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Big snip
The Octopus cleared the Asteroids and jumped to warp 8.2. They would overtake and be in firing range in 4 minutes. The dark ship was barely describable visually, but at this range even the reflective hull wasn’t effective enough to prevent the short range sensors from picking it up clearly. It might have looked like an Octopus, but if felt like the shark from Jaws…

=/\=Thank you for the intel but you got anymore tips and tricks=/\= Kelly asked the voice on the other end of the comm

Kelly Bordeaux

=^=Can’t say that we do,=^= There was actual sadness in the voice. =^=We have only been successful against the Darkness when we’ve had over 20 ships. Which we don’t right now. Even if you are as powerful as tactical projections suggest the two of us don’t have a chance.=^= There was another pause. =^=There are 12 ships at Base 5 and the Lorn’s ambassador’s ship. Its 30 hours at warp 5 although you’d have to do at least warp 7 to stay ahead of them. The Darkness wouldn’t dare approach.=^= The Endorian ship slowed to to Warp 4.


“Helm, do we know where this Base 5 is?” he asked while they were talking. “If so, adjust course for there.”

OOC: It might be about a year of game time, but you were there about two weeks ago. You had a security officer start a riot and then escaped by using an escape pod and ejecting into space. Where the Atlantis picked themup and ran…
OOC: Just before I got on here … :)

Wait. Base 5. Where they had caused all that trouble. And were now about to do more. Their popularity was not going to be going up any time soon there …

“Warp 7?” Jen said quietly. “They must be out of date as they are either sprinting right now or they have upgraded.”

=/\=Because of the number of ships or because of the races there =/\= Kelly asked inquisitively “Jen get us moving,” she said to the XO focusing not on the retreat but more any intell she could get from the man on the other end of the call.

Kelly Bordeaux

He moved closer to the helm station while keeping an eye on engineering and the screen. “Increase speed incrementally. Let’s see what these repairs did for us. Bring us up to warp 8.2 and let’s see what they do.”

“Aye,” The helm NE responded. “Warp 7.5,” he paused, “Warp 7.7… 7.9… 8.. 8.1… 8.2”

“Engineering,” he said to that station. “Engine status at these speeds?”

OOC: Ship was running smooth and there wasn’t any signs of issues. The repairs were holding and theoretically were near Star-Fleet specifications.

“Inch us up to 8.3,” Jen said. If that was not matched they’d increase to try to get that half light year distance and see whether or not they did, in fact, lose interest. At least at the moment it was a straight up race.

“Aye,” said NE Helm. “Going to warp 8.3” The ship went smoothly to 8.3.” The Atlantis pulled away for a few moments. The the Octopus went to warp 8.5.

=^=We think a little of both. Base five is armed like a several warships. The Lorn Ambassador’s ship could take out half the sector by itself and the other 12 ships have mixed abilities because of all the different operators.=^= He paused. Kelly could hear him talking in the background. =^= I don’t think, it would want to take on some many race’s ships at the same time.=^=


Jen muttered quietly, “They don’t seem to care much. They just seem to like to scrap.” For that, Jen had an appreciation for them

Jen, XO

Cara sat listening, they had no problem taking on many ships, but not varying races. She pulled up the the DNA information on the darkness and requested the computer to run an analysis to determine what the neurological and brain development would be for the creature. Was it possible it didn’t have the cognitive functions to anticipate and process the varying tactics of so many varied individuals? That could work in their favor, confuse it and vary their evasions or attacks if it came to that. Cara wasn’t a neurologist though or a geneticist so she had to rely on the computer to give her that information. She also pulled up the Atlantis’ scans of The Darkness to see if anything looked like bioelectrical impulses that might indicate where the brain was on that thing.

O’Farrell, counselor

Bio-regression suggested that the ships were not nearly as cognitively advanced as a warp capable race would have to be. At the level of neuro tissue that the cells would develop, it shouldn’t be able to choose targets at all. It would pick and kill what’s closest for the most part with some pain or fear possibly being an alternate motivator. The cognitive development kind of resembled a shark in terms of decision making. As far as the location of the brain there was no clear evidence of its location, sensory organs, or mouth, but basic biology would suggest either center mass or top/bottom of central mass, so the tentacles were out.


=^=Thank you Endorian ship. This is Captain Kelly Bordeaux of the USS Atlantis. To whom am I speaking=^= she said in a friendly tone.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

=^=Commander Rose, of the Templar.=^=

The base might have firepower though if the Lorn ship was there and others that might help. He didn’t like the idea of another ‘station’ having anti-proton pot shots taken of them. Quietly Jen said, “I’d rather not have another station getting torn up. Could the Endorians arrange for a rendezvous with the warships and Lorn cruiser away from the station. Unless they want to fight there.” That was a possibility. He could just see the station commanders rolling their eyes at the troublemakers showing up again with the local bully.
- Jen, XO

“Good point they are calling us that ship,” Kelly nodded to her XO. =/\=ENdorian ship can you contact the other ships and have us meet outside of the stations space. I’d rather avoid it attacking the station at all costs=/\= .

Kelly Bordeaux

=^=I’m sorry, Captain, I don’t know if you have the diplomatic currency, we certainly don’t, to have a large contingent of multiple races fleets to help you engage a Darkness ship. They wouldn’t fight together the Nine and the Alfian’s are sworn enemies, outside of the Base 5 neutrality zone they’d shoot at each other as willingly as the Darkness. You’d have the Endorians, the Caste, we at least know who the true enemy is.... No idea what the Dilgar would do.=^=

There was a pause. =^=That’s why I suggested Base 5, it’s unlikely the Darkness would approach, but asking the ships to sortie out to you and engage the Darkness in open space, we’d lose half the ships in the sector, and 10,000 lives and there’s no guarantee of victory as I don’t think the Lorn would come. I couldn’t risk it without at least 20 warships so at least victory was assured to balance off the cost.=^=


=/\=Well Commander Rose we will see you are Base 5 and thank you for your assistance. If you find yourself needing some help don’t be a stranger.=/\=

“Okay looks like we make it to the base and force a coalition if that thing follows us.”

Kelly Bordeax

Jen wondered whether the Darkness really had a threat matrix or if it just threw itself into battle like some kind of kamikaze fighter. Evidently their speed rating may have been based on their own tech and speed ratings to not having seen the Darkness exceed warp 7. Now at 8.5. “Helm, ease us higher to keep ahead of them.” It wouldn’t do to talk about a rendezvous at a Base in hours when they are minutes away from getting shot at.

“Aye,” The helm officer said. He was a little tired of pussyfooting around. If the repairs were done right the Atlantis could do 9.5 for a healthy amount of time. “Warp 8.8.” The Atlantis leapt ahead. The Octopus continued to pursue, but didn’t exceed warp 8.5.

“We’ll hope they are right and it will move off. But they are right. In our hope for allies it would mean a lot of beings sacrificing themselves.”

“Anyone, speculation. We stop to engage, launch a runabout as a kind of fireship and overload its warp core with an anti-matter explosion, hopefully with the intent to ram it.” Surely anti-matter at that level would give it pause.
- Jen, XO

“Can we beam anything on board it,” Kelly asked. “Like a trojan horse. Our shields take care of EMP’s but inside our shields, it could do a lot of damage. So can we distract the thing with the shuttle and then beam over an EMP bomb to disable it,” she looked around at her staff.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

The ship seemed to naturally be resistant to transporter beam, so the ship would have to be closer than normal, perhaps as close as 10,000 kilometer. That’s if the creature didn’t have some sort of shields. Scans did detect hollow spaces in the craft.


Kelly watched the warp speed and the Darkness matching it. “Helm take us to top speed,” she ordered taking a silent breath. She had no doubt her people could make the repairs and keep the ship together. She did doubt the materials might not hold up to her people’s ingenuity and skills. Still she couldn’t just lead this Darkness to a target. Space was large and hopefully, they could outrun it and it would lose them.

Kelly Bordeaux

The helm officer spun around. “The Octopus is at 8.5, we are at 8.8.” He paused for a moment. That being said an order was an order. “Moving to warp 9.5.”

Jen would have preferred to inch upward, both to test their legs and to not ‘show their hand’ at what they could do so quickly. That, however, was likely more his Army stratagems to not expose everything to the enemy before it was needed. He couldn’t fault going to full speed. It just highlighted to everyone all they could do. His antennae made slow circles in the air as he peered - almost squinted - at the screen. Hollow places. A detonation inside could work IF they could get close enough for that. IF. It wasn’t that engaging the Darkness would be a problem. It would be doing so long enough to protect a runabout to get close enough without getting torn up by their beams. Or perhaps engaged with one of their ‘fighters’. However, if they could outrun it and it lose interest, that would be problem solved. Maybe.

The Atlantis was opening the distance quickly. The nuances of warp speed would mean that 1 full warp factor was almost a 50% increase in relative speed. After a minute the Octupus dropped back to warp 5.5 but continued to pursue… now losing ground by leaps and bounds. It would be out of short range sensors in 5 minutes. The sensing range of this sectors ships were unknown.


“Captain the ship is falling behind and will be out of sensor range in less than five minutes,” a tactical crewman responded.

“Continue course and speed but keep the Darkness just at the edges of our sensor range. I don’t want this thing sneaking up our nacelle,” Kelly responded. Taking a lull in the excitement as a way to prepare, Kelly looked at the Orb. “Orb what can you tell us about the Endorians and the Caste.”

Kelly Bordeaux

“Both are bipedal roughly 1.5 - 2.2 meter humanoids with similar tolerances to heat, pressure, and have similar requirements for oxygen and carbon dioxide. They have 97.8 percent genetic matching. The two races engaged in a decade long war 22 years ago where the Caste won the overwhelming number of battles and threatened Endoria due to their superior technology and Warrior Caste. The similarity of genetics led to an Endorian disease being transmitted to the Caste via prisoners taken in battle. Ironically this ended the war as the Endorians offered the Caste the cure without any compensation and negotiation. At that time, the Caste who have a strong religious base, believed an act that saved a life was in turn worth a life.

Since that time the two races have formed a fairly strong friendship, but are not openly allied. There are also significant underlying hatred particularly on the Endorian side and within the Warrior Caste of the Caste as there were some significant casualties in these two groups.

the Orb

“Oh wonderful we just met the Hatfields and McCoys,” Kelly rubbed her forehead. “Orb is there a central place or planet representatives of all the major races meet on neutral ground to talk about issues in the galaxy or are they all independent entities.” If there was some sort of local government it would allow more minds to work on common problems and for Kelly, that problem was getting back to her own home.

Kelly Bordeaux

“All races have embassies at each of the other’s homeworlds, but the accepted site for general negotiations has been Base Five.” Which happened to the first place they went when the arrived in this sector of space. The would have to be some amend making if the Atlantis wanted to spend any time there. “Base Five is run by the Endorian’s and they were the builder’s of the structure. As such they have a some political pull out of balance with their actual political power.”



Cara listened to the back and forth but kept her quiet. The Atlantis hadn’t exactly made any positive encounters out here had it? With their luck they would get to Base 5, Darkness following and be accused of being in league with the thing and then get blown to pieces, or given up as offering to the darkness, or they’d all be arrested and Atlantis stripped and fought over for it’s technology. Either way they weren’t going home. Not unless something could be done to change everyone’s minds very very quickly. And make it worth their while to listen. And that all depended on information that Cara didn’t have.


“So the last time we were at the Base it was more than eventful but we aren’t limping in their on a wing and a prayer. Floating around her like a dingy from the Titanic is not getting us home which is our first priority. Dinner parties are not our thing so what do we have that we can use to start negotiations with that we don’t need to try and find something to get us home. We met the Lorn so maybe we should give a hand at meeting the Endorians.”

” How far away is the base,” Kelly asked an open question to the crew.

Kelly Bordeaux

“It is 29 hours with us traveling at warp five. If we increase our speed to warp 8.5 we can be there in 12 hours,” the officer replied.

OOC: I’m a little confused. Base 5 is your current destination. Because you ordered keeping the Darkness ship in sensor range you are doing Warp Five, which puts you about 29 hours away. You already proven your repairs can handle warp 8.5 so that would be about 12 hours. The Templar the Enorian ship you spoke to is about 4 hours away now that both of you slowed to cruising speeds.

OOC: Sorry it was a typo on my part. I fixed it in the post. We are headed to the Base Five where we will meet up with the Endorians there. ~ Kate

OOC: Hey Luke, I started after we got here. Can you remind me/us how we actually got to this area of space. Sometimes that can be muddled and lost in the mix of all the other things we’ve gone through.
Edit .. scratch that. Our good Captain put that into another thread in an update. My bad ..

Jen cast glances over to the Captain. Titanic. That name was vaguely familiar to him. Some kind of Terran myth episode from what he understood. But Hatfields and McCoy’s was totally lost on him. Feuding clans he did understand. While the ‘end’ of the war was not something that Jen cared for, he applauded the guts of the Endorians to chance that hat trick of a resolution. He realized that they were in a relational bind. To have upset them on the one Base where there was a chance for diplomatic relations was not a good beginning. Humble pie was not something that Jen found very tasty. “Perhaps our assistance to the freighter and subsequent pursuit of the pirates may score us some points if news of this had gotten around.” That was their one bright moment where they were. Jen was still certain that there was a patron of some power out there to supply a carrier-style craft as a pirate ship.

He was quite aware that some of the larger sections replaced on the Atlantis were irradiated. He wanted some time where they were in orbit somewhere to have a shuttle out to see how big of a light they cast under scans. A dreadful thought came to his mind that that was done whereupon it was a tasty scent to the Darkness. More like so that they would not be ‘lost’ when they were in earnest wanted for their technology.
- Jen, XO


“Should we increase to warp 8.5,” Kelly looked at Jen. “Get there a little bit earlier than planned?” She had been dealing with the pirates while Jen had been handling the repairs.

Kelly Bordeaux

Jen was ambivalent on that. To him it was rushing back to the scene of the crime. They could do it. But should they? “Is that the Navy way, Captain?” he said with a hint of a smile. “My Army mind has us in neutral to hostile territory and not wont to show all one’s cards. We just outran the Darkness, yes, though don’t see why we need to do a victory lap. It might look more .. diplomatic to rendezvous with the Endorian ship and arrive together even if that is a little later.
- Jen, XO

Kelly let out a half chuckle at the Navy vs. Marine way comment. The rivalry between the two branches was as old as time itself. Who was better? Who was more rugged and brash? Kelly enjoyed the banter with her XO immensely on this subject. “So you want to go with the tactical plan of we are just a giant vending machine filled with goodies to look pleasant and pleasing to the hungry masses but keep the Marine snacks in the back for emergency purposes? If we do we need to stash the shirts that say That which doesn’t kill you makes you strong except for the Marines. Marines will kill you shirts.” Her comment was glib but hid a sound plan.

“I’d rather pass out the marine snacks,” Jen replied. “Even if that would likely cause an immediate breakdown in any negotiations happening. Ration packs have been notoriously similar from world to world - virtually inedible.” He smiled. “However, Klingons have never complained about others’ rations.” He realized the Captain was not entirely talking about rations apart from metaphor. “Why Captain, have you been peeking in my closet to see what my shirts are?” A pause. “Let’s go in humbly carrying an apple pie.”

“Let’s follow the XO’s advice. Let’s rendezvous with the Endorian ship and come in together. Make it so,” she called out.

Kelly Bordeaux Co

OCC: I know I have changed my post half a dozen times but for the record, let’s go with Gene’s character suggestion as the direction of the main sim. ~ Kate

They met up with the Templar without any further issues. Commander Rose didn’t seem to agitated, but when the ship came within weapons range, the Templar polarized their hull and deflectors. =^=Well you do make an entrance.=^= She started. =^=We happened to find one of your beam weapons that you left behind on the Base.... so there is that.=^=

OOC: For those who don’t remember it was the loss of the phaser (it was pick pocketed) that lead the security officer to his over zealous pursuit of the thief and then his phasering of base security officers when they were wondering why he was running through the ship with a weapon threatening random people.


“Ma’am the Endorian ship is within range and hailing us,” the coms woman replied.

It was immediately followed up by a call from the Atlantis tactical station.

Kelly opened her mouth and placed the bite of humble pie between her lips grimacing as she chewed and swallowed. Jen was right humble pie tasted like crap and swallowing it made one feel like they were dining in prison gruel. Kelly could not fault the woman on the other end nor her apprehension about the Atlantis and her crew. They did raise quite a ruckus. While this was typical on their shore leaves , the use of escape pods and a system wide shut down of a base was not the preferred outcome on the first meet and greet.

Looking a Jen, Kelly scowled. “ Of All The Gin Joints In All The Towns In All The World, We had to Walks Into theirs,” she mumbled the classic line of Rick from Casablanca. Kelly and her crew were not the dejected lover like in the movie but they were sure between a rock and a hard place. Kelly knew they were walking back into the gray returning to the base but part of her had hoped it would have been forgotten.

She had eaten enough humble pie throughout her career. It was in the academy however she learned to swallow and ask politely for another slice to get out of whatever trouble she had been in. Who said you never learned anything useful in school. She nodded to the comma officer and steeled herself for a possible pie eating contest where she would be the defacto winner.

=^= Commander Rose=^= Kelly greeted the voice on the other line and immediately sat down with knife and fork in hand. =^=I fully understand and accept your apprehension with meeting with us again. It was a gross misstep if your trust on our parts when we first arrived at your Base a week ago. While it is in no way an excuse for our behavior, our ship has been attacked and the crew was on edge. Please do not take this as empty words but I can assure you the event will not be repeated if you would be open to a second chance for us to prove to you that we can be trusted.”

Kelly paused and went over the mental checklist in her mind of what she should say as she preemptively cut herself another slice of humble pie and wanted for Commander Rose’s reply.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux (first place and only contestant in the 712th humble pie eating contest of her career)

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