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Marine country lay silent. The usual hustle and bustle of it corridors replaced with the subtle hums and beeps of the Atlantis. Where you would normally see those with duties to perform there was nothing. Not even a single marine on patrol. Instead all Marines had gathered in the large room they trained in.

They stood in their regimented lines, decked in there dress uniforms. Every button and boot polished, every cap badge glinting under the lights of the room. But there was no fanfare no stirring music or even the usual regimented steps of those on parade. Instead all stood still eyes facing forward to their CO and to the five silver caskets draped in the flag of the federation. Those lost trying to understand the enemy that had just appeared, lost to the traps set by the sadists who sat in the cells. Each marine wore the same Solomon expression. Mirrored in the face of their commander. Whose eyes drifted to the ten people sitting on the chair in front of all the marines. Wives that had become widows, husbands who had become widowers and children now orphaned.

River knew that feeling all to well and she knew the pain they felt. She had experienced it herself and seen it in to many people, a reminder the oath all who wear the uniform take and the silent oath their loved ones take. They in a way where the strongest of all they hadn’t been trained to deal with it, they couldn’t stop it and yet they chose to love those that had, knowing one day they may get that call and that the loss they felt would be mirrored in hundreds of others.

“To serve the federation is the duty of all Marines” River began solemnly “To fight and die for each other and those we do not know, is the call we all answer. We take a vow to each other and an oath to the federation to pay whatever price we must to protect all we hold close to us. Some pay the ultimate price.” she paused “That is why we are gathered today, that is why our tears water the skies this day. To remember and pay tribute to those who have paid the ultimate price. We are also here to honour their lives and the loved ones they left behind” again River paused she had done this a thousand times and it never got any easier.

“And so I commit these five marines to space, so they may join the other stars and light a path for us as we carry on with out them. So when we look up and see those stars we know that even though they have left us they are still watching over us. Honouring the oath they took as we all must” She said finishing her speech. As she spoke the caskets began to move, the flags that had been draped where now lifted above them being folded and presented to those sitting.

“Present arms” River barked as she snapped to attention and saluted. A move replicated by all present as the caskets where released to space on the final journey all would take one day. A journey marked, at least for these five, by the silent tears of those they knew and the sound of phasers fired to respectfully bid them farewell.

Lieut Styxx (OIC Marines)

Kelly and Ian stood in the far back corner of the room. Any other time, she would have been among the crowd and maybe even had spoken a word; yet as usual, those under her command stood up when needed and performed their duties admirably. River’s words were powerful, concise, and moving. While she did not call out each name, the symbolism behind that gesture was understood. The Marines worked as one unit, one heartbeat, one body which made them so deadly efficient in their jobs. Now more than ever, Styxx needed a leader. They had taken a blow few departments ever felt. Five among their ranks were now gone. Five among their comrades were never going to have their backs when they were eventually tossed into the fray. Five among them would not be there to celebrate the joys and happiness in each other’s lives.

No one in this space would ever forget the names. They would never forget the spouses and children left behind. The close-knit group would take care of their own as they always had in their long and esteemed history of the corp. While a tragedy like this tended to unravel others, it would only forge the iron bonds stronger to the core, to each other, and to their duty.

Kelly stood aided by Ian paying a silent salute to the men that had given thier lives for the thousand on board the Atlantis. She would pay her respects to everyone that had suffered a loss in the weeks to come. It had only been twenty four hours since her surgery and any medical doctors would be livid if they had known she had slipped out but sometimes one did what they needed to. She would rest later. For now, she watched, unobtrusively from the back corner of the room.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

OOC: I hope it was okay to add to this. It was truly a beautiful piece. You are an amazing writer Nathan. I am 100% okay with you cutting out anything I just added to leave it as a stand-alone post. I was just moved by your piece. ~ Kate

OOC: Indeed it was awesome Nathan! Thank you. Gene

Jen was quiet, and disembodied. Upwards to a year or more ago and he would have been there where Styxx was. Now he was not a marine, yet a marine, and Starfleet, yet, well, still Starfleet. His eyes moved from one casket to another. Memories surfaced. For many of those it was a felt rush of desire for revenge for fallen comrades. He twitched, seeking that belonging but it was lost. Sitting in the front row he was not a part of the ceremony, but still, he was. He missed the bond that the marines held. The Navy still seemed happy go lucky to him. For not the hundredth time he couldn’t fathom why he had been taken up from the field in a shooting war that few new about to be here. The General must have had a good reason; to Jen that reason was clouded in the fog of the unknown. He stood to attention with the rest, a salute coming naturally to him that he held throughout the casket’s passing. It was a marine salute. Did Starfleet have them?
- Jen, XO

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