[Pre-sim] Sickbay: Emerson's Physical

Posted July 2, 2022, 4:26 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Audrey Emerson (Chief Science Officer) (Joana Ribeiro)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Audrey Emerson (Chief Science Officer) in [Pre-sim] Sickbay: Emerson’s Physical
Now that the first meeting with the Atlantis’s Captain was done and out of the way, it was time for what most people considered the less pleasant check-ins.

In Emerson’s opinion the initial physical evaluation was the simplest one. With a doctor for a father, Audrey was generally quite at ease around sickbay and medical equipment. After all, sickbay visits had been a constant growing up, although generally not as a patient, but rather as the daughter of the ship’s CMO. As a child, she had spent many afternoons sitting in a corner, playing with a spare medical tricorder, only to end up pestering half of the staff with questions as she pointed the machine at every new thing – person or object – that came in through the doors. Audrey had mostly fond memories of those days, although she was sure the Rosalind Franklin’s doctors and nurses didn’t share the same feelings with her.

From the Bridge, Emerson took her time to deck 12, stopping often to admire her new home. Curious by nature, she peeked everywhere she could, ending up taking wrong turns and having to backtrack her steps simply because something had caught her eye.

Finally making it into the largest sickbay she had ever been on, Audrey signaled one of the nurses passing by. “Excuse me, hi!” She greeted a little too enthusiastically. “I’m here for my physical… I just boarded last night… can you point me to whom I should talk to?”

Lt. Cmdr. Emerson, CSO

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