Sick bay when the past doesn’t match the present of the future

Posted Dec. 17, 2021, 12:09 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Gravel Mardusk (Chief of Security) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Fleet Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Sick bay when the past doesn’t match the present of the future

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Gravel Mardusk (Chief of Security) in Sick bay when the past doesn’t match the present of the future

Posted by Fleet Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Sick bay when the past doesn’t match the present of the future
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Kelly sat up in bed nursing the mother of all headaches. The drugs helped immensely but also mad her thinking foggy. Several PaDd’s were scattered on the small table next to her. She could nap later. Right now the crew needed her.

=/\=Lt. Commander Mardusk report to sick bay=/\= Kelly’s voice came out over the comm badge. It sounded like she was either suffering the mother of all hang overs or was half asleep.

=/\= Gimme five, Skipper. Good to hear you’re awake. =/\=

Closing her eyes she rested waiting for the COS to show up.

Kelly Bordeaux

That rest didn’t last long. Like a parent of a mob of unruly children, Kelly waking up meant she was now able to field her flocks comm’s. The first, was the voice of the Chief Engineer.

=/\=If this doesn’t involve coffee you have a 50/50 chance of not surviving this =-/\= Kelly murmured trying to use humor to deflect how miserable she felt.

There was a notable pause as the Chief Engineer considered those odds. A voice behind him however seemed to convince Nash that the odds weren’t in his favour either way.

=/=Captain I have a security shut down on the observation deck. I also have Dr. Shan in my other ear telling me it has to be lifted. Where are we on this issue? =/= Nash said. In the background the distinct chatter of someone rather angry could be heard while the tone of Nash’s voice showed the Engineer was displaying a large amount of patience.

Lt Cmdr Nash, CE

=/\=Lift it.=/\= she groaned sitting more upright in the bed. =/\= and stop down when you can but bring pleasant potion=/\=

=/\= That can be arranged oh Captain, my Captain. =/\= Nash’s voice replied. Nash knew exactly what she meant, and with Lauren behind him, his agreement was primarily to get a reaction from the already feisty Doctor.

=/\=You don’t need to see him and E-dog will be in the doghouse if he does=/\= Lauren snapped. Her voice sounded almost like an echo as she tried to talk to Kelly through Ethan’s comm badge.

Whatever Lauren was trying to say next was somehow muffled, then came out as a grunt of protest as if some Engineers large hand had been placed squarely over Laurens face and mouth and she had been made to stop talking. Now clearly not talking into the comm, the voice of Nash was still audible. =/\= Hey that’s not OK, now you go and tell her? You got what you wanted Doc, why you gotta be such a....=/\= the sound of the comm call ending covered the remainder of what Nash was saying to Lauren.

The connection clicked off before Kelly could comment. Shaking her head she sent a message to Evrilla. Right now she had half a dozen people telling her twenty different things. She set a few things in motion until she understood everything.

=/\=Evrilla the security containment field has been lifted. Any security team within the vicinity is to remain in effect per the COS command=/\= Kelly’s voice clicked off over the comm. Kelly was too tired to banter right now. Later she would talk to the CMO.

Kelly pulled a PaDD over and began to review what she could as she waited for the COS to arrive

Kelly Bordeaux

Lt Cmdr Nash, CE

“Shouldn’t have done that, Skipper. You should know I wouldn’t have a field up unless there was a reason.” the low rumble of Mardusk’s voice said from the foot of the bed. The giant green Security Chief was leaning against the wall and looking at Kelly. “You look like crap, Cap’n. Like somebody tossed you around like a sack of limp rags or something.”

Mardusk, COS

“Or something,” she countered looking up from her PaDD. Kelly did look like crap and she didn’t even need a mirror to confirm it. “So what happened,” she set the PaDD down and looked at Mardusk. The security chief was right. He rarely did anything without a solid reason. The problem however was this time there were several other people screaming about his reasoning. Normally Kelly cut through the noise and went with her officer’s call but she had been out of the loop for almost three days now. Making a firm call and dishing out orders required more information.

Kelly Bordeaux

“Long or short version? No, belay that. Short, then yiu can ask questions. So… unknown vessel appears and we bring five unknowns aboard per orders. We greet, note an issue in that they think Ian is the Captain. You try to explain, they attack you with some kind of force field, matter containment field. Try to use you as leverage to get inside the ship and to Ian. We knock ‘em all out when they assault o e of their own, a young girl.. maybe twelve or thirteen. She goes to Sickbay, the others to the brig. Try to get answers from the girl, no dice. But turns out she is Ian’s daughter. Genetic match. But neither knows the other one, excuse they were in the same room and nothing. Try to finesse answers from Jessa, the girl. Nothing again. Keeps demanding to see her ‘Elders’. So… as she is uncooperative and physically attacked me… funny as hell that, remind me to show you the vid, kid’s got heart… I put her in the brig with the others. Immediately they all enter a trance. Turns out they can communicate telepathically. So with that little tidbit, I take her out and have her confined to the Obsrvation Deck… Or, I did, until you let her go. Oh,and she is a religious zealot. Broke her own arm just to get herself closer to where she wants to be. Won’t answer questions, won’t cooperate, and refuses to acknowledge any kind of reality. So… now that you are up and running and have taken custody of her, I can officially wash my hands of this and wait for my court martial.” and he laughed. “Oh yeah… Captain Niles Primrose, aide to Perkins, is here. In your office. At your desk.” and he smiled. “Have fun with this, Skipper. Hope that headache doesn’t last.”

Mardusk, CoS

“Anything else,” Kelly said sarcastically letting out a deep sigh. If anything Mardusk was always concise with his reports. Kelly was caught up to date with most things he mentioned. The rest would eventually catch up to in time. Instead, she focused on the most important things.

“I did hear she took a swing at you. That is almost beating my Snippet updates about how I am doing in the ship’s social media channels. Why do you think she is so resistant you talking or interacting with you? Most kids tend to gravitate towards you like flies to honey.” Mardusk’s approach to security was always better safe than sorry. Kelly never questioned that because everyone had their roles and his was to keep the crew safe in times of conflict. What most people didn’t know was that the large Orion’s IQ was off the charts. They always saw his brawn and often ignored his brain which always lead to their downfall. Kelly was most interested in tapping into his analytical assessment of the situation than his physical asssessment.

Kelly Bordeaux

“And she was… if I could have stayed with her one on one, I think we could have bridged the gap. But… others had and have other ideas. But she is also completely brainwashed… which nobody besides me and Rinker seem to be paying attention to. She is a full blown zealot, Skipper. Uses her religion to distort reality, convince herself that what she sees isn’t what she sees… she’s deep in it. And even though they haven’t spoke much, I’d bet dollars to donuts that the four adults are part of that same system. They’re dangerous, Skipper. The girl too… but everybody is buying into the ‘shes just a kid’ game. She’s not. There’s something else going on, and until we know what that is… we are up against it. And the fact that Perkins and Primrose have their ratty little hands in this? All the more reason to be on edge. There is something going on, Skipper. Something we cant see and we can get answers to from our own side… let alone theirs. I don’t have any evidence… but we’re being set up, Cap’n. And its gonna bite us in the ass hard if people don’t wake the f@<k up right now.”

Mardusk, COS

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