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“Well, there might never be an exact answer for you, Captain.” Trainor replied as he put away his tricorder. “The materials check out, definitely Starfleet.” The Operations Manager added. Tenzing wasn’t sure how the coat came all this way from Federation space, that is, if it was even made by Starfleet at all.

“One could also easily replicate the coat, though it would be a tad difficult to age the material to 100 years.” The Ops officer added.

Looking at Tenzig, Kelly tapped her comm badge. He was right but it was a weird coincidence to have it just pop up. =/\=. Jen sending you a tricorder scan. Confirm authenticity and cross match it with any vessels that disappeared in the same time it was not a piece of history. =/\=. As if an afterthought she added. =/\= send the scans to medical and see if by chance there is any residual DNA left on it=/\= It was a long chance but dinosaurs sat under rock and dirt for millions of years and at times they still found some.

The Commander raised an eyebrow. “They reported they were in a star system - the information didn’t say if they made planetfall. You have to understand that this information is a report that is over 100 years old and it wasn’t that thorough. But the officer taking the report indicated that he suspected they were scavenging on an unaligned world inside that system. We have no proof to that of course, and at the time it wasn’t really something that we were concerned about.” Hammond tilted his head in thought. “A hundred years ago this base wasn’t even an idea in the designer’s father’s head and our warp drives hadn’t taken us far enough to even discover the majority of the great races.”

“The interesting part of the story was the trader said he was drawn to the system by an unusual wave front… something we never saw before or since. It was described as an oblong recurring and looping on itself EM pulse. Mathematically it seemed impossible,” He described a wave that looked kind of like a rugby ball shape with six loops about it pulsing.

“But frankly so are you and, it and you are here.” He paused.


=/\= And are you holding a raffle about who is combing over to the base? =/\=. Kelly wasn’t sure if they would let her take the coat but there was a solid argument that since it belonged to them they could take it back. If she needed she would recite some of that historial and cultural significance loop hole everyone seemed to throw about when they didn’t want to give something up.

“This EM pulse is there any other record of it? Does it appear with any regularity,” Kelly asked.

Kelly Bordeaux CO


“We’ve never detected again,” He shrugged, “we didn’t detect it in the first place. Like I said, the trader probably detected the signal and that encouraged him to seek out the source. It could have been an emergency beacon for all they knew. When they approached they sought out the source and reported they found these items. The could have found more, but weren’t questioned, and since about 100 years have passed. You’ll be hard pressed to figure that out.”

Jen replied, =^= Delays are more due to an extended rock, paper and scissors element, Captain =^= There was a pause. =^= Data received. We’ll get back to you after an analysis. =^=
Jen, XO



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“Whose territory was it in? Your sector is in divided into several groups. Whose system was this found in?”

Kelly Bordeaux

“The Bryast System,” He said with an ominous tone. You didn’t have to know a thing about the Bryast system, and they didn’t, to know just by the tone of his voice that this was not a friendly part of the galaxy.

“Ough,” Commander Rose said spontaneously.

Hammond looked over at Rose, “It was once part of the territory of the Nine, not a particularly valuable system, little of value was known to be there, but it was a nice transit lane for multiple races. It also happened to be one of the first sectors that the Darkness appeared from.” The time line on the Darkness was not related to the discovery of the items. But now that the Bryast system was ‘behind’ enemy lines, visiting the planet. If that was their plan was going to be difficult.

=^= Jen to Captain. Was there a quadrant or rough location of where these fragments were located? We’re utilizing the Orb to define spatial anomalies detected around the age of the fragments. And the Lorn appear quite diligent on detecting them. =^=
- Jen, XO

Trainor looked between Bordeaux and Hammond. He could sense some tension but was going to chalk it up as Hammond on the defense. “I wonder what the chances would be of a spatial anomaly nearby.” The Operations Chief stated quietly. Tenzing was quickly getting tired, and if it was up to him, he’d throw the jacket at Hammond and go on his way.


Hammond shrugged he didn’t have that information.


“Tell the orb it was found in the Bryast System. It was only a territory of the group called the nine,” Kelly did not miss a beat when Hammon did not volunteer the info in sharing it with her XO. Looking at Hammond, Kelly leaned back in her chair and took a sip of her beverage. “So why would anyone want to give up a good space lane? Was it due to the darkness?”

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Tenzing had nearly forgotten about the Darkness until it was spoken about just now. The last he knew, they were following the Atlantis but for some reason haven’t made a peep since.

Trainor (Ops)

Hammond tilted his head. “You’re going to do whatever you are going to do, but the Bryast system has been a no go every since the Darkness showed up. We’ve tried to get scans of that area, since it was one of the first places the Darkness appeared from for years. For the most part no ship or probe has ever returned. The Caste sent in a warp 7 probe a few years back, it made the run in and back out successfully, but it didn’t find anything of note. No power emanations, no decerinable base, and certainly no Darkness Octopi at the time, obviously.”


“I have heard the Lorn was able to defeat it. I also heard that no one knows where the Lorn’s home system is. Any coincidence with that?”

Kelly Bordeaux

“That’s very suspicious of you.” Although the tone didn’t seem to carry any offense, as Hammond probably considered it, but discarded that idea. “There is a significant strategic advantage in not knowing where a race’s home-world is at. You seem to be friends with the Great One, the belief is that he know where both races originate since he is thousands of years old. That being said.”

“I haven’t personally seen them tussle, Captain, but there are a number of known battles between the two and you don’t destroy your own ships or allies just for show. Also the Lorn were known to us for hundreds of years prior to the Darkness showing up. That might not prove they aren’t in cahoots or are one in the same. But…” he paused. “There seems to be a sizable amount of bio-construction in both races ships, but the core DNA in either ship is significantly different so we know they aren’t the same race… or at least the ships aren’t.”

Jen reported back in. =^= Captain, the Orb confirms that 142.2 years ago three was an energy pulse with no identified power source that originated in the Bryast system. We are correlating uniform style and missing ships from that era. =^=

Jen, XO


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