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Posted May 16, 2022, 12:40 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Gravel Mardusk (Chief of Security) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Lieutenant Cara Esmé O’Farrell (Counselor / Education Specialist) in I’m Not Lost, I’m…Exploring…Yeah Exploring

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Gravel Mardusk (Chief of Security) in I’m Not Lost, I’m…Exploring…Yeah Exploring

She looked up at him with an amused quirked brow, “Believe it or not I’m aware of tha’ bit of psychology.” Then she puffed out a breath, “I’m no sure it’s necessary, but I would really like ta talk to her. She may not know anything but she and her child may still be at risk anyway.” It was good compromise, what he was suggesting. “The problem with movin’ her up is she’s medical, if she’s a month or more out she’ll be suspicious. There are too many people on this ship to be able to move someone up that far. And she’ll know to get move up tha’ fast, somethin’ is wrong.” There was also the possibility she was aware and a part of it. Slim but always a possibility they couldn’t discard till they knew for sure. She reached over to the screen and tapped at it and then grinned. “She’s due for her eval in three weeks.” Then she checked the current update for medical. =/\=O’Farrell to Shan. Yvonne I’ve got open time in an hour, there are a couple of medical ensigns due for their evals in a couple weeks. Sickbay is slow today, let’s get them today.=/\= =/\=Sure thing Lt. Should I tell Royo you need an escort in half an hour?=/\= Cara grinned, she just couldn’t find the energy to be mad, =/\=No, you do not. Leave that poor lad alone ta-day.=/\=

“I should be done before you send anyone for Greenlee.”

O’Farrell, CNS

Mardusk nodded and stood up and went to a wall panel. He looked at an optical reader and the panel slid open. Hios massive frame blocked the way, but when he turned he had a Type-1 phaser in his hand. “Here. This is your ‘just in case’. I’ll make sure the system knows you are authorized to carry it.”


“Aww no hand-ta-hand practice, then?,” she shrugged, but it carried a weight of seriousness to it. Cara took the phaser, checked it for charge and to make sure it was locked and wouldn’t accidently discharge before slipping it securely under her belt. She stood up and walked over to him, “I’ll be careful.” She kissed his cheek and walked out the door, knowing her faithful shadow would be waiting, as always. “Aye! Royo! Come on lad, ya gonna go flirt with Yvonne for a spell.”

An hour and half later, Cara was waiting in her office, Royo alternating walking deck 11 and flirting with Yvonne. It had been rather comical at first, the poor lad being put on the spot was fumbling it all, but now he’d gotten into it. The chime rang and Cara got up to answer the door, “En Greenlee. I appreciate ya comin’ in taday. I was assured sickbay was slow. Please come in and have a seat.”

O’Farrell, CNS

The woman entered as directed and sat down. “Of course, Lieutenant. I have to say I am a bit confused. I know I am up to date on my evaluations, and nothing has happened that would trigger a mandatory review. Has something happened, ma’am?” she asked sincerely and with more than a bit of trepidation.


Cara blinked, that was okay she could work with this, “Oh my dear, have ye had an evaluation recently, then? Do ye recall when that was?” She sighed and plopped down into a chair. “I am so sorry ensign. My files say yer due in three weeks. Wit the last two counselors leavin’ so quickly I am tryin’ tae play catch-up and get a little ahead. We were light on appointments tae-day.”

She turned in her chair and pulled a PaDD from the top of the desk and tapped on it a moment and then shook her head looking frustrated and very apologetic, “I’m no showin’ any evals for ye since last year. Everythin’ is just a mess.”



“Oh, I’m sure this can be straightened out. Hang on, I have my calendar right here.” and she pulled a mini-PaDD from her pocket and tapped on the screen. “Yes, right here. My last evaluation was four months ago.” She turned the PaDD and handed it to the Counselor so she could see the stardate and that, in fact, she had had an eval done.


Nae that wasna goin’ cut it. Cara double checked her calendar and records, even though she’d checked it several times before Greenlee arrived. Greenlee didn’t want to be there. In fact she seemed anxious to Cara, and though that was pretty typical as a medical officer she expected a little more professional understanding that it had to be done. “Your last yearly eval was on stardate 239703.07 and your next was on the calendar for two weeks from now on 2369803.09.” Cara tapped and checked the computer one more time, there was no record of an appt 4 months prior. There was a note however. “I donna have a record of any appt four months ago. I do have a note statin’ that you requested an appt but never came. For yer yearly eval tae be moved up four months, somethin’ must have happened to require it. So why donna ya tell me what that was and then we’ll see how yer doin’ with it.”



Greenlee shrugged slightly and said “I did request the appointment, yes. But not for a yearly evaluation. I was concerned about some reservations I had been having regarding my posting on the Atlantis. But in the intervening time frame, those have been resolved.”

Her voice was calm, measured, and somewhat… formal. Maybe even rehearsed? It was hard to tell.


Uh-huh…”So ye are due yer evaluation den. So let’s get started. Those reservations resolved, but did they resolve in a manner yer satisfied with?” The woman knew something. Whether it had to do with her husband was currently unclear, but she had a secret. “Is Atlantis the type of ship ye always wanted te serve on?”


Greenlee thought for a moment and then said “To answer your first question, yes. And to the second… I think so? I mean, I wouldn’t have pushed for a ship of this size, but my husband pointed out all the perks that come with assignment and I must admit… he was very persuasive.” and she smiled slightly even as her spine went slightly more rigid.


Well that was telling, “It’s always nice ta have some one else’s perspective.” Cara made a show of glancing at her computer screen. “I see here he and your child are on board with ye. How do they like Atlantis?”


“They love it. My husband and I were concerned with the quality of the education he, our son, would receive on a starship. But we have been very impressed with the school. The Captain did a wonderful job in pushing for quality educators.”


Cara nodded, “That she has. It’s important that we provide the best for everyone on board, not just the Fleet folks. How are ye adjustin’ tae the size? Ye said you wouldna picked it. I know I am havin’ a hard time with it. I get lost quite a bit.”

“Oh, it was intimidating at first. BUt once you get the color codes down, it makes it easier.” and she smiled slightly.

“Well that gives me hope. I keep thinkin’ I have the color codes down, but next thing I know, I’m all twisted round again.” Cara sipped her tea, “I may just have ta go wanderin’ and explore. See if I can figure it out.”

“Is your position here helping you work toward your professional goals?”


“Oh indeed!” she said a bit more animatedly. “I have access to top of the line equipment and tools, and the ability of the ship to take on mission modules makes for a very exciting and interesting assignment.” Greenlee seemed to relax, even if it was just slightly.


Cara noticed her relaxing. Most people found talking about work more stressful because they worried they were being evaluated. They found family and home life easier, less expectations, unless something was wrong at home. And that wrong was necessarily dangerous, it could be an argument or disagreement or a challenge they were having trouble overcoming. Cara decided to follow where Greenlee led, for the moment. “What interestin’ and excitin’ assignments are ye workin’ on now?”


Greenlee paused for a moment and said “Well, I am part of a team that is working on a new calibration sequencer for deflector dishes. And I am also the newly assigned team lead for the Quality Assurance group, First Shift. That means no more late night shifts, which is great.” This time, Greenlee actually smiled slightly, and it didn’t seem forced.


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