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BIG snip
Spinning her finger, Kelly motioned for the call to be opened again to comms. =/\=Commander Rose we appreciate the escort and look forward to establishing a second chance at a first meeting.=/\=

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Tenzing knew the Captain didn’t have much of a choice since the alternative would be bleak. From experience, Trainor was aware of how creating and maintaining alliances were in the Atlantis’s case. Having been dropped on the Captain’s doorstep like an orphaned child, Lieutenant Commander Trainor wasn’t too familiar with the comically shaped ship that was pursuing them. He was more at ease that he wasn’t sensing any benevolence from the voice on the other end of the communication. Tenzing wasn’t too sure he’d be able to say the same thing about the Darkness.


Jen saw that things looked to be that they were on their way on a gradual approach to the station. There were still things that needed to be done. He turned to sweep the bridge with his eyes.

“Engineering, we left in a hurry. The pirates fixed the ship. I want system checks on how she has held up in our race with the Darkness and in the other areas they fixed.”

“Security, Marines. I want a deck by deck check of this ship. The pirates ran from here like rats off a sinking ship. I want to make sure that they didn’t leave anything behind, anything dangerous still operating, or if there are any stowaways that didn’t leave. Mr Trainor, organize those groups if you please.”

“Science, go back to our scans of the Darkness and compile everything you can into a report on them. Speed. Power output in their anti proton beams. If you need to refer with Tactical on their accuracy. Define as best you can their hull composition. This is both for our records and for a presentation to the races at the Station as a kind of peace offering. From the sounds of it they have a lot of information now but perhaps there will be something new they can use. The pirates seemed surprised that we could see the Darkness given their stealth capabilities. Maybe we have some intel they don’t that can be of benefit.”

“Captain, do you have any more?” he asked, knowing he didn’t mention medical or the diplomatic or counseling people. The latter were more beneficial in helping with the meetings of the alien minds.

“Yeah, Cara can you and Ian take the orb and see what you can find out about the Endorians and the Caste. See if there is anything on that quote she who is without fault name the guilty. You’re right. It sounds biblical almost and half the time bible verses are not all turn the other cheek. The Elipse gave us a rundown on the major races in this area but compile a more detailed dossier if you can. I am tired of going into everything blind. See if there is something you can find that they all agree on or connects them and what is the straw that is going to break the camels back.” Kelly’s order was tall but Cara was amazing at her job. Kelly had no doubts the woman would know the races inside and out to the best of her ability by the time they arrived at the base

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Jen, XO

OOC: Could all the department requests create a new thread with what they are doing to reach the objectives above and I’ll respond to each in turn. That being said we could push the ship to the Base or let the side threads control the time line… Which would you prefer??

OOC: Hi Luke .. I ‘think’ we have at least some time before getting to the station? That should be ample time to get a start on them anyway before playing a timeline flip to reaching it. My thoughts anyway. .. Gene

OOC: It is 29 hours at warp 5 and 12 at warp 8.5.

OOC: I agree with Gene. Maybe have a few threads if people wanted to RP out the objectives however, if the side sims about reaching the objectives begin to drag due to people having real life issues and not posting regularly, we can then just arrive at the base at your GM discretion. Hope that makes sense. ~ Kate

OOC: We can do multiple threads that aren’t really concurrent. I’ll kind of give you a rough hint on where this is planned to go. One (or more of the races) want you to do something, that task can have a side benefit of getting you home. It could be attached to some of the repairs that you wanted… not that you need them much anymore.

OOC: Rough hints are nice. Kinda like bowling with bumpers in the gutter .. we can be shoddy at it but still chance to hit some pins. Thanks Luke! .. Gene

This was the second trip to Base 5 and this time they were being escorted by one Endorian Battle Cruiser as opposed to three Alfian’s. Despite the urgency of their departure (two/three weeks ago) their return wasn’t much different. Ships entered and left the Atlantis’ scanning range, on this approach they were able to identify most of the races and classes of ships - overwhelmingly personal or cargo ships. There were a number of combat vessels, all of large size for the races represented as if they were sending their best to Base 5.
As in their first approach the ship the stood out the most was the Lorn’s Ambassadorial Craft, which continued to impress as being at least a half a century more advanced as the best Star-Fleet had.

“Slow and easy people. Let’s not have a repeat of last time,” Kelly said to her crew as they approached the base.

“Ma’am they are hailing up,” the comms officer announced.

“Put them on,” Kelly said signaled.

=^= Atlantis this is Base Five. You have be noted to be responsible for 27 different civil and criminal acts. Do you wish to plea or move for summary sentencing? Commander Rose indicated that you were apologetic and wished to resolve this with a minimum of … fuss.=^=


Kelly made the universal sign for cut the comms by slashing a hand across her throat. Looking at the XO and then the rest of the crew she let out a sigh. “Does anyone else have a problem with the wording summary sentencing?”

Kelly Bordeaux CO

OOC: GM Chuckles… well I guess that does sound ominous.


Tenzing groaned and looked at the Captain, “Twenty Seven?!” He exclaimed with astonishment. “Surely they must be mistaken?” Trainor asked, hoping that Q didn’t dump him into a execution in waiting. Trainor wasn’t sure what the Atlantis had gotten themselves into before he arrived, but it appeared they might have made a chaotic entrance.


“There must have been a mis-translation. I mean there was the weapons charge, striking a law enforcement officer, lock down of the base and the use of escape pods but is only five from my group,” Kelly counted them off. “What about everyone else?” Maybe Trainor was onto something. If they had an idea of when they knew they done it might make it easier to defend what had happened.

Kelly Bordeaux

A look of disbelief appeared on Trainor’s face as the CO listed off the things the crew had gotten themselves into. “Surely they wouldn’t lock me in the stockholds, since I wasn’t part of the slap and dash.” The Ops officer said, hoping that was true. Tenzing was now beginning to see that Q had dropped him off at the looney ship of the fleet. Moreso, it seemed they were running out of time no matter what they decided to do.

“Whatever you need to do, I recommend doing it now, ma’am.” Tenzing added. “I’m certain that thing back there is going to catch up sooner rather than later.”


Looking at Trainor she nodded and spoke. “Base Five Lt. Trainor acted alone and is currently in custody so you don’t need to worry about him with the charges.” Kelly let out a chuckle seeing the expression on her newest officer’s face. While her comment was only to those on the bridge because she hadn’t opened up the comms yet it was worth it. At times all you could do was laugh or cry or in Trainor’s case probably wonder what cosmic penance had dumped the man on her ship. It also helped to break the tension for a second with the other command staff.

“Open the comms,” Kelly made a swirling motion with her finger. Clearing her throat she spoke. =/\=Base Five, Commander Rose was correct in their assessment that we wish to make ammends however can you be a bit more specific and define summary sentencing? We are not exactly familiar with your laws=/\=

Kelly Bordeaux CO

=^=Of course the judge, in this case, the Commanding Officer takes your general admission of guilt reads the charges and comes up with an appropriate punishment.=^= There was pause, slightly shorter than what the Atlantis hand. =^=I have been asked to make clear since there were no injuries it is unlikely the judge would order prison sentences, just financial compensation. You as the defendant can send in a recommendation for your punishment. The charges are harassment in the 3rd - twelve counts, three counts a property destruction, one of thief of a government vehicle over 10,000 credit value, four counts of assault without injury, four counts of discharging a weapon, 2 counts of unlawful confinement, unauthorized operation of a vehicle, and unsafe operation of that vehicle. =^=

Kelly looked at the comms officer and again made a motion to cut the comm with a slashing movement across her neck. Looking at the crew she let out a sigh. “Okay so what do we have that we can offer to keep me out of the hooskal that we don’t need.”

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“I’m assuming out assistance in dealing with that thing back there, won’t be enough?” Trainor asking, trying to come up with an idea. A small part of him wanted to offer the Captain up on a silver plater for causing such a ruckus, but that was never going to be an option no matter how comical it would be. Tenzing shrugged his shoulders. He hadn’t been on long enough to catalog the ship’s inventory, so he wouldn’t have any ideas.


Cara shook her head, and was glad she hadn’t been part of all that. She turned back to the station she was sitting at, “Orb, take into account the charges placed against us, and the most common fine levied for such charges, what does Atlantis have in inventory that would be accepted compensation for those fines?”


The Orb paused. “Most of those charges include up to 5 years prison time… frequently suspended. Each count carries and up to 5000 credit fine, plus court costs. Averaging and then summing typical fines would be 42,000 credits. En masse fines tend to be higher as the court presumes that the person/entity is a frequent offender and could be as high as 250,000 credits. If the court decides to be lenient the fine could be as low as 10,000. I am unable to determine the intention of the court.”

“I do not have access to your inventory of items. This device does not access information that isn’t given. Previously known things of value in your possession… your hand phasers are worth 10,000 credits each… however the technology is worth 2.7 million. Your ship is designed for multi-year travel. A day unit of food is worth about 5 credits - thus a year is worth 1,700. A set of clothes is worth 40 credits. Weather resistant items can be worth more.. 100 to 200 credits dependent on the quality and tech. But that is also dependent on demand. They may ask for gems or gold.”

Trainor smiled and shook his head. He had forgotten that the orb existed, though somehow he chalked it up to Q giving him a 19-year-old’s brain too. “Maybe if we help save their lives, they’ll forget about the charges against the Atlantis, Captain,” Tenzing stated.



OOC: I say we offer the CO up on a silver platter :)


Kelly made a circling motion with her hands indicating to start the comms again. =/\=Base Commander, this is Captain Kelly Bordeaux of the Federaton Vessel the USS Atlantis. We respectfully request docking priledges and are prepared to appear before your justice system upon our arrival.=/\= Kelly waited to hear their reply but she tapped the PaDD on her right checking their inventory. They were probably going to need it.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

=^=You are cleared to dock at port 13… =^= The location was given to the helm/navigation station. As before information related to weapon possession (allowed), however all weapons must be registered and projection weapons must be visible, only hand to hand weapons can be concealed. If questioned a person must declare all weapons to any person requested such information.

Mattie had been listening to the conversation from her station and had started an inventory (ooc: are they pre warp; beginning warp or warp capable) of possible items that could be used in trade. She also had started a scan of information on the laws of the area, the offenses seemed like overkill to her; the best defense may be the offense. She sat down in the chair and began combing through piles of information for something that might help the Captain.


OOC They are warp capable with everyone between 50 - 30 years behind in technology, except for the Lorn and the Darkness which appear to be 50 - 100 years more advanced.

Upon review each charge was valid in that they have evidence of it happening. Not that the Captain did or was present for several of the offenses, but she was standing in for the security officers that threatened then shot several security officers. Following that they stole and ejected an escape pod. A person/lawyer always could debate the actual crimes and likely get the Captain/crew off with lesser or dismissed charges. But in the case of an expedited and directed verdict, the person generally admits the offenses and throws themselves at the mercy of the court.


=/\=Docking port 13=/\= Kelly repeated and turned the comm off. Looking at the crew she rolled her eyes. “Anyone got any more of those radioactive pills Odinson gave me earlier. If they try to brig me I can at least puke all over everyone.” Her voice was slightly humorous. Standing up she headed towards the turbo. “Anyone that wants to come on Kelly goes to court field trip be in the transporter padd in five.”

Kelly Bordeaux

Letting out a low audible sigh, Trainor stepped forward. “You’re probably going to need my abilities, Captain,” Tenzing stated. This opportunity would give the Lieutenant Commander the ability to size up these people, plus he really wanted to see the CO throw up. The Ops Chief waited to see who else would join the away team before he made his move to the turbolift.


Kelly nodded at Trainor and reached into her pocket pulling out a small container of Tic Tacs. It was not that any of them had bad breath but more that the officer seemed to perk up a bit hearing about a strange pill that would make her a vomit volcano. Shaking it she held it out to Trainor. “Blue or red,” she said offhand. It was just candy but part of her wondered if the man would take it or not.
How much did he trust the crew being the new guy onboard? Was he in for a penny in for a pound as the old saying went? While she tried to make everyone feel like she liked them, there was something about Trainor that just made her smile.

OOC: If anyone wants to throw up a post joining the away team please feel free to do so or simply join the away team on Base Five. ~ Kate

OOC: May want to split the thread here retitling the Away Team to Base 5 .. I’ll stay behind on the bridge ..
OOC: I agree. So if you want to come with Kelly to Base 5 pick that thread. We are going to see the Base Commander to try and find a way to repay the damages we caused the first time we were there. As Gene said, if you want to remain on the bridge joining pick up that thread. ~ Kate


Jen watched the bridge essentially evacuate then took a seat. So far they had either been racing to or from something or doing a great deal of sitting in a port or space dock or garage. They were back at the former and preparing to work out a fine. A bit of useful but not dangerous tech would do it, or, he supposed, they could scrounge together jewels or something. The replicator could do artificial jewels; Terran tech had been doing that for centuries and a replicator could come pretty close.

He waited to determine who was left and resisted the urge to say ‘systems status’ when they were sitting at a port. He was still concerned over some of the pirate repairs that had irradiated some girders and other unmovable infrastructure. Could that be shielded, painted over in lead or other thing perhaps. It might be something for them to look at while they were at a stand still and had time.

Jen, XO

Jen hit the comms. =^= Bridge to Norg. I’m sending you some numbers. Apparently we’re being fined for some infractions. As we don’t have currency per se, we’re looking for options for trade in kind. Have a look at that and what we have or might be able to replicate to afford this fine. =^= He pressed the transmit on what they had to work with.
Jen, XO
OOC: Consider that data the items in the above thread ..

=^= Understood Captain, I’ll see what I can come up with. In the mean time I have a request assuming you haven’t already admitted to anything already… Please don’t, It’s always good business to know about new customers before they walk in your door, and it seems our new guests have expensive tastes.=^= Norg began going over the numbers and relevant data pertaining to goods vs costs. “Computer, do you know much about Razor-Toothed Gree-Worms? Gree-Worms are a Delicacy or in our comparative situation a fat prize to be savored, but you see… when dealing with Gree-Worms. An inexperienced hand tends to forget that they can bite back.”
-Norg, Civ

OOC: Getting up to speed here, it looks like I need to focus on 2 maybe 3 aspects.
1. Inventory rough net worth the ship is currently capable of with or without negotiation?
2. Pertaining charges to find the loophole in what looks like a good scam?
It’s unlikely to find a loophole as they turned it to a military charge so the officer can make their own rules, as opposed to civilian that allows for the manipulation of laws.
3. If there’s a possibility to turn the tables and make a profit?
I don’t really see how, but I’m not a Ferengi. So… go for it.

=^= Norg to Captain, I’ll have the manifest complete within the hour; however, these are military charges meaning we can’t grease a palm or lessen the charges… Even if I trim every ounce of fat we have to spare. It’s going to have to take a very -very- juicy skeleton pulled from their closet to draw enough attention to avoid leaving us with a ship frame, maneuvering thrusters, and enough of a hull to maintain emergency life support if we’re lucky =^=
-Norg, Civ

Tapping her comm badge, she reached out the Altantis bridge. =/\=Jen we have reached a compromise. We will provide $50,000 in currency, a crate of humanitarian medical supplies, two replicators, and one of those prototype EMH bracelets Drayke has been working on. How long until you think you can get that stuff together?=/\=

=/\=Also anything on long-range sensors about the Darkness that was following us?=/\=

Kelly Bordeaux

There is no evidence that the Darkness has continued to follow them. As a good Ferengi, you already have determined that there money is based on an electronic system were work and good are awarded a value and then that value is placed in credits… in fact in this race credits are short for work credits. In a slightly communist fashion work hours in various jobs are placed in work tiers and everyone in that work tier are equally awarded. So replicating their money is not possible. Breaking into their computer systems would be somewhat possible, but there is likely many checks and balances that would prevent that sort of fraud.


Jen replied =^= Atlantis, Jen here. Nothing on sensors. I’m in communication with our Supply Specialist now and we will get back to you on that shortly. You should have had him along. Could have bargained down. Uhhh EMH bracelets, Captain? Replicators. Bulk, Food, Skilled, Marine Field? =^=

What did they know of the differences of tech? He was out of touch on some things, apparently as he had no clue about these bracelets. EMH. Replicator. Those things integrated a great deal of technology. They should have just gone with the phaser.

While the first part of this conversation wasn’t directed primarily at Jen, he would be able to hear the conversation as she explained to Tenzig about the portable emitters.

=/\= It’s a portable emitter Drayke came up with that is like those OMAP watches that are linked to your personal communicators only this one has the bald guy that gives you the basics in a holo form. The tech is not good at all but it is workable and experimental. It basically can just tell you if you need a doctor. It is far below the tech of any EMH but there is a lot of potential behind the idea. Drayke programmed mine but the darn thing just keeps track of how much coffee I drink so I threw it in a drawer. The TECH is solid but in the developmental stage. I didn’t promise them the world but something they can work on and make better and make their own =/\=

The second part of the conversation she did directed at her XO.

=/\=We could be here a long time if we can’t get home. I am hoping they got something that could help us. The only advantage we have are shields, sensors, weapons, beaming and propulsion over these people from what I can tell. Since all of that was off the table we needed something of value and I don’t think self sealing bulkheads was the ticket. I also did get us down from 200 to 50. Don’t tell me the currency thing is going to be the real problem. I mean we have Nash and Drayke. Between the two of them they will figure it out. =/\=

Kelly Bordeaux

Jen frowned, his antennae shifting toward the ceiling and the sound. He was less regimented toward what to barter when one had things to barter. But how could paying off a fine get them home? What was he missing, unless they tipped them? =^= Captain .. =^= he began, then focused on what Norg was saying.

=^= Norg, I’m passing down the latest comms with the Captain. Some items here should be easy. I’m not sure of their currency or what they’d take in kind. =^=

“Tactical, keep an eye out on what is around us. Medium range maximum. Active sensor hits attracted the Darkness before to us. Let’s keep our eyes open but not watch too far out.”

Jen, XO

=^=Norg to Bridge=^= “Its a Communistic society, well… sort of.” he said as he delved into relevant data ” Rather than placing value on an individual for their own capability, its a tiered system were work and goods are awarded a value and then that value is placed in energy credits evenly among the tier, in this case Work Credits. The downside means that we don’t really have the ability to replicate the difference given we have no idea what particular coding they use.” he paused as things came into motion “If we could manage to generate an expectation given what we are about to trade is state of the art versus their perceived as limited technology. We could increase the value of our traded items considerably, but it would have to be done quietly. Anything we try to up sale would be instantly disregarded because we have to trust to use as currency, what we need is a mouthpiece.” =^= End Transmission=^=

Norg, civ

=^= Thank you Norg. That is a good idea - stepped technology. Trading functional rather than state of the art. =^=

Back to the Captain. =^= Captain, what would a cargo transporter be worth to them? It would help them vastly in transporting non-biological goods and even in ship building, component fixes and more. It would be an upgrade in their computer storage technology, power distribution and introduce transporter technology without it being state of the art tech with biological or personnel transport. And gives them the ability to expand their technology in exploration. =^=
- Jen, XO

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