exited the surgical wing an hour later feeling the rush of adrenaline leaving her body in icy waves. The past hour had been tense. Glancing over at the bay containing Evrilla and Kelly, Lauren pulled off her blood-splattered surgical gown and raised her eyebrow not finding the person she thought she would waiting outside. “Is there a problem,” she asked the security detail who had taken up on either side of the door and another two at the main door to sickbay.

“Mardusk requested a security detail be sent to watch over the prisoner,” he responded curtly. He could not help but wonder if the doc had done her best or halfed it on the patient inside the room. If it had been him, he would not have hurried.

“Prisoner,” Lauren looked at him slightly annoyed. “You mean the twelve-year-old kid that almost died and lost twenty-five percent of her blood.”

“I mean the assailant that attacked the captain and our crew not less than an hour ago. If she is twelve....maybe she should have better parents,” he growled out. While is demeanor was harsh, his guts knotted slightly. He had not seen or participated in the scuffle below decks that sent the captain here. He only heard what happened and followed his orders to report to sick bay. He had no idea how young the prisoner was and his mind reasoned it didn’t matter. She almost killed the captain. That made her old enough to know what she was doing and what she did was wrong.

“I’ll remember that when Ava is twelve,” she snapped out curtly to the security officer. “I mean according to you twelve might be twenty huh,”

The heated discussion was cooled by a nurse coming up and shoving a PaDD under Lauren’s nose. The sharp comebacks and biting remarks were white noise as Lauren looked over the medical information. “Run this again,” she ordered pushing the PaDD back at the nurse.

“I did…three times,” she confirmed. “The results are valid. We even pulled a fresh supply and ran that three times.”

“No one enters that room until you hear from me or Evrilla. No one,” Lauren snapped bringing up the biocontainment field. Moving to her office, Lauren took the PaDD and sat down at her console trying to make sense of what she was reading.

Lauren SHan

Evrilla knocked on Lauren’s door shortly after. “I hear you ran off like you saw a ghost. What’s wrong with the girl?” Stepping away from both patients made her uneasy, but she trusted her nurses and they clearly needed to conference before they could finish treating their Jane Doe.
-Evrilla, CMO

Lauren dropped the stylus on the desk and leaned back in her chair. She was clearly frustrated. “I put up the bio-contaminate isolation protocols to buy us some time but she is not infectious or anything like that. She doesn’t have any organic or ingoranci weapons that we can detect. For a lack of better terms she is just a kid,” Lauren admitted letting out a long breath between her lips showing how stressed she was right now.

Handing a PaDD to Evrilla she didn’t wait for the woman to read it before she started talking. Evrilla was going to be as perplexed as Lauren was and she would request the test results be run, rerun, and ran again. Lauren doubted the nurses and did it three times herself. “She is just Bordeaux’s kid. She is a perfect genetic offspring match for him and some other woman but that woman is not the Captain…which is obvious because based on my best guess he had to have fathered her right before the academy. I say that because she can’t be more than 10-14. I don’t see him as the type as blowing off a kid so my guess is he had no clue about her.”

Lauren let the news sink in before continuing. “And if that is not screwed up enough I got the preliminary bio samples from our Jane Doe’s three compatriots. Only one of them is registering as fully human like our Jane Doe. The other two are not in any genetic database from the Federation. They are humanoids but two completely different sub species. I was going to stroll down to the brig and take some more scans after I talked to you.”

Lauren took a sip of her coffee and made a face. The coffee was ice cold. “So we are in a conundrum. Now that Jane there is out of emergency status as a minor we need legal permission to treat her. So are you going to tell him or am I,” Lauren asked. The girl was stable and there were no complications from the incident which was all listed in the report.

Lauren Shan

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