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Posted Oct. 22, 2021, 5:08 p.m. by Fleet Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) (Kate O'Neill)

The Intelligence Offices of the Atlantis had a very austere feel. It felt nondescript but that was how all good intelligence operatives worked. They could stand in the middle of a three-ring circus and you would still not even notice the person was there. The office was a large room with a center table with four doors lining the back wall. One was clearly marked as the CIO’s office. The second office was for the intelligence division’s 2IC. The third door held several work areas for those on a shift in the department. The fourth door had its own security panel that opened into the brains of the room. While the command staff and chief of security theoretically had the access codes, like with all things cloak and dagger, the intelligence chief had the ability to lock the room and override anyone getting into it. This was not a tidbit most CIO’s shared with their cappy or XO. It just tended to ruffle egos but it was there and for use at one’s discretionary will.

The call coming in from Starfleet intelligence was not flashing in the CIO’s office but in this room on a small console that seemed insignificant. That was until the console was activated. Then like all brain’s it activated far more in the room than anyone noticed. The red button blinked in a monotonous tone waiting for it to be activated.

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The man waiting at the console felt tense. It was the standard operating procedure to use assets in every mission. When you were using one of your own as the asset it left a bad taste in most people’s mouths. Lt. Commander Harry Parks had no loyalty to anyone but those in the Intelligence Department. Too often people rose to power and then had the ladder they climbed knocked out from under them. Why someone had not blown up the ladder under Admiral Perkins still astounded him. If this was just to help Perkin’s career, Parks would have taken longer to place the call but this was far greater than a self-absorbed bureaucrat/officer that thought every word or order that left his lips was important.

He hoped D’Vash would understand and play ball the way Intelligence needed him to. The problem with men placed in the CIO position meant they were wild cards. At times they felt a loyalty to the crew they worked with over loyalty to the intelligence division. He had heard of D’Vash…who hadn’t. The man was almost a legend in the intelligence community but with no proof, he was ever in a mission or participated in one, his persona made him larger than life in the hallowed halls of Intelligence HQ. All anyone knew was when he was assigned a mission it was completed; however, with men like D’Vash it was not always completed the ways his superiors might have wanted. Staring at the controls, he waited for the man on the other line to activate the call.

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