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Having discharged her orders from the Captain to the Lt Cmdr, Cara headed to Sickbay to update Evrilla on what was happening. She walked in, spotted her and headed over. “Good…night I guess it is Dr. Evrilla. Thought I would come give ya an update.” Cara gave the information as quickly and concisely as possible.

“Honestly, I donna think anyone is happy about them comin’ aboard. They’re hidden somethin’ and are aggressive. I wonna be surprised if someone gets hurt. But the cap has ordered a whole unit of security and Marines ta the transporter room.”

O’Farrell, CNS

=/\= Security to Sickbay! Prep for emergency point to point transport! =/\= and he grabbed NE Drank and made her kneel next to the young woman. He pressed her hard on the side of of the young woman’s neck and said “Do NOT let go! Not until the Doc tells you! =/\= Sickbay! Two to beam in! NE Drank and victim. Prep for incoming wounded. Its the Skipper. Engage! =/\= and Drank and the wounded girl vanished in a swirl of lights.

“I…I need help,” Drank stuttered with blood-covered hands. “Evrilla....Evrilla,” she screamed feeling the pulsing of the blood slowing. She was not a doctor but she had enough common sense to know this was not a good sign.

The sound of the incoming comm call had sent sickbay into over drive. A nurse ran to Drank seeing the blonde hair but not finding the owner she expected. Still, she was trained enough to not freeze. The young woman’s blood pressure was low and her breath was coming in struggled gasps. “Ensign I need you to keep pressure but not push so hard with your fingers. Evrillla,” the nurse screamed seeing this was way out her her hands. It needed the CMO. “You are doing great but her gasping is because you are choking her. We are going to change out,” the nurse kept a calm voice and placed her hands at the ready. “Evrilla,” she yelled again knowing the doc was near and hoping the head of sick bay was not having to choose between Kelly and this kid. “Count of three. One…two…three,” the nurse replaced her hands where Drank’s were.

As she waited for Evrilla to arrive, the nurse posed another question to Drank. “We sent Parker to transporter room twelve. How is the captain,” she asked the woman.

“I…I don’t know,” Drank stuttered wiping the blood off her hands onto her shirt. There was so much it only smeared it all over her uniform coming in.

“Dammit I need some help over here,” the nurse called out as a second set of swirls filled the sickbay this time materializing Kelly and the marine medic.

“I need a doctor,” the marine medic called out.

Lauren stood in the main room looking at the two patients that had just entered. Triage was a tricky situation and in situations like this, decisions were based on gut and experience. “Vitals,” she called out moving towards them both.

“Blood pressure eighty over fifty and falling. Possible skull fracture and CSF leak indicated by clear fluid draining from the right ear. Probably subdermal hematoma on the parietal-occipital lobe resulting from a contusion from an impact injury. The captain is not conscious and pupils are dilated,” the marine medical called out calmly.

“Patient is suffering from a laceration to the jugular vein post four minutes. Blood pressure falling seventy over fifty,” the nurse with Jessa reported. “She was conscious but has lost a lot of blood. We are losing her.”

It only took Lauren a second to pick the patient. “Until I get help, I need the Captin put into a stasis pod and someone find Evrilla,” Lauren yelled out. “I think she is with her daughter. Try her quarters and the educational suite,” she barked out orders. While the Captain’s injuries were serious and concerned Lauren greatly, only one patient was actively dying at the moment.

“Here, I’m here!” Evrilla rounded the corner into Sickbay, pulling on her gloves. Tatyl seemed to be trailing behind her, but the girl simply ran over to the administration desk and sat down. She began analyzing almost immediately.

“Captain is down and unconscious. All I know is impact injury.” Lauren knew the CMO was the best to handle Kelly. She had the experience and her hands were not trying to keep the kid alive.

Moving next to the girl, Lauren locked eyes with the nurse. “Do not take your hands off her neck. If you do she will bleed out and we will lose her.” The ashen color of the young girl’s skin and a pale blue tint to her lips told Lauren she was about five minutes from bleeding out. Lauren did not need to read any scan to know what to do. “We need to get her into surgery. Get me a stretcher,” she yelled as the team was already moving one next to the biobed Jessa rested on. “On the count of three we are going to move her,” Lauren instructed her staff. “We need to do this in one motion because it is probably going to drop her BP even lower. Ready. One…two…Three,” Lauren placed a hand on Jessa’s forehead as four cormen moved the girl in a fluid unit to the stretcher. Years of practice had the medical emergency team moving like a single until. “Hang on baby,” Lauren said softly as she continued taking scans of the young girl as they walked across the room. “Is the surgical suite up and ready?” she asked already knowing everything she needed was in place. While this was not a normal Tuesday, it was not the first critical case they had seen.

“Lauren. You have her? Start a transfusion and do your best to seal the wound. It doesn’t need to be perfect, we can reconstruct the vein, just keep her blood on the inside.” Evrilla moved quickly towards Kelly, changing focus.

“Yeah,” she yelled out to Evrilla. The conversation between the two was a well-rehearsed dialogue in emergency situations. It was all checking and double-checking that the patient’s needs were being met even though Lauren knew anyone in Evrilla’s hands was receiving the best care anyone could ever ask for. Evrilla knew the same of Lauren. Talking and sharing in these situations meant no base was left uncovered and no option ignored. “My scans said the injury was at the occipital-parietal lobe but I don’t have anything else,” Lauren called out before disappearing into the surgical suite.

Looking over her shoulder, Lauren saw the team moving Kelly into a stasis pod. “Prep the second surgical bay for the captain in case we need to do a craniotomy to relieve any pressure in the brain.”

Lauren Shan

OCC: since there are two patients I am going to create a Jessa medical thread. We can keep this one for Kelly’s medical treatment. Since they are in the same room anyone in sickbay can move between them. I am not sure any other way to do this and keep it straight. ~ Kate

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“Don’t bother prepping, just take her straight there. I don’t want to move her too much. Take scans, I’m sure she has a concussion. Find out where the CSF is coming from, I’ll be right in.” Evrilla waited a moment to be sure her instructions were being followed, then turned towards Jessa’s suite. She’d have to go back and forth until both were stable. “Tatyl, stay where you are!” She’d almost forgotten her daughter had followed her in.
-CMO Evrilla

Cara moved to a replicator and then sat down across from Tatyl. “Know how ta play cards? It always keeps me busy when I have ta wait a long time.” Cara wasn’t leaving Sickbay. She had a feeling she would be needed later and wanted to be in hand. She figured she could help keep Tatyl busy so Evrilla didn’t have to worry. She was sure the medical staff would do it, but it was how she could help. She also had basic medic training and was willing to help as needed. When things settled down she stopped a nurse in the main bay. “I’m O neg blood type. I’m willin’ ta donate if they need it, for either patient.” She saw security arrive a breathed a bit easier. Cara spent a lot of time with security and trusted them all to be level-headed and fair. She also kept an eye out for anyone coming into Sickbay and watching for any concerning behavior.

O’Farrell, CNS

“We can play.” Tatyl didn’t seem very enthusiastic, although that was easily attributed to being woken up on such short notice. The girl was still in her sleep clothes, a far cry from her usual composure. “You’ll have to teach me though. I only know Aenar games.”

Cara sat down and opened the box of cards and began to shuffle. “Well maybe you can teach me some of those. We can trade games.” Cara looked at Tatyl thoughtfully, “Would you rather go back to bed? I can set you up a cot in the small break room and you can sleep if you want.”
O’Farrell, CNS

Evrilla’s team moved with the precision of a highly choreographed dance. The staff did not need her to give them commands. She had run drills and practiced so often this was like second nature regardless of the patient. They moved Kelly in a fluid motion bringing everything and anything Evrilla could need. All she had to do was shout out what needed to go into the palm of her hand.

“Patient is a thirty-four-year-old female. She has an impact injury to her occipital-parietal lobe of the brain with a subdermal hematoma slowly filling up the meningeal layers of the brain. Scans indicate the pressure is starting to press down on the autonomic regions of the base of the brain,” one of the nurses reported giving Evrilla as much information as she knew.

“Blood pressure is dropping and she is having labored breathing,” another nurse reported backing up the claims that the pressure on the brain stem was starting to affect the cardiac and pulmonary systems.

Kelly’s fingers fluttered as someone stabbed her finger with a pin checking for reflexes. “Right now there appears to be no issues related to the spinal column or issues with paralysis,” the third nurse reported as Kelly was moved to her final place for Evrilla to begin treatment.

Nurses in Sickbay

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“Alright. Let’s prep for an occipital craniotomy.” Evrilla picked up a laser scalpel off the tray, preparing to cut over the occipital bone, which would allow her access to the most pressing accumulation. A quick glance around showed her nurses were well prepared with suction and irrigation, so she began the cut. The laser scalpel cauterized as it cut, thankfully without any smell of burning flesh. She folded the skin and muscle back and drilled three holes that would allow her to remove a bone window. She was momentarily surprised by the red of the blood, but the nurse quickly stepped in to remove it. The pressure was already lessening, but she continued to ensure complete removal.

Evrilla cut from hole to hole, removing the window. The operating room was silent except for the whirring of the drill. “Tray.” The nurse offered it, and Evrilla gently set the bone in. She’d replace it once she was done draining.
-Evrilla, CMO

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