Atlantis Gym - Gym Bunnies and Boxing Bags (Open thread)

Posted June 28, 2022, 7:07 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Ethan Nash (Chief Engineer) (David Shotton)

The 5am Gym routine was by this time well established for Ethan Nash and Devon Rand. Both came from a background in Security, and as a result already had years of keeping in form burned into their psyche. That Nash now worked as a Chief Engineer and Rand was one of the ships Intelligence staff, meant that the both of them had less time to keep fit.

Their early morning man date was a common sight as the two of them walked, tank tops straining and gym bags in hand, into the gym and looked around. It was empty as usual at this time, which meant the boxing bags were free. “Lets go a few rounds on the bags,” Nash said, dropping his bag down and pulling out a roll of tape that he began to wind around his knuckles.

“What? No hoops for a warmup?” Rand turned to him, but took the roll of tape and began to wrap it around his own knuckles. “Getting soft in your old age there, huh E-dawg?”

“Shaddup, you need the practice, and don’t call me E-dawg. You’re butt ain’t tight enough to get away with it.” Nash replied to him with a grunt as he raised his fists in front of him and took a few practice swings into the thin air to limber up. Both men wore the tight fitting Atlantis logoed gym tops with the ship motto, Permission only gets you so far on it.”

With a laugh, Rand made a few practice swings himself and then made his way over to the bags. Choosing one he craned his neck until it cracked and then shrugged his shoulders, raised his fists and stared at the bag a moment as if daring it to talk back to him.

The sound of a thud on the next bag over sounded, followed rapidly by another one as Nash’s fists simply hit it in rapid succession, falling into a smooth rhythmic thump as he found his style. “What’re you doing? Making love to the damn thing?” Nash threw the comment at Rand. “Just pretend it’s Laurens rear end on a Friday night, you’ll get the hang of it.”

Bursting into a laugh for a moment, Rand turned and looked at Nash. “Leave Laurens rear end out of it,” he fired back, then watched Nash thump the bag repeatedly. “Actually, keep thinking about it,” he joked, “looks like it’s helping your form old man.”

Ethan Nash and Devon Rand - On a Man Date

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