Rinker's Office - Jessa's counseling session When the past doesn't match the present...or the future

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Posted by Gamemaster Deus Ex Machina (GM) in Rinker’s Office - Jessa’s counseling session When the past doesn’t match the present…or the future

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OCC: I tried to condense what has happened so far that would be relevant to Jessa for you. Hope it is not too confusing and saved you from some reading. ~ Kate

IC: Five minutes before Jessa’s arrival

“Sir,” a knock at the door sounded on Rinker’s door was followed by the face of Rinker’s assistant. “Here are the files you requested for your ten o’clock appointment. I was able to secure the security report and her medical records,” the woman replied handing over the PaDD to her boss. “I will let you know when they arrive. Do you need anything else Sir I will be in the reception area,” she asked before walking out. On the PaDD, Rinker would see two files. One was an account of the incident of her arrival. The second was the complete known medical records of the patient.

“Yup,” Rinker took the information. “Thanks a lot.” He glanced down… “She took a shot at Mardusk, maybe you should have a phaser just in case.”

“Me…I think you are the one that needs the phaser or the hypo sir,” she laughed. “Think you remember enough of your security training 101 class from the academy?”

“No, it wouldn’t have helped anyways, I’m a lover not a fighter.”

Security Report
Case number: 39402830 Date: 12 November 2397
Reporting Officer: Lt. O’Neill Johnathan J Prepared by: Lt. O’Neill Johnathan J
Assailant: Jessa Bordeaux
Alias(s): Jessa Novar

Incident Issue: At precisely 0430 hours a ship appeared off the port bow of the USS Atlantis with the designation Beacon of Hope. When hailed the captain of the Beacon of Hope claimed they had a package to deliver to Captain Bordeaux. The four occupants were beamed over into transporter room 12. Approximately thirty minutes later an altercation occurred. The first of the four occupants hereto referred to as Zala Tsu, demanded to see Captain Ian Bordeaux and refused to turn over the promised package to Captain Kelly Bordeaux. It was unclear as to why they did not know who the Captain of the ship actually was. When Captain Bordeaux announced she was the captain and wished to receive the package an assault occurred. Captain Bordeaux is currently in a medically induced coma to heal from her injuries sustained in the attack. The second of the four occupants hereto referred to Da Mu, used a blue crystal weapon on a four-foot staff to attack and incapacitate Captian Kelly Bordeaux. Lt. Commander Gravel Mardusk, attempted to remove the minor out of the line of fire however before he was able to secure Jessa Novar, she was attacked by Zala Tsu. The third of the four occupants hereto referred to as Rogan, was present but was subdued by Atlantis security forces without incident.

Actions Taken: When the fourth occupant, hereto referred to as Jessa Bordeaux, Aka Jessa Novar, was attacked by Zala Tsu, the security forces opened fire on the four occupants from the Beacon of Hope without further incident. Jessa Bordeaux was emergency beamed to sickbay for surgery to repair a nicked jugular artery injury. Jessa Bordeaux remains in sickbay under a four-person security detail as of this time. Rogan, Zala Tsu, and Da Mu are in cells in the brig.

Report Summary: From my vantage point, the attack on the Captain was completely unprovoked. The four occupants wanted to come aboard and used the attack for some gain to which we have not been able to ascertain. In no way did Lt. Commander Mardusk provoke the attack on the minor by Zala Tsu. It is my opinion it was premeditated by Zala Tsu yet why is still to be undetermined. The security chief has removed all personal items from the three in the brig. There is nothing in their possession that we have determined is the package. We do not know if there is a package or if it is a ruse for something else. Rogan, Da Mu, and Zala Tsu refer to themselves as Elders but we have no other information on this. Jessa Bordeaux refers also to them as Elders but does not refer to herself in this manner possibly denoting she is junior to them in some manner.

Name: Jessa Bordeaux Date of Report: 12 November 2397
Date of Birth: Unknown Parents: Father - Ian Bordeaux Mother - Unknown

Medical Condition Being Treated: Jessa will recover fully from her surgery and should be discharged from sickbay within the next two days baring any new medical issues that present themselves.

Test Results:
Genetic Composition - The subject is 100% human with fifty percent genetic markers for English and French and fifty percent unidentifiable human.

Physical Composition - Based on bone density, spinal length, and growth plates the subject is prepubescent between 11 and 13 years of age. She is A positive blood type but her blood contains unknow antigens not associated with either A type or O type. These antigens have had no apparent detrimental effect on the A positive blood transfusion she received during the operation. Further tests will be needed to understand the role and origination of these antigens.

Physiological Composition- Subject is within normal limits. No malnutrition is detected past or present. Body Mass Index (BMI) is 16.7 indicating subject is within limits for height but slightly underweight. Normal EKG and EEG readings. Subject has no antigen markers commonly associated with the basic immunization routine of Federation citizens.

Physician’s Summary: Jessa Bordeaux is a healthy female juvenile patient of unknown age. The child is roughly 11-13 based on her physiology. DNA results have shown her father is Ian Bordeaux however there is no match for the mother in Starfleet medical databases. Jessa appears to have had no knowledge of this prior to us informing her. We are beginning the immediate administration of vaccination profiles to prevent common diseases and illnesses. It is interesting to note she has no markers for ever receiving any vaccination or immunization common in the Federation Medical Facilities. Jessa needs to increase her dietary intake to create a better height to weight ratio even though there is no malnutrition to indicate why she is underweight. It is important to note that over the past three days, she appears to be not willing or wanting to eat or drink anything given to her. Psychological services should be considered immediately to:

  1. Deal with the news that Ian Bordeaux is her biological father. This appears to be new information for Jessa and she is not accepting or believing the results of the DNA analysis. She has not revealed any information about her mother at this time.
  2. Deal with the emotional and psychological issues of the arrival on the USS Atlantis and why she is here.
  3. Deal with behavioral issues of aggression towards anyone perceived as an authority figure. It is interesting to note that if Jessa believes someone is weaker than her, she does not display aggression or combative behavior.
  4. Possible deprogramming from the organization possibly deemed the Elders
  5. Address possible depression which is causing her to not want to eat or drink anything provided to her.

Dr. Lauren Shan

Arriving at Rinker’s office

“You know I am not going to talk to him,” Jessa said Ian standing outside a door with a name she could not read on it. This was her first time leaving sickbay. She would have preferred to walk to wherever they had been going instead of using the light transportation system to get from one place to another in less than a blink of an eye. It would have allowed her start to make a mental map of the ship however Bordeaux and Mardusk seemed keen on not letting that happen. If she did not have Ian and the four security officers flanking them, Jessa might have made a run for it but for now, she would just deal with her escorts.

“That’s up to you but you will be nice and pleasant,” Ian said in a firm tone. He tried to hide his nervousness from Jessa about this counseling session. If anyone on the ship needed to see a shrink it was Jessa however she was so unpredictable and that was what concerned Ian. He wasn’t a counselor but being a diplomat he had learned a few things about reading people and Jessa had a neon sign over her stating she was going to do exactly the opposite of what anyone seemed to want her to do. “Just know if you get scared or uncomfortable,”

This was all Jessa needed instantly react and cut Ian’s sentence off before he finished it. “I am no scared of whoever is behind that door,” she crossed her arms looking at Ian. As if to prove her point she knocked on the door instead of tapping the panel on the right.

Jessa Novar (Bordeaux)

“Come,” Rinker tended to be clipped. His office was not too remarkable, although the odd set up between his fairly large desk and nice, comfortable appearing chair, with wheels on the bottom. There were a few holo pictures on the desk that were opaque from her side of the desk. The walls had unremarkable art and behind Rinker was a bookshelf full of hardcover paper books. Each book had a small disk on its spine that blinked a soft green.

“Be nice,” Ian said giving her a side glance before walking into the room. He had debated about asking Rinker to come to sickbay. Lauren suggested that his office might appear to be more neutral territory.

“I am always nice,” she rolled her eyes letting Ian walk in before her. It was out of instinct and without any real practical purpose. It was not like anyone in the room was going to take out the man next to her. Tentatively she followed Ian in as if the room would pop under her feet like a bubble or a dream. Her eyes scanned the room taking in the center first before casually moving over so that her back was in the left-hand corner of the room. This gave Jessa a look at all four corners of the room. It was not what she had expected at all. It was just a square box with a desk, some art on the walls, and only one other person in there with her, Ian, and the security officers standing in the doorway. What did stick out to her immediately though was the books with the blinking green lights. At least you aren’t hiding that you are filming me, she thought. Jessa wondered if the sparse amount of furniture was typical or if they had removed all it before she came.

OOC: Oops forgot the couch in the corner and the extra chair… but it still a sparse room. Sorry.

“Hello I’m Heathcliff Rinker, Ms…” He paused to let Jessa respond. He left off Doctor, it appeared pretty good that Jessa had authority issues. Probably daddy issues too… there was little Rinker could do to hid his dad body and his slightly greying temples. He had been single for a bit and strangely he got in better shape when he was in a relationship than out… counter-intuitive but true.

“Prisoner number four so glad to meet you,” Jessa walked up to Rinker confidently extending her hand. Her tone was polite but very sarcastic. “At least that is what the people in the red and gold shirts call me. The people in the blue shirts called me Jane when I first got here. Mardusk and Ian call me Jessa. If you don’t like those you can make one up. Everyone else around here seems to do that.”

Rinker laughed slightly, well she was spunky. He voice was calm and friendly. “I don’t give people names and I’m not too concerned about what people call you. I asked for yours, you are the only one who can truly tell me what that is. So I’ll try again, My name is Heathcliff… and your name is.”

Letting go of his hand, Jessa moved slightly to the side and looked at the books behind him trying to make out the titles. She had no idea why she could not read the titles of any of them. Jessa was used to different cultures having different writing but nothing so far had been familiar anywhere. From the star charts she looked at with some guy named Chris Robins to the book the doctor left for Jessa to read. Instead of mentioning this, however, Jessa just nodded as if she was reading something interesting as she looked at the books.

He did something he also rarely did, “Can I get you something to drink?”


So absorbed in trying to decipher something on the bindings of the book, Jessa didn’t even think and replied, “Rellian apple or Saka berry juice please.” Her tone for the first time wasn’t snippy or condescending. It was typical of anyone answering the question. The second she replied, however, Jessa stiffened freezing completely in place. With her back to them, close closed her eyes and mouthed several curses before regaining her composure. Looking back at Rinker and Ian she let her expression change to one of fake sympathy. “I’m sorry,” she apologized. “I forgot your backwater corner of space probably doesn’t have that.”

“Well if you hum a few bars, I’m sure I can catch up…” Rinker paused. “I guess no one knows that joke.” He pressed a few buttons on the replicators and found what the thought was the closest to the drink requested.

“Seriously,” Ian shot her a warning look.

Rinker looked at Ian but didn’t say anything.

Jessa debated about all the things she could say right now however she was out of the medical room. She could play nice, for a bit. “Fine,” she groaned moving to the only place to sit in the room: the chair with the wheels. Seeing Ian still staring at her Jessa turned her expression to Rinker. “No thank you I am fine. I really do appreciate the offer, however. It was very kind of you.” While the comment was polite, it lacked any genuine emotion behind it. The only emotion that came out was her next comment to Ian. “Happy?” The angry tone wasn’t completely all due to Ian’s glare. Jessa was thirsty but she was not going to risk taking anything from anyone on this ship. She would take care of getting a drink later. There was always water if you knew where to look for it.

Ian turned to face the counselor resisting the urge to reply to Jessa’s snarky comment. “Hey Heathcliff,” he said extending his hand. “So how do you want to do this?” His tone was low as he half-watched Jessa spin slowly in the chair. “I can stay or leave. I am kinda at a loss here on this. I am also not sure what you want to do about the security team. Do you want all four inside,two in two out., or everyone outside the room?” Ian had zero doubt the man could handle Jessa psychologically but he also didn’t want to force Rinker into a specific situation he might not feel comfortable with.

Jessa Novar (Bordeaux) and Ian Bordeaux

“I usually do my work alone and by definition it is confidential, unless the information is about a credible threat to one’s self or others.” This was as much to alert Jessa to the limits of confidentiality as much as Ian and the others, “so its best that you all leave… if something happens, I’ll scream at the top of my lungs, it will sound like a terrified Albarian mouse.” Rebellion like this usually came from lack of control. If a person was not being controlled the urge to rebel decreased. He came up to Jessa, put down the cup of juice and the walked up to the bookshelf.

“You were looking at my collection,” his back was mostly exposed to her, to a trained eye he was vulnerable, but not completely so. His head wasn’t fully turned so he turn fairly quickly, but again more than enough for a skilled person to take advantage. “These are actually paper books, some with actual leather covers. You have a genre of novel you like?”

He scanned a bit. He reached out and slid a short, but fat paper covered book out… it glowed as he touched it the mini force field activating to keep his hands from actually making contact. “Not quite as valuable as some of the books.” He held it tenderly as he turned and faced her. He flicked off the metal disk allowing him to actually touch it. “There and Back again or the Hobbit. I read it when I was about your age.” He actually read it at 8, but that wasn’t to relevant. He handed it to her. He did take her drink off the table clearly paranoid about a possible spill.


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