The Adventure Begins...

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“If thost wishes to claim my blade, thou must prove thyself worthy” a booming voice echoed from the Unforgettable Champion as he stood over a broken Klingon. The hellish landscape set ablaze with molten rivers of Gre’thor dimly lighting the battlefield.

Martok winced as he pressed himself to his knees, his Bat’leth broken and all but shattered remnants of a life long since tarnished. Clutching its shards the blade cut deep into his palm, reminding him of the first time he raised his fathers ‘alngegh. ” I carry the weight of not only my people, but the honor and blood of my ancestors fifteen generations past. You may have bested me in strenth, but I’ve already won!” Flinging metallic shards at Kathless, Martok swiftly cleaved the makeshift ‘alngegh into the side of his knee and reached out to strike the final blow with what could only be described as the Klingons most inestimable of artifacts.

“Hear me! I will claim what belon..”

Abruptly, Norg’s door swung open filling its archway with a rather rubenesque ferengi of venerable age who glared at her son and his silly dice.. “NORG! How many times must I tell you to STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR TOYS! How could I be burdened with such a failure of a corporate tycoon? Honestly, Its as if !”

<Her voice shrilling voice seems to fade into a droning hum in the background>

Now I Know what you’re thinking. How could such a handsome and imaginative entrepreneur allow himself at MY age to be caught living with his mother? Its quite simple really, even a mother can be guilted into caring for her believed misbegotten children if she forgets one of the most valuable rules of acquisition. The best deal is the one that brings the most profit. Of course there are some… measures that have to be taken to ensure I have a one hundred percent profit gain free of expenditures, but what’s a little entertain..


Entertainment? Its just a simple game of… wait? What did that old bag say?

And just like that I was dumped off at some dead end station with no latnum, no credits, and no idea how I was going to make my capital empire grow.

“Next onto the transporter pad… You with the big ears, you’re clearly not deaf!” Pulled from his inner monologue, Norg picked up his satchel and stepped onto the transporter pad as he looked over his, perfectly legitimate and unequivocally not counterfeit documentation. “And so my adventure begins, that flamboyant cardiassian had better come through” He mumbled.

-Norg, Ferengi Civillian

The transporter engineer slowly touched the controls and watched the Ferengi slip away in a beam of light. Casually she glanced at the man’s destination. USS Atlantis showed across the screen. Picking up her coffee, she took a sip and vaguely wished the man was coming to her destination rather than leaving it. He clearly has charm, pizazz and flair. Most people were not that interesting to her. This person however, she thought would be rather fun to interact with on a constant basis. Looking at her controls, she knew Norg, as the name said, would probably be materializing on the Atlantis right about now. She also wondered if the Cardassian was waiting on the other side of the transporter padd.

NE Transporter Engineer.

In a glimmer, Norg’s world had changed so utterly completely. Where he had expected the blue skies and tropical landscapes of Risa, Norg only found painted bulkheads in dull greys and carpeted floors. Stunned, he dropped his documentation staring with his mouth agape. “Oh, no… No, no, no, no. This is clearly a mistake, what kind of Federation washout gets a kick out of sending dignified individuals like myself to rusted out dilithium haulers out in the middle of.” His eyes widened, “Oh my Acquisition, where in the name of the Blessed Exchanger am I!?!” In a panic, a strange shrilling noise escapes his throat much like that of a lustful female Klingon.

Norg, Civilian

The transporter crewman looked at the Ferengi with a raised eyebrow as he hand hovered over the controls to contact either security or counseling. “You are on the USS Altantis. Was that not your intended destination? You are Norg,” he said the name slowly, “civilian in charge of supply and procurement of materials?” The man’s mind briefly ran to wondering how much more things would cost with a Ferengi running things. Sure the man could not openly change all the costs for common items but he could bottleneck them driving the cost up.

NE Transporter crewman

“Well of course I’m not okay! Have you seen the decorum?” Stamping his foot down he gives the transporter bay a stern look, ” Exactly how do you expect impress a dignitary, let alone anyone else with such a colorless and drab presentation. Honestly, this just screams one of those Human types who reek of burnt bean water who’s last venture in life is to find something to fill that empty void inside with more than… More bean water!” He exclaims as he throws his hands into the air. “What would the Grand Nagus say if he were to walk in here? Not a single speck of gold or splash of anything interesting, I’m clearly here to do more than negotiate rudimentary supplies. I’m clearly a godsend meant to save your…” he pauses thumbing his chin, “Adventureless and ultimately boring routine you call a life. Now then darling, I cant expect to be kept waiting all day. Chop Chop” adds clapping his hands in cadence.

-Norg, Civilian

Jen came in about the line of ‘adventureless and ultimately boring routine’. Part of his mind was in some agreement there. Navy had a routine bordering on banal, however their last escapades were far from boring. The little Ferengi, Jen had to admit, amused him. They had had a QM who was Ferengi back at base. He was feared more than the soldiers when it came to scrounging. “Norg,” Jen said. “I have a feeling we could be very close, you and I.” He looked at the transporter operator. “This is all he has?” His antennae shifted, amused but intrigued.
- Jen, XO

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