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The familiar whistle sound rang out on all decks, in every office, and specifically on all comm badges of the officers of the USS Atlantis. It was meant to get their attention for an important announcement. For those it rang for, it was more annoying than attention-getting. Usually, the voice behind it was instantly recognized but this time it was unfamiliar. =/\= This is Captian Niles Primrose. I need all senior staff to report to the Captain’s ready room in the next five minutes. Primrose out =/\=.

The man moved from the large window after making his announcement and took a seat at the head of the table normally occupied by Kelly. His assistant moved to the seat occupied by the XO. This would send a clear visual for the people attending who was in charge the second they entered the room. There was no Kelly Bordeaux. There was no Garinder’Jen th’Jir. There was only Captain Niles Primrose in command and this crew would listen to everything he said, follow every order, or there would be hell to pay. Straightening the PaDD in front of him, Niles sat back and watched the door waiting to see who actually could tell time.

Captain Niles Primrose, Starfleet attache for Admiral Perkins

Mardusk walked into the room and stopped short. His emerald green eyes narrowed and his jaw set. “You are in Captain Bordeaux’s seat… Captain. You and the remora attached to your hip need to show some damn respect to the CO of this ship. You wanna pull some power trip, thats fine. But today is not the day. So I’m gonna warn you… this crew is not in the mood to be f#<&ed with today. And right now, I want to pummel something into pieces a hell of a lot more than I want these pips… so move your ass, sir.”

Mardusk, CoS

Captain Primrose’s cheeks instantly flushed red with anger after Mardusk completed his dress down. “Wha wha wha,” he stammered not sure exactly what the man had said. “What did he just say to me?” Looking to his aide he avoided looking at the large Orion. Not addressing the man directly would put this Lt. Commander Mardusk on edge. He would learn his place and learn how to address a superior officer. Until then, Primrose would just not speak directly to him.

“He said that you are in Captain Bordeaux’s seat. He stated that the remora attached to your hip which I assume is me should move to different seats because the crew is not,” he looked up at Mardusk with a hint of smirk and amusement in his eyes, “in the mood to be f#<&ed with today so move your ass....sir,” the aid paraphrased glancing every so often glancing back at Mardusk as if making sure what he said accurately captured the conversation. In any other situation, being called sucking parasite might have been insulting. For Lt. Dylan Fredrick though he just added it to the list of things he had been called since he was assigned to working with two men despised by fifty percent of Starfleet. Every day when be put on the tunic he wondered why he did it. Today was a reason why he did. He got to indirectly tell the pinhead arsehat he was transferred to exactly what he thought of him albeit using someone else’s word. “Did I get that correct…Commander,” he said trying to hide the smile on his face as he looked at Mardusk.

“Nailed it, Lieutenant. And on the first try.” Mardusk said as he crossed his massive arms across his more massive chest.

Primrose shot his aide a withering look and pulled at his tunic shirt. “Sir,” Dylan politely looked at his boss, “maybe we should just move to the we are closer to the....wall PaDD.” There wasn’t much to use as a reason to make Niles move however as much as Dylan would have enjoyed watching the large Orion pummel his boss into a sopping mess, it would only force Perkins to come in his place.

Standing up he moved not directly to a new seat but stopped at the replicator first to make it appear more casual. Once his butt was in a new seat, Niles looked up and glared at Mardusk. He thought about twenty things he could say to the security chief to letting a smile curl the edges of his mouth. He imagined reducing the Orion to a quivering mass begging him to not report him or give him a bad eval. It would come and when that day came Niles would relish it. “Sit Commander,” Niles said in a stern tone but careful not to direct him where to do it.

Captain Niles Primrose, Starfleet attache for Admiral Perkins

“Thanks, Captain. Don’t mind if I do.” and the Security Chief promptly sat down in the chair behind the desk vacated by the Captain. He looked at Primrose and said “Captain Niles Primrose. Formerly adjunct protocol officer for Admiral Has’reth of Starbase 26. Now attache for some other Admiral… can’t quite remember who, though. Meh… probably not important. Right, sir?” and he looked at Primrose as if daring him to say something. Mradusk knew he was being not-so-borderline insubordinate… but he didn’t have the time or the patience to play these stupid games Perkins was so fond of trying to play… even though he was absolutely terrible at them.

Mardusk, CoS (at least for the time being)

River was in Marine country prepping for her mission. She had just snapped on her last shine armour piece when the call came through. A harsh angry growl escaped her throat ass eh slammed her foot down. She looked to her marines who had all stopped to see her reaction “Finnish getting ready. While I deal with which ever pencil pushing, brown nosing, prissy piece of glorified tofu dared to call me away” she snapped as she left marine country still in her armour, minus her helmet. Rivers armour was scared and worn, a testament to the battles she had fought and the enemies he had crushed under her boot. it was far from parade standard but River didn’t care.

Walking in River would see a smattering of faces that had already arrived. Each one looking like they had had a really bad day. Mardusk was there along with Drayke. Lt Robins was at a seat looking more like he was studying something at a lint art table rather than preparing for a staff meeting. No one initially noticed her entrance due to being deep in thought or heavy in a side conversation. Everyone but one single person.

“Lt Styxx. Hero of Acheron,” Niles said with his voice full of pride. Perkins and his camp had long twisted the events of the colony for their own PR purposes. They didn’t care about the body count or destruction. Just the win and images of the fleet coming in to Mop up what the Marines had fought and died so hard over. “It is an honor to be,” he tired to slather on the platitudes before Styxx cut off his words like a guillotine removed a head

Moments later she arrived at the conference room. walking in she sighted the Primrose and stormed over to him “You better have a dam good reason for calling me here Captain. I am in the middle of prepping for a mission.” She snapped letting her anger and frustration poor out of her, making her tone one that would make even the hardest officers pause and most others shrink

“Easy lt you are here Becuase,” he began to try and intimidate the marine before she symbolically cut him off again like a kitana severed a the hand of a thief.

“And it better not be your owner Perkins trying to slime his way into this ship or crew” she added hotly. She didn’t care about his rank, she knew who her CO was besides she had buried enough pencil pushing Captains like him in her time. She was in a bad mood her ship, crew and captain had been attacked and now she had been pulled away and delay from getting what she wanted. Revenge.

Lieut Styxx (A very angry OIC Marines)

“Perkins! Thats the one. Dunno why I can’t ever remember that guy’s name. It’s… It’s… it’s like he doesn’t even matter… like at all. Every. Anywhere. Weird, him being a… a… whatever he is.” Mardusk said to no one in particular, but with a wink at Styxx.

“How dare you,” he began to turn several shades of red bordering on purple. “Admiral Perkins saved your career. You will remember that. You will also be formally reprimanded along with the security chief about rank and respect. Both if you,” he waggled a finger back and forth between Styxx and Mardusk, “will be relieved of duty for the next seven days and speak to the charges if I subordination towards a superior officer,” the man blustered barely able to not stutter his words. “Whose in charge here,” he demanded slamming his hand on the table.

Seeing as she was going to be tried anyway River figured she might as well slap him down “No” she shouted “Pi$$ ant Perkins didn’t save my career, General Marchuk of the Klingon defence force and Sub commander Te’lee Of the Romulan sat empire saved my career. My Romulan lawyer saved my career and the testimony of those under my command and the actions of Major Howard and General Grey saved my career. Not Perkins and his rabble.” She snapped

“Seems you may need to be reminded of the advantages of having a benefactor in your corner,” Primrose glared at Styxx. The Marine was so ungrateful. Sure Perkins could not immediately come to her aid but once things had settled and he understood everything, Perkins immediately made sure to be in the woman’s presence for all the right PR opportunities.

“Read the room, Captain. I don’t think what you are slapping down on the table has the… um… girth you think it does.” Mardusk said with a glare.

“I know the benefit of that, I have two” River said sticking he two fingers up in a very familiar gesture “Their called the Romulan Star Empire and the Klingon empire. Two faction who appreciate the sacrifice and the commitment those under them Display” she said calming down a little she knew Primrose was stuck for answers and she loved it

“And Don’t use it for a PR move” she added

River paused for a moment to catch her breath “I’m guessing Perkins has forgotten about our little conversation we had a few months ago. The one where he tried to plot with me against my Captain, the one I recorded and still have on file, as well as the information he knows I now have on him. Tell me Sir what would happened if I released all that. Do you think he could hold onto his position and do you think your career would survive it?” River asked. She was telling the truth a few months ago at a party on the Atlantis, Perkins had approached her the following conversation was more then enough to incriminate him but the inform she had dug up in the mean time was sure to do it.

“And good luck getting my marines to work with you without me.” she added as she took a seat.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

“Or ship’s Security. Or Engineering. Or Medical… although they have that annoying oath. Oh, OPs is right out, though. Perkins shot himself in the d!<k with those folks during the christening.” Mardusk said flatly.

Go Styxx, Drayke thought watching how the woman didn’t think twice before coming back at Primrose with the proverbial guns a blazing.

Drayke looked up watching the event play out knowing Primrose would want an answer to who was in charge. Right now chain of command was fuzzy. Kelly was out making Jenn in charge however the XO was called into a meeting with Perkins conveniently right before this one. That meant Ian was the ranking officer at the table but he hadn’t shown up yet. Moving down the food chain everyone at the table had the power to be in charge but since Primrose was lobbing insubordination charges like pop flies into left field that left Drakye speak up.

“Sir maybe it would be better if ya made another one of those calls ya did earlier but schedule arrival times. Since I was not here for the Mardusk incident I was totally discussing it with him and now I am totally behind on what I am going to call the Styxx incident which will undoubtedly be followed by the Robins incident Becuase he didn’t greet you appropriately.” The sarcasm dripped from Drayke voice.

“I’m sorry. Are you referring to the event where I stop actually being productive and say hi to the wombat wanker instead of coming up with answers. If so,” Chris’ thick Australian accent run out heavy in the room in an open ended question

“Yep that would be the one,” Drayke made a gun gesture with his finger firing it off at Chris.

“Did he just say I am,” Niles mouth dropped open.

“No he called you a jerk or dolt. Look it up. Merriam-Webster second definition,” Ian replied walking in not knowing what was said but his years of being friends with Chris gave him a pretty good idea. “Have I missed anything important,” he asked sliding into a chair.

“I have never heard such vulgar,” primrose began before Drayke cut him off.

“Stick around we do get colorful,” Drayke replied. “Now Captain Primrose we can take another fifteen minutes for you to lob threats and insults at the crew or we can get to work. “

“Oh please can we hear more threats and insults? He’s so bad at it, its gonna make a great vid.” Mardusk said subtley.

“I missed the threats and insults,” Ian replied in a tone making it appear he was truly sad.

“Mark my words,” Primrose pointed a finger at all of the men and women surrounding the table. “There will be an official inquiry on this subject. Dooooooo ‘t think there won’t be,” he sat down at the table, “even if it is not right now”, he said the last part under his breath. The senior staff might find this funny but when they got their official reprimands they would not be smiling. The thought of crushing Kelly’s senior staff almost made Niles salivate but like a fine wine it would have to wait.

Nile’s primrose.

The big Orionlooked at Primroe, wholly unimpressed. “Marking them now… and so far they don’t mean much, Skippy. SKIPPER. Sorry. Skipper. That’s what I meant.”

River laughed “Reprimanding a ship’s entire senior staff. Good luck getting that ship to do anything for you” she said Humour in her voice but her tone soon turned dark “Getting off said ship safely might be very tricky as well.” she paused “So many accidents can happen between anywhere on the ship, and the transporter room. Even the transporters can have a few issues. and with no senior staff to mange maintenance and repair..... Now wouldn’t that be a shame.” she said it was hard to tell if she was serious or bluffing.

Lieut Styxx (OIC Marines)

“Now now now… let’s not keep the Captain preoccupied with subtle threats and innuendos, Lieutenant. His brain can only handle so much.” Mardusk said loudly. He fixed his emerald green eyes on Primrose and said “Now spill it. What does Perkins want? Other than your lips on his aft thrusters?”

Mardusk, Insubordinate CoS

River smirked “Of course you’re right Sir. I guess I just expect those on command to have at least one brain cell” she said sarcasm and mockery in her voice.

She then turned to primrose “So… Captain..... What..... do .... you.....want...... from ...... us?” she asked talking slowly and making gestures for every word, as if she was talking to a simpleton or a child.

Lieut Styxx (Marine OIC)

Niles stood up and walked around the room as if he were inspecting a group of cadets. “I want their ship. You will bring it aboard,”

“Yeah, not gonna happen,” Drayke leaned back in his seat. “I already got three ticking time bombs in security and one powder keg in sickbay. I am still fixing the wiring and buffing phaser fire off the transporter walls. I am not bringing a replica of Fat Boy into my hangar,” Drayke grumbled. While he was not captain or XO, everyone knew that even though as chief of experimental engineering, Jacen Drayke still saw the Atlantis as his.

“But,” he looked at Nash and then Styxx. He wore a slight grimace and felt a knot in his stomach. Everyone always dreamt of being an officer until they had to make or suggest a hard decision. “If we really want to know how they got here a peek at thier engines would go a long way.” Drayke did not want to order Styxx to do something. He also knew that he wouldn’t have to. Styxx would defend the ship with her life before anyone ever thought about asking. Still, based on the demeanor of the guests, getting on thier ship was not going to be a walk in the park.

Looking at Mardusk, Jacen took a sip of his coffee. “Anything you can do security-wise to help the Marines out in this endeavor? Like maybe talk to the guest and see if you can figure out how to get intel on the ship so we don’t walk into a nasty surprise?”

Jacen Drayke

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