Marines boarding the Beacon of hope…when the past doesn’t match the present or the future

Posted Nov. 29, 2021, 10:29 p.m. by Fleet Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) (Kate O'Neill)

Posted by Lieutenant River Styxx (OIC Marine) in Marines boarding the Beacon of hope…when the past doesn’t match the present or the future

Posted by Fleet Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Marines boarding the Beacon of hope…when the past doesn’t match the present or the future

Posted by Lieutenant River Styxx (OIC Marine) in Marines boarding the Beacon of hope…when the past doesn’t match the present or the future
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The ship hung Just off the port now of the Atlantis gleaming like it was just off the assembly line. The hull looked almost like wet metal without the small pock marks or dings associated with space travel. The color was silver but so highly polished one wondered if they could almost see their own reflection in it if they were up close. Moving close enough to the hull to touch it, it would become apparent that there was a slight shimmer to the ship possibly indicating a shield or force field if some sort but without scans that could not be determined.

The overall design of the ship might be described at torpedo like. It was completely long and cylindrical with no wings or beams visibly linking one section of the ship to another. The ship was larger than a shuttle but with some careful maneuvering would don’t within the Atlantis hanger bay if needed. A rough guess was the ship was about fifty meters in length

There was no windows except for the large viewport on the front of the ship. There was also no seams in the hull that was readily visible. At first glance one might think it could have been poured as a single mold. Examining it from all angles, there did not even appear to be a door so the question would lurk of how did the visitors even get in and out of it.

All systems in the ship were registering cold which could leave one to believe all power had been shut down once the aliens had been beamed over to the Atlantis

Rough ship specs for now

To serve was the basic duty of any marine, to serve the federation, to serve their CO and to serve the Ship, planet or Starbase they where assigned to. So when the marines had found out what had happened to the captain they wanted to get even. Only their discipline and self control stopped them form acting instantly. So it was no surprise to any of them that River was being proactive and had a plan. She had called eight marines in totally and formed two squads from them one to accompany her and one to act as immediate back up.

The mission was simply get onboard the alien craft and rip it apart for information. River had thought about using the Atlantis hanger to do so but decided against it. If the ship was booby trapped, and River expected it to be if it imploded it could heavily damage the Atlantis. But if it was next to Atlantis it would only destroy Two shuttles and River and her Marines. That was a risk they had all agreed to take, it as part of the job.

As River’s shuttle approached the alien ship she turned form the view screen and looked at the marines she had assembled they where a good bunch. Talented committed and worked well together. That was something River needed

NE Private Shaw a masculine Human woman with a personality to match her armour was more bulky then the average marine owing to her Explosive ordnance training, a cartoon of a woman pushing a plunger and an explosion adorned her right shoulder.

Next to her sat NE Sergeant Fawn the team Medic. Although the Catian was young he had earned his rank, being decorated twice for valour. His armour was fairly common nothing to different aside form the medical symbol on both his shoulders.

Th next marine was shorter then the others but built like a tank. This was NE Private James Moreece a hotshot with a big mouth and a bad attitude. With his service time he should of been a Sargent by now, but his contact clashes with his Commanders had pretty much squashed all that. His armour was testament to that with the slogan ‘Looking for my CO. look behind me’

The final member was NE Lance corporal Vashar. Like most Romulan she was not much one for talking, staying silent most of time only speaking then necessary. But she was one of the best shots on the Atlantis, quiet, accurate and deadly she embodied the phrase one shot one kill. so much so she had check marks on her armour to keep track of her kills.

“Right listen up” River barked through her armours built in com “We are here to take that ship” she said gesturing to the vessel they were approaching “These a$$ holes have attacked our ship, attacked our crew mates and Pi***d me right off. So I say its time for a little pay back. From what I’ve seen these sods are a crafty bunch. so be on the look out for traps and other hidden surprises. Watch out for each other and don’t be afraid to get a little rough with their ship, all I want is intel, I don’t care what the ship looks like after we’re finished with it. Understood” she snapped as a chorus of yes Ma’am spread through the shuttle.

“Lieutenant. five minutes” the pilot called River nodded and ordered an equipment check. Each marine checked the other armour to make sure it was sealed and all aspect where working. By the time it was done they neared the ship. The shuttles rear door opened and River and her Marines began their space walk towards the enemy ship.

River watched her surroundings then back to her squad. All of which where behind her. Even though she had done it many time River was still in awe of how quiet space was. It was good, it gave her time to focus with nothing to distract her. River had a feeling this mission was going to be nasty and she just wanted to be prepared as best she could be.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

Approaching the ship, scans would show there was some sort of shielding surrounding the vessel. From a distance it was what cause the ship to appear to be one solid object. As the Marines moved closer, they would finally be able to make out some details such as what was a possible entry hatch and the large round pit that served at the engine. Readings would also indicate that while there was no power, life support systems were on and functional in the ship. The air was breathable and the interior had warmth enough to support life. All other electrical systems were powered down, however. It was as if the ship were just waiting for occupants to enter it and take it on another journey.

The hatch was a standard seven-foot by three-foot wide opening or at least that was the dimensions of the thin line that outlined the metal hull.

Engineering spec update

As River approached she started making out the details of the ship and formulating a plan. Activating her com and changing her visor, with a few blinks, to scanning mode she began assessing the situation. =^= Fan out, find a way to take this shield down=^= She ordered simply

=^= What do you think, a sleeping Dragon?=^= Fawn asked through the com

=^= Maybe, lets take it slowly. until we know for sure=^= She replied getting ever so slowly closer to the ship. River didn’t like going in blind but she had no choice. She knew their guests wouldn’t talk, but being able to go back to them, knowing everything abut them and their mission. would most certainly be sweet.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

The ship did not react to the troops circling around it. It acted as if still in power-down status however no one had actually made physical contact with it yet. Sensors like nerve endings created a web around it waiting for something larger than dust to activate the shields sensors.

Engineering spec update

River wondered what to do, getting any closer to a shield without a way to shut it down would most probably fry her and her team. She also had no idea if touching the shield would initiate anything. As she floated she was keenly aware that their propulsion packs where not unlimited and neither was their oxygen. As she thought her hand drifted to one of her combat knives. She carefully unclipped it and held it in her hand

=^= All Marines keep back for a moment=^= She said as she edged closer. River wasn’t a scientist but she knew newtons always and she knew that of she aimed true and put enough force into it, her knife would hit the shield. An easy way to test how sensitive it was.

As she let the knife go Private Moreece came in close and fast =^= Come on LT, lets get this done=^= he said confidently

=^= I ordered you to stay back Private=^= She snapped through the com.

Lieut Styxx (OIC Marine)

As the blade penetrated the shield a slight dimple appeared and changed the barely visible field into a wash of blue as if one was watching a dip of water break the surface tension in a pond during slow motion. Internally the ship’s sensors processed the assault and activated the ray shielding. The blade and the kinetic energy it contained within deflected back into the direction it came only with tenfold force. River’s knife shot back like it was ejected from a projectile weapon, the blade careening through the inky blackness of space forever lost to space unless it struck a target that would alter its course.

Barely a half-second later the limpid like dimples rippled all over the hull of the Beacon of Hope. In a length of a human eye blink, these dimples erupted into long needle projections all over the ship. The length and width of these needle-like projects seemed to vary with some reaching almost ten feet out with others only several inches long. The width varied from sewing needle to sword, to spear. The effect would be disastrous for anyone within its reach. These projects would pierce the flesh with the ease of hypodermic needles.

Any nonmetal surface of a spacesuit would be penetrated such as fabric on gloves or the face shield of a helmet. Armor plating would hold up better resulting in only an impact injury with enough force to send the recipient spiraling out as with any forceful contact in space. The armor however if it contained any aluminum or aluminum would also have a disastrous effect. Contact with any aluminum no matter how minimal the quantity would create an oxidization effect instantly corroding it. The effect would be the complete disintegration of the material. In space, this would allow decompression of suits allowing the vacuum of space to seep into these microscopic or larger holes depending on how much aluminum the ship’s projections came into contact with on the armor.

The needle-like projections only deployed for a total of ten seconds before retracted back into the ship’s hull re-creating the mirror-like surface. This would be enough time however to make one thank what ever God they prayed to they were not in their reach, be writing in pain, or visiting their maker.

~Beacon of Hope reaction to the assault.

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