Atlantis Bridge...When the past doesn't match the present...or the future

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With only one cup remaining on the tray, D’vash looked inside at the contents and grinned at the XO. “Kool-aid, grape, and cold. Just the way I like it, Commander. Thank you”

“Yes. On-screen,” Kelly announced taking a sip of her drink. A small nod by Sanders let Kelly know they had established contact with the ship. “This is Captain Bordeaux of the USS Atlantis we…”

“You are not Captain Bordeaux. Why are you trying to deceive us when we come in peace?” Zala Tsu’s melodic voice held a hint of anger behind it even if the cadence was still held the purring quality. “We are not here for games or to talk to lackies or second-tiered officers. If you are not Captain Ian Bordeaux we will wait until you can produce him. We will await your transmission when you accomplish this.” The threat now hung heavier in the voice filling the bridge. The sensual nature had been replaced by a more deadly tone. As if to punctuate this fact the audio-only hail cut off from the ship.

“Oh… early, rude, AND unpleasant. It’s the trifecta of a$$holes.” Mardusk said.

“Did she just call you a lackie and did she hang up on us,” Kelly raised an eyebrow at her executive officer. Whoever was on the other end of the call either didn’t understand rank and protocol on a Starfleet ship.

“Lt. Sanders re-establish a comm with Ms. Tsu,” Kelly announced, “and why don’t we have visuals?” Already Kelly was becoming irritated with this encounter. She hated first contacts with a passion and this one was turning out to be a doozey.

Nervously Lt. Sanders replied, “They don’t appear to have the ability to send visuals. At least not the ones we can detect. They can send audio only.”

Between security, the marines, and intelligence, one of her officers had to have the answer to her next question. Glancing around the room briefly Kelly announced, “who doesn’t have the ability to send visuals but is able to pop in and out of real space like a gopher from the Midwest? Anyone,” Kelly asked. Whether it was not enough coffee or still the fact she was irked by the way the ship had addressed her and her staff, Kelly could not think of a race that was lacking one of the most basic forms of communication.

“Nobody. Unless they don’t want them.”

River thought for a second “You said they just appeared, maybe the ship is an experiment on a new form of travel or stealth tech. Maybe whatever they use to move or hide takes up so much power and space. The only think they could fit in was audio only. However they could just be hiding what their actually up to” she said simply, not realy sure f it was possible. she wasn’t an engineer .

“Might explain the concussion wave that hit us.” Styxx’s explanation was as good as anyone’s at this point. Right now they were looking for working hypotheses to solve a problem. Styxx provided the first one. Until they came up with something different or better, Styxx’s theory would be problem solved.


“See pet,” Zala turned her attention on Jessa in the back. “Liars and deceivers. They will play mind games and withhold the truth. Do not let your youth and inexperience permit the slaughter of untold billions by succumbing to their falsehoods and trickery.” There was no reason to single out Jessa except to instill a sense of fear and trepidation. She was the weakest link in the foursome but also the key to the success of the mission.

Rogan, clearly not interested in badgering Jessa as Zala Tsu seemed to relish in approached the turn of events more like a riddle than a dilemma. “Why would they send an imposter as the Captain when we would instantly see through the ruse?”

Finding a woman in the seat she thought would be occupied by the man they were looking for was troubling but inconsequential. Nothing would stop them from completing the mission.

“They are hailing us,” Da-Unka announced from his station already re-establishing communications with the ship before them. Zala allowed an icy gaze to settle heavily on Jessa before turning back around in her seat to address the situation.

“Regardless of their ruse we will see this through and complete what is needed to be done. Won’t we pet,” Zala Tsu stated confidently plastering a smile on her face even though no one could see it yet. “Connect us.”


Any scans of the ship would show that it’s shields did not appear to deflect but absorb energy much like a black hole. This might be due to the possible quantum singularity engine readings that were produced when the ship appeared. A more in-depth scan would allow the crew of the Atlantis to notice several things. One was that the ship did not appear to have phasers but laser-style weapons. Again another antiquated technology for a race that seemed to have far more complex modes of travel. It would also show stores of supplies like food and water that were on the low side for its four companions. Scans would also note that the four individuals on the alien vessel did not have weapons or an armory on the ship. For all intents and purposes, the ship appeared to come in peace as the message stated which Starfleet had received about its arrival. The only thing that was off from the picture-perfect peace mission was the individuals on it. Any counselor would note that they seemed to be hiding something or attempting to present a false impression of thier true character even though they had spoken only a few sentences up to this point.

Kelly Bordeaux

Cara listened to the by play and then sat back in her seat. “She’s lying, she has somethin’ ta hide. Whoever she presents themselves ta be, they are not.”

O’Farrell, CNS

No. you don’t say River thought to herself dryly.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

Kelly’s jaw tightened some. It was rare she did not completely fill in her crew to the details of all assignments. Much like Cara just said, secrets were things you lied about and hid from others generally. Until the ship demanded to speak to her husband as Captain of the ship, Kelly was inclined to think the people were just nervous nellies given the size of the Atlantis compared to the ship they arrived in out of nowhere. Now it was just a little too convenient that Admiral Perkins called thirty minutes before the ship arrived, pulling Ian out of bed and into a closed-door meeting. Maybe this was just a drill to test the crew? Maybe it was a real event’ Kelly didn’t put anything past Perkins if he saw an angle to make himself get ahead. “Cara does Ms. Tsu’s voice patterns match any known races of cultures in our database?” The orders from Starfleet stated this was a first contact situation but if it was a drill, then it wouldn’t be a first contact and maybe the counselor could prove it.

Kelly tapped another message into the PaDD for Ian which again was returned with a Do not Disturb message as a response. In about five seconds, she was going to start blowing up Ian’s personal communication with so many messages people would start to wonder what exactly was in his pocket and on vibrating mode.

Cara requested the recorded play back of the interaction and ran it through the universal translator requesting analysis of accents, then she ran it through a linguistic and then a phonological algorithm looking for any matches or near matches. On a personal level she nothing stood out to her to make her narrow her search.

Unfortunately, when results were scanned it would show that while they seemed to speak English the slight nuances of Zala Tsu’s speech patterns were not identified with the phonological or linguistical markers of any specific language or culture in the Federation.

Kelly Bordeaux

The results came back and Cara shook her head, “Nae Captain. The computer donna have any matches ta her speech patterns or rhythms.”

O’Farrell, CNS

Mardusk, CoS

“Ma’am,” Lt. Sanders interrupted as the comm signal began to blink. “They are ready to open another comm line.”

“Round two. On-Screen,” Kelly snapped sitting a bit straighter in her seat. With each passing moment, Kelly was getting a bad feeling about this situation. Everything felt off. “Vessel off our port bow this is Captain Kelly Bordeaux of the Federation Starfleet vessel USS Atlantis. We arrived here per your instructions. Am I to assume I am speaking with Zala Tsu Captain of your vessel. We can’t get a visual lock on your transmission. Are your comms damaged?” Bordeaux attempted to find out more information from the mystery ship before they hung up again. She also was more than interested to get a peek at the voice filling the bridge.

“Captain, my communication systems are not compatible with yours. We have traveled a long way. If you will just allow me to dock and turn my package over to you I will be on my way,” Zala Tsu stated.

Kelly glanced back at her officers wondering if any of them had something to add or disprove Zala’s claim. If said low enough, the comm call would not transmit it to the guests outside the ship.

“Oh hell no, Skipper. Not if we don’t who or what they are.” Mardusk growled.

Not knowing the correct rank or title, Kelly continued to address the speaker. “Lt. Commander Ian Bordeaux is currently indisposed but we can,”

Hearing the woman’s voice again enraged Zala but she held it back burying her feelings. If they needed to go through this Kelly to get to their target so be it. “If he is..indisposed that is fine we will wait..on board your ship,” Zala’s tone was sensual in its melody but crisp and demanding in its word choice. “Captain Bordeaux it seems we were provided the wrong name as to who our contact would be. Please give me docking coordinates and allow us to land on our ship so we can deliver our package to Ian Bordeaux,” a feminine voice almost purred back. She did not care for the delays or excuses that were going to spill from the Captian’s lips.

“And what is the nature of the cargo you wish to bring aboard my ship?” Bordeaux tightened her initial request. In a lower volume she whispered to Cara and Jen, “they seem rather eager to get aboard the ship don’t they?”

“They seem rather eager ta get their ‘package’ aboard,” Cara whispered back.

“Agreed. Almost too eager which makes me less so to get in onboard sight unseen. The question is why.” Kelly completely agreed with her counselor.

“All the more reason to decline the request.” Mardusk said low.

“It will be so much easier to explain face to face Captain. As I previously stated, please give me docking coordinates so that I can transfer the package to your care,” Zala Tsu struggled to maintain a calm quality in her voice. Jessa watched the scene from the back of the shuttle slightly uncomfortable with the way the Elders were trying to force the occupants of the large ship to let them aboard. She had been assured that this ship would welcome them aboard. Instead, it felt like Zala was trying to invade it.

Kelly rolled her eyes glad for once she did not have to maintain her emotions in a neutral visage. Their orders were to receive the individuals that showed up at the coordinates and accept that package but nothing in the orders said how they had to receive them. Kelly cleared her voice not caring if it showed her annoyance with their new guests. “We are unable to dock you at this time. Please lower your shields so that we may beam you aboard.”

Now the silence moved from the bridge of the Atlantis to the bridge of the alien ship. All eyes snapped back to Jessa. The attention felt smothering. “I don’t know,” she mouthed in silence. Jessa knew her companions did not believe her.

“Beam us aboard?” Zala Tsu glanced at Da-Mu-Unka hoping he could shed some light on the Captain’s request. Bria Novar never mentioned beaming.

Kelly glanced around to those on the bridge and made a slicing motion across her neck to mute the line but not disconnect it. “Impressions,” Kelly asked running through scenarios in her head.

Kelly Bordeaux

The CIO had the results of his initial scans. “Captain, their shields appear to absorb energy instead of deflecting it. This might be due to the possible quantum singularity engine readings that were produced when the ship appeared. The ship doesn’t appear to have phasers but laser-style weapons. A bit out of date considering they have a more complex mode of travel. There are four life signs and none of them appear to be carrying weapons. “

“I suggest givin’ them ta Dr Evrilla. Beam them directly ta the decontamination unit in sickbay. She can easily keep them there for a couple of days, makin’ sure they wonna ‘infect’ us or vice-versa. In the mean time the ‘package’ can be put in quarantine in the cargo bay. Though considering how hostile she is ta things not going her way and how much she is pushin’ for this package…maybe we beam it out inta space ta make sure it donna explode.” Cara didn’t favor letting the people on board at all, but orders were orders. That didn’t mean they had to be stupid.

O’Farrell, CNS

“Too many others around and we can’t secure it. Once they are secured I do agree what we should have a full medical scan.” Kelly chewed her lip half figuring out what to do with the guests when they arrived and half wondering what was going on in the alien ship.

“Impression is they are not above board and we should either go there first or up and leave.” Mardusk said.

“Mardusk, Styxx…if we beam them to the auxiliary transporter room on deck twelve can you hold the room if they get fiesty,” Kelly asked her security chief and marine unit commander. The auxiliary transporter room on deck twelve was away from most critical areas of the ship. It also was a bottleneck with only one turbo at the end of the hall.

Kelly Bordeaux

“Did you really just ask us -” and Mardusk gestured between himself and Styxx, “- if we can hold someone somewhere? Aw, Skipper… it’s like you don’t know us anymore.” and he grinned.

Jen had been quiet. The conversation went in a totally different direction than he had expected or anticipated. “Why would they be asking for Captain Ian Bordeaux?” Something niggled at him. “Have they got the right universe?” That seemed so utterly strange for him to even mouth that, but otherwise why would they have suggested that as though it were a given. And why would they have even thought of her husband as being in charge?
- Jen, XO

“A universe with Ian in charge and me as the diplomatic officer…kinda scary,” she agreed with Jen that whatever was going on was off. “They said their intel was wrong? Could this be some kinda of drill? The last memo I got came from Starfleet Intelligence about where we were to wait for this encounter? It didn’t have anything but what I went over at the last staff meeting about where to go and that we were to treat it like a first contact. It just seems like odd.”

River nodded “Between Marines and security, we can hold the room, the section, the whole deck if need be Ma’am.” she said confidently. She knew her marines were good and she knew security was the same. The only issue was she had no idea who they would be facing and what technology they had. she had been at a disadvantage before and come out on top but she didn’t like it.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

“Open the line back up,” Kelly said to the comms agent. Once the line was active Kelly cleared her voice announcing she was about to speak. “We are preparing for your arrival. Lower your shields if you wish to come aboard,” Bordeaux requested before snapping off the comm line. She had no doubt they wanted aboard the ship. The Atlantis however was not just going to greet them with open arms and a cup of coffee. Their orders were to receive them but nothing was said about the manner in which they had to do this.

“Lt. Tate beam the occupants from the alien ship directly to transporter room 12 on my mark.”

“Cara get down to the diplomatic suits and inform Lt. Commander Bordeaux of the situation. I don’t care if he is negotiating galactic peace. If the door is locked break it down.”

Cara got up and left the bridge, opting for the LCARs rather than her memory to navigate. She found where Lt Cmdr Bordeaux was and following the Cot’s orders made a nuisance of herself till she got an answer. She gave him all the information she had.

Then having discharged her orders from the Captain to the Lt Cmdr, Cara headed to Sickbay to update Evrilla on what was happening.

O’Farrell, CNS

“Mardusk and Styxx you are with me. Have a marine contingent on the ready and send a full security detachment to transporter room twelve.”

“Already on the way, Ma’am.” Mardusk replied.

“Odinson see if you can get any intel from your galactic farm boys out of intelligence on this situation. Is this real or just some test.”

“Captain, if I may. It seems they are unaware of our transporters system. When they lower the shields to beam over, I could beam to their ship and have a look seee at what we’re dealing with. . . .”

Odinson (CIO)

“Jen, you have the conn. See if you can figure out anything more about that anomaly and where the ship has come from,” Kelly stated before standing up and heading towards the turbo. “And see if we can get any scans of that ship while I entertain the guests on deck twelve,” she added as an afterthought before the doors slid shut.

Kelly Bordeaux

Mardusk, CoS

OCC: Okay so I am continuing with the transporter scene BUT since this is supposed to be happening at the same time anyone can reply before if they wanted to Kelly left or add in parts before the comm call. LIke with most of my things I had a four sentence idea for this post and I am NOT in any way a GM. :rofl: As with most things I do please just have fun if you are liking this. The rest will sort itself out.

Five minutes later after Kelly left the bridge

“Sir,” Crewman 3rd class Richards from internal systems turned in his seat looking at the XO. “Phaser fire detected in the transporter room. Security channels are reporting the Captain has been injured. Lt. Commander Mardusk is engaging along with Lt. Styxx.” He did not know what else to say or do. It wasn’t often they reported the command staff was down.

“Sir,” Sanders yelled out from the comms station. “I am receiving a priority one message from Admiral Perkins.” Her voice hung in the room. Problems, issues, or situations seemed to occur whenever that man contacted the ship. To Barbara, it was not a coincidence that they were suddenly in an unofficial red alert and Perkins was barking up the comm lines waiting for a sit-down.

Richards and Sanders Comms and Internal systems officers

At the same time, Odinson’s console lit up with a comm message marked high priority with the top-secret sensitive intelligence encryption. It was not coming from Starfleet but Starfleet intelligence. The encoded encryption meant he was to take it alone.

Starfleet Intelligence. (Not sure how to sign off on this lol)

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