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Posted Oct. 21, 2021, 9:56 p.m. by Lieutenant Cara Esmé O’Farrell (Counselor / Education Specialist) (Jennifer Ward)

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“Excellent. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Ian’s is Christmas. I am sure it will be perfect.” Kelly took a drink of her empty coffee and then looked down into the mug with frown. Waving her hand over the sensor in the PaDD Jacen had given her, the mug filled as lights swirled filing it again “God this thing is handy,” she laughed.

Kelly Bordeaux

And more of that ‘no pressure’ nuance. Her and her husband’s favorite holidays. Cara was happy to make a big deal out of those to keep the Cpt and her husband happy.

There was a lot of research to do however on the crew. Even if small celebrations Cara wanted to make sure to have events for every important holiday for the cultures represented amongst the crew. She was sure she could get Yvonne to pull the information.

“It seems so. Who ever made that for you could make a fortune with that little device.”

O’Farrell, CNS

“It was the brainchild of my husband but the sweat and labor of Jacen Drayke. No surprise it is why he is now the chief of experimental engineering,” Kelly let out a laugh. “Long story short, Ian was actually my yeoman for a bit. He and I met when I was assigned the Atlantis. According to him, he saw me and was taken away with my beauty.” Kelly rolled her eyes showing she was being slightly sarcastic in her retelling of the event. “I think it was more that he was just looking to get out from under Perkin’s nose. Anyway,” she waved a hand dismissively as if brushing away the memory, “he joined the ship as my yeoman for a few weeks since the diplomatic position wasn’t open at the time. He got tired of getting me coffee. Jacen got tired of sending his teams to program every replicator so I was never without a cup. Therefore…voila,” she pointed at the device. “The two got together and came up with this handy dandy little thing. Ian’s mom is a lawyer so they are working on the patent but yeah…best anniversary gift ever.”

“So what is your biggest vice,” Kelly leaned back propping up her booted heels on a corner of the desk as she sipped the coffee.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

Without missing a beat Cara looked the captain dead in the eye and said, “Glitter.”

O’Farrell, CNS

Kelly nodded with a smirk. There were two types of people in this world. Those that liked glitter and those that despised it. Cara appeared to be of the latter. Yes glitter got into everything and you could not ever get rid of the sparkling shards once the proverbial genie left the bottle or vial in this case, but it was not the end of the world. “Why,” Kelly asked interested to see why.

Kelly Bordeaux

“Because it is a gift of da Tuatha Dé Danann. And just like fairy dust it comes in more shades than da rainbow, sparkles, makes everythin’ better, and is magical. I canna let anyone in my quarters because they will come out covered in it, whether they want ta or no.” Cara spread her hands as if to say ‘what can ya do?’ A vice was a wicked behavior and they way Cara let glitter go any and everywhere and reveled in it was definitely wicked.

O’Farrell, CNS

Kelly looked at her clearly confused. She was used to people being spiritual and religious but the way the newest counselor referenced that and fairy dust, Kelly wondered where she fell out. “Soooo,” she drew out her words trying to buy time until she could phrase what she wanted to say, “Coffee is mine.” Delving into why people came out covered in glitter at Cara’s hands was a rabbit hole Kelly wasn’t sure if she wanted to know about. “LIttle girls had tea parties. I had coffee parties,” she laughed. “You should have seen the last CMO’s face when they ran the replicators and found out it was about ten cups a day.

“So any questions for me,” Kelly decided it was better to give Cara the floor right now.

Kelly Bordeaux

“As long as ya enjoyed the party it donna matter what ya served.” Oh Cara was going to get into so much trouble, she enjoyed the captain’s reaction to her overly zealous love of glitter a little too much. Her mother had warned Cara about what she called Cara’s ‘sass.’ “As for the amount of coffee, the good doctor can deal with that. Unless of course ya tell me the crew is at risk if ya don’t get coffee. Then we might need ta have a chat.”

Sipping quickly at her drink as the captain put the request to her, “None in particular captain. You’re expectations are quite clear. More ta the point is there somethin’ you want ta talk to me about? Utilize my services as it were?”

O’Farrell, CNS

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