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“True but I hate haggling. Okay so that leaves us with the currency problem. i need you guys to get out there and find some cash. Paper currency is easiest to replicate but if it is metal that is doable. Just make sure it’s more than the lowest form if currency. I want to pay the bill not look like Puff Caddy in his latest OMAP video making it rain. How many science tricorders can you spare from the science department,” Kelly looked around. “I am looking for the answer if ten,” she filled in making sure Tenzig had the right response. “We can get Nash here to program them for medical purposes.”

“You wanna stay or go with exploring woth Tenzig,” she asked Cara

Kelly Bordeaux

“Captain, it seems ta me we shouldna go wanderin’ round again. That got us in this mess ta begin with. Why not just ask ta see a sample of their currency to scan. Tell them we want to make sure our currency is of equal value. Then we go back ta the ship and get it. No need ta go snoopin’ round and get ourselves inta trouble again.” Letting her go exploring was a disaster waiting to happen anyway. Cara would get lost and then there would be trouble - no thank you.


Trainor nodded in agreement. Sure he wasn’t around during their first encounter, but from his short experience thus far, he would rather scratch his eyes out then go through another CO-saving scenario. For now, he would observe the Captain haggling like a Ferengi.

“That would be the easier route,” Kelly agreed with her counselor, “but I would rather not look so green here. They are as interested in us as we are them. The only difference is they had a port in the storm and we are lost at sea. I would rather have them guessing than know we are alone. Asking for a sample of thier money and then trying to launder it might not be the best thing. It’s why I tried to talk them down from the original amount. We are essentially giving them monopoly money instead of real currency.”

“I respectfully disagree, Captain. They know we aren’t from around here. They are not so green as ta assume our money looks like theirs. What we are askin’ for is an exchange rate. Askin’ ta ensure we give them exactly what we promise shows respect for what they value and their culture and their authority. We donna replicate their money. We make metal money that is of the same type of metal and minerals theirs is either made of or, if paper money, representative of. You give them exact copies of their money, they’ll be suspicious of how we managed ta get it.”

Tapping her comm badge, she reached out the Altantis bridge. =/\=Jen we have reached a compromise. We will provide $50,000 in currency, a crate of humanitarian medical supplies, two replicators, and one of those prototype EMH bracelets Drayke has been working on. How long until you think you can get that stuff together?=/\=

=/\=Also anything on long-range sensors about the Darkness that was following us?=/\=

Kelly Bordeaux


=^= Atlantis, Jen here. Nothing on sensors. I’m in communication with our Supply Specialist now and we will get back to you on that shortly. You should have had him along. Could have bargained down. Uhhh EMH bracelets, Captain? Replicators. Bulk, Food, Skilled, Marine Field? =^=
Jen, XO

“What’s an EMH bracelet?” Tenzing asked. He had previously served on the most advanced ship in Starfleet, but still hadn’t heard of it.


“It’s a portable emitter Drayke came up with that is like those OMAP watches that are linked to your personal communicators only this one has the bald guy that gives you the basics in a holo form. The tech is not good at all but it is workable and experimental. It basically can just tell you if you need a doctor. It is far below the tech of any EMH but there is a lot of potential behind the idea. Drayke programmed mine but the darn thing just keeps track of how much coffee I drink so I threw it in a drawer. The TECH is solid but in the developmental stage. I didn’t promise them the world but something they can work on and make better and make their own.

=/\=We could be here a long time if we can’t get home. I am hoping they got something that could help us. The only advantage we have are shields, sensors, weapons, beaming and propulsion over these people from what I can tell. Since all of that was off the table we needed something of value and I don’t think self sealing bulkheads was the ticket. I also did get us down from 200 to 50. Don’t tell me the currency thing is going to be the real problem. I mean we have Nash and Drayke. Between the two of them they will figure it out. =/\= She glanced at Nash before waiting for Jen to sign off, the people around her to ask any more questions or Hammond and Rose to indicate they were ready to continue to talking.

Kelly Bordeaux

Back to the Captain. =^= Captain, what would a cargo transporter be worth to them? It would help them vastly in transporting non-biological goods and even in ship building, component fixes and more. It would be an upgrade in their computer storage technology, power distribution and introduce transporter technology without it being state of the art tech with biological or personnel transport. And gives them the ability to expand their technology in exploration. =^=
- Jen, XO

=/\=I will ask them. Good call. To be fair I didn’t contemplate the power compatibility. I will keep you informed but I am getting back to the table. I will contact you when it’s over. Bordeaux out.=/\=

Jen slipped one more remark in there .. =^= Norg has volunteered to assist you in your negotiations. =^=
Jen, XO

=/\=The Ferengi civilian,=/\= The shock and surprise was clear in Kelly’s voice. Ferengi were the master negotiators at times. On some level the thought amused her. Hell Norg might even end up with the people from Base Five giving them stuff instead of the other way around. =/\=Send him=/\= Kelly replied. Jen was tactically brilliant. If he was suggesting this it meant there was a purpose.

Kelly Bordeaux

=^= Acknowledged. Will send him along at once. =^= Jen replied. =^= Will he be met at the station for escort to you? =^=
- Jen

OOC: You asked for private time… they are ready to conclude the ‘trial’


“The cargo transporter should be enough, Cap.” Trainor stated after a moment of silence. He thought handing them the EMH band could possibly backfire as they would think we’d be handing them a broken product. Tenzing was curious to know what they’d think of the offer, and was hoping it would be soon since this darkness was looming out there.


Kelly nodded at Tenzig and turned around head back to the table. “I have spoken to my XO and he is making arrangements for the items we are talking about.” Taking a seat she looked at the officers across the table. “So where do we go from here?”

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Hammond shrugged as he presumed the deal was struck. “Well we could enjoy the wine and a meal.” He eyed her apprasingly. There was something else he was thinking. Holding close to his vest.

Trainor began to get mildly frustrated about the situation. Tenzing was sure they’d repay the debt if the Atlantis helped them against the Darkness, but instead these people wanted to go through a song and dance over trivial objects. However, the ops officer was intrigued to see how they’d stand up to a Ferengi.


After a moment he took out another box. This one seemed much older. There was some evidence of dust, it would be hard to tell how much time the dust represented but it was there. He opened the box with a tug. He pulled out two objects. “We obtained these objects of a trader who was in a distant sector of space.”

He offered two objects. One was a twisted piece of duranium the other was a heavy layered encounter coat… and old one. Any historical buff would almost immediately recognize it as an away team jacket of the 24th century… perhaps late 23rd Federation. Hammond watched her closely, “We only figured out the connection after scanning the hand weapon, the metal is not common in this sector of space, but it appeared both in this fragment and in your weapon.”

Rose started coughing up her wine, she stared at the two objects. “Where did that come from?” If her surprise was faked is was a better actor than most.


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