Mardusk's quarters...When the past doesn't match the present...or the future

Posted Nov. 29, 2021, 2:54 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Gravel Mardusk (Chief of Security) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Fleet Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Mardusk’s quarters…When the past doesn’t match the present…or the future

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Gravel Mardusk (Chief of Security) in Mardusk’s quarters…When the past doesn’t match the present…or the future

Posted by Fleet Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Mardusk’s quarters…When the past doesn’t match the present…or the future
Ian walked out of turbo in a daze. Due to Kelly and the events of the day, no one in the crew gave his pensive look or less than jovial manner a second thought. Ian for his part also ignored everyone as if he was on a ghost ship. His mind was running a mile a minute with possibilities and their outcomes. He had no idea which side of the fence the security chief was going to fall after they talked. The reason Ian was so good at diplomacy was that Ian treated it like chess and was always five steps ahead of anything he was negotiating. Reaching the security chief’s quarters Ian knocked on it with the side of his fist rather than the casual knuckle rap of a friendly visit. The knock was not a pounding or demanding but it was more of someone being frustrated and stressed out. “Mardusk,” Ian added for emphasis.

Ian did not wait to be let in the second the door opened. Blowing in, he moved with coordinated precision to the area laid out with the promised liquor. Uncorking the whiskey, Ian poured a triple and took a long swig savoring the burn and flavor in his mouth before swallowing it. Holding the glass in one hand, Ian pointed it at Mardusk in a gesture that could almost resemble a toast. “We got a problem. That kid genetically is mine.”

Ian Bordeaux

Mardusk grabbed a second glass and filled it, downed it, filled it again. “Yeah, I know. And she is so far out of her depth, she may as well be that whale from the dynamite video from all those years ago.”

Mardusk, CoS

“How do you know,” Ian looked at him, still holding the drink?

“Medical told me. I am the Security Chief and doing an investigation, after all.” Mardusk said sarcastically.

Ian downed another large swallow as he mulled over his thoughts. He wasn’t upset that Mardusk had found out. In a way it made things easier. There were no shocked emotions or questions Ian could not answer to deal with since he and Gravel were working from the same base knowledge. “Well then you are going to love this one,” he paced the room holding he cup. Like Kelly, the pacing was not due to anxiety. The movement helped him focus.

“Oh, I haven’t loved a single piece of this yet, so you are gonna be really wrong I think…” Mardusk mumbled, but watched the pacing figure.

“I ran into Niles on the way here which is why it took me longer than expected. Command is ordering us to rendezvous with a ship they are sending to Starbase 87. They plan on taking our uninvited guests at that point to continue their investigations at an undisclosed location whatever the hell that means,” Ian slumped down into a seat finally. “I have zero issue turning the Elders over to Perkins. Hell they are probably related to him by several demons removed but….I can’t just turn Ms. Novar over to them.” Ian gave Mardusk a long heavy look. It was still too early to refer to her by anything less formal. “She is not mine,” Ian stated in a tone as if trying to convince himself of the fact and no longer others, “but I can’t in good conscience just hand her over to Perkins. She is just a kid.” Downing the glass he slid it across the table and waited for Gravel to refill it.

Mardusk actually laughed as he poured the glass full. “Ok, I was wrong. I do love that. Niles thinks he and Perkins have the authority here… but they don’t. We are not docked, nor were we under orders to be docked at the time of the incident. So the final authority is the Skipper. Now, since she is the injured party, it falls outside the chain of command, keeps the XO’s in check and not able to play favorites. So then it falls to the highest ranking legal or law enforcemnet body on board. Last time I checked, we don’t have a JAG.... so this whole case is mine. And Niles and Perkins can blow it out their ass if they think they have a say. All they can do is review what I tell them. If they want to fight that, they have to open a court martial against me.” and he laughed. “Which they will, more than likely. But whatever.”

Taking a sip, Ian’s lip pulled back in a grimace as he savored the burn on his lips and tongue of the alcohol. “Is this the stuff you got when we went on shore leave last month” he asked, needing to have a small amount of normalcy in a conversation for a second.

“No, that stuff was twelve year. This is fifty.” and he took a long pull from his glass.

“So,” he continued back with the pertinent conversation. “When I told that to the good Captain Ms. Novar was going to remain a guest on the Atlantis, ol’ Niles lobbed twenty Federal charges against her and threatened that if I don’t hand her over he will prosecute her as a terrorist which carries the minimum sentence of life without parole; however, if we play nice and do what we are ordered he promises at least Ms. Novar will escape jail time and be given amnesty.”

“So I ended up calling my mother, which is a whole other story,” he waved his hand around, slightly spilling some of the liquid from his glass onto the floor. “She probably now has everyone in the bayou up working the case. Her advice was to charge the Elders with abduction and kidnapping charges. This will lay the legal ground for dismissal of all charges based on the fact Ms. Novar has my DNA thumbprint to substantiate the kidnapping charges and the fact, Ms Novar did not actively attack anyone in the transporter could argue she was then obviously under duress and held there against her will.“ Polishing off the glass of booze Ian set it down with a clink and leaned back in the chair. Roughing up his hair Ian let out a groan before looking back at Mardusk.

“She said it would also lay the groundwork for gaining full custody from whoever the hell the mother is once we find her citing parental neglect in the best form and parental abandonment worst. She also is making plans to come to visit her new grandchild at Christmas. I am not even touching that one for now.”

Getting up, Ian paced the room before coming back and laying his hands on the back of the chair and looking at Mardusk. “I am not pressuring you in any form nor expecting you to do or say anything in particular but I gotta know what your putting in your reports that involve Ms. Novar. I am not sure what the hell is gonna happen in the future but I need to do what is gonna make me sleep at night. I wasn’t there before but I am sure as hell stuck here now.”

Ian Bordeaux

Mardusk regarded Ian for a long moment. “Well… sleep, then. I’m not planning on moving anybody until we find out everything we can about who the hell these folks are. Other than that though Ian… you know investigations are classified. Now you get Kelly up and unencumbered by the beating she took; she can tell me to tell you about it. But until then… sorry, man. You’re just gonna have to trust me.”

Mardusk, CoS

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