Tick Tick Boom…Aimee Rian’s Control center…When the past doesn’t match the future or the present.

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Posted by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Tick Tick Boom…Aimee Rian’s Control center…When the past doesn’t match the future or the present.

Posted by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Tick Tick Boom…Aimee Rian’s Control center…When the past doesn’t match the future or the present.

Posted by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Tick Tick Boom…Aimee Rian’s Control center…When the past doesn’t match the future or the present.
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Aimee held her breath as the transport initiated and sent the child to the alien ship. For half a heartbeat, she waited for reports to come back that the Altantis had detected the transporter beam. When it didn’t happen she felt a wash of relief. Looking at the monitor she watched as the child seem to recover quickly observing the damage from the Marine assault and make her way down the stair to the sleeping area. “Biometric locks,” she said to the XO as they watched Jessa kneel down to the floor and activate a secret compartment. The Altantis crew had triple scanned the vessel looking for secret compartments and found nothing. The metal and crystals were novel and the Altantis’ computers were still trying to identify their chemical makeup. Biometric controls were not uncommon. They just had no idea where to look for them until now.

“It stood to reason,” the XO replied watching the panel slide back and reveal the contents in the compartment. As the room watched the child activate the armor everyone was thinking about applications within their own field. The technology might take a few years to reverse engineer but when it was accomplished, the Federation would be almost as unstoppable as the Borg once were. Now it was just time to field test how well it would hold up against the Federation weapons about to be unleashed on it.

Minutes ticked by as they watched Jessa move around the ship and finally to the bridge. Aimee let out a growl of frustration hearing Jessa muttering in her native language. Universal translators had eliminated the advantage of speaking a different language in times like this however right now it was serving a purpose and hindering the mission. Aimee watched the kid staring out of the viewport on the ship and rolled her eyes. If the kid did not pull this off the chances of the success of the mission would plummet to almost nil. A new operation would have to be taken from scratch with a lot more risk and complications. She watched the timer and itched to just send the kid to the brig; however, the mission was a carefully choreographed dance with many people having to do their part so the kid could do hers. She had wasted too much time getting nothing but one set of armor, some jewelry, and praying so far from the alien vessel.

She let her mind drift wondering what the child had said looking out into the black abyss of space as the communications officer and the ship’s translators worked furiously to decipher the cryptic message. It was probably more of the religious rhetoric that always seemed to be spilling from the asset’s lips. She despised and hated that the child seemed to waffle on her allegiances. The child should pick a side and not try to play whatever game Jessa was plotting out in her head.

Looking at the counter, Aimee felt a small measure of satisfaction as the transporter plucked her from the alien ship and into the brig. It was time to see what these aliens were capable of and if it ruined her prayers so be it. While they were not on the same mission they were all on the same team. Aimee Rian felt the sting of the Marines that had died. Any action she could do to make these aliens pay for the Federation blood they spill was worth it.

The silence in the room as they watched the child interact with the security officers ended with two words. “Go Rinker,” Aimee Rian said in a chipper tone. The cortical scanners Rinker ordered to detect possible telepathic links after his meeting with Rogan were starting to light up the medical readouts of the aliens brains like they were Christmas trees. It also explained the gibberish the child was utterening that seemed out of context with the bound security officer. The question was who did Jessa have the link with. The sensors seemed to be showing the group appeared to have almost a neural link with each other but Aimee was not a doctor. That would be Celia’s area once she was freed from the insufferable intelligence chief’s interrogation.

=/\=Ian and Rinker. I hate you. Why did you lie to me when I trusted you.=/\=

Jessa’s message made everyone in the control room sit up and stare in shock They had given her the tools for her freedom and planned the entire mission around the information that Jessa had no loyalty to anyone that had access to her.

=/\=Cut comms from the senior staff to the asset=/\= Aimee immediately ordered on her end. A spattering of curse words sprang from her mouth that would make the hardened soldier blush. Knowing there was a possibility one or both men would respond to Jessa, Aimee had to work fast.

=/\=Open cells three, four, and five =/\= her voice blared out to the engineering agent on the team. Aimee cursed that they would not see what form of technology the young girl had to access the consoles. So far their technology was far more advanced than that of the Federation. If the simpering whiny little witch could incapacity three armed security officers in the brig with a flick of her wrist there had to be something that would let them control the systems of the ship. Unfortunately, Jessa would make them wait to find that out.

Picking up the stylus next to her, Aimee jot down the word telekinetic next to Jessa’s name with a question mark. This was the second time the child had used what seemed to be a psionic power. It was unfortunate Rinker had not placed a cortical scanner on the child. The question for her was twofold. If the child had it why hadn’t she used it before this to escape and was telekinesis this divine gift the child prattled on about? There was so much they didn’t know about these visitors which was why the command was allowing the Altantis to become a test bed.

Watching with intense curiosity, Amiee sent the XO a glance hearing the exchange between Jessa and the alien named Rogan through the open comm on Jessa’s chest. =/\=You were on the ship?=/\= Pausing for a second Rogan announced with crystal clarity, =/\=They destroyed it. We are not getting home unless we do substantial repairs. Did you bring more weapons?=/\=

“Play back the conversation between asset 1 and asset 2,” she snapped out an order. She knew that she did not hear Jessa inform Rogan about the ship however somehow he seemed to know the details. Writing his name down on the stylus, Aimee drew a line back and forth between them like a flow chart with the word telepathic followed by a quote. Glancing back at the readouts from the cortical scanners, it confirmed her guess with a high degree of probability.

Aimee watched as the group dynamics played out jotting down notes on her PaDD and keeping a watchful eye on the timer and communications from the agents placed all over the ship. It had been a scramble to get all of them into place but they had. Everyone was waiting for her orders and the timer to count to zero beginning the next phase. They were all experts in their field but the Altantis’ crew was sharp and resourceful. Everyone was going to be playing a game of cat and mouse in the next few minutes trying to outwit their counterpart on the crew with their only advantage being the gift of surprise.

“I told you playing this game could go badly wrong. Was it your intent to have four of them to handle?” The blue Andorian paced the floor rubbing his jaw. He understood the need to learn the weapons and tactics of the enemy you were about to face. His concerns however were abated by the noviceness of the child.

Aimee watched with rapt fascination as the girl seemed to be weaponizing her companions. She felt a cold knot of dread forming in her stomach. “Jessa continues to exhibit some degree of loyalty to a few members of the crew. We can use that to control her but would you rather not know what we are going to be up against when more than four show up at our borders,” she snapped angrily. “This is necessary. One starship for the life of the Federation. We have paid larger costs in blood.” Her body tensed as she watched the brutality of the Elders coming into play. She cursed herself silently for not rolling Rinker into the mission. Their psychological expert, Sam Smith, had erred on the side of intellect over primal instinct whereas Rinker however did not. The Rinker had issued in every report and conversation that the Elders in the brig were homicidal and certifiable exhibiting a host of mental illnesses from sociopathy, psychopathy, and narcissism. Smith said these findings were inconclusive and might only be presented as such due to the stress of incarceration and separation from the child.

Da Mu turned and stared at the girl. =/\=Are you challenging an Elder….Guardian,=/\= he said coldly turning to face her as he slowly raised his fists.

Looking at the countdown to the next transporter cycle, Aimee held her breath. With all of them now armored up, at least the child might have a fighting chance but Jessa’s work was done. The Elders were free and part two of the mission could not commence.

Aimee Rian

=^=Computer why is my comm badge inactive.=^= Rinker’s voice came through the comm’s agent earpiece.

“Okay, people we are moving into Phase 2. Damn that kid,” Aimee muttered. She had hoped the blurting out of the tantrum by Jessa would have just been ignored by Rinker and Ian. Unfortunately it was not.

=/\=Commander Rinker=/\= the voice from the counter agent comm’s officer placed on the bridge replied back.

“So anyone get the score on the game last night between the Moon Rakers and Saturn Ringers? ” The comment from the engineer at his station was just to create background banter so the comms agent could send her message to those about to be locked in the conference room.

=/\=We are currently having issues with a solar storm. It is being addressed. Can I help you with something=/\= Her voice was not unknown to the senior staff but had just transferred over about a month ago?

“I got fifty credits riding on that game that I don’t have,” the engineer joked with a good-natured laugh as he began to do his part of the counter-insurgent operation.

Her response was transmitted to the rest of the counter-insurgent team causing several things to happen. The security feed of Jessa’s sick bay room would show the holographic image of Jessa in bed sleeping. This would only hold up until someone went into the room to wake her and their hand passed through the body. The counter-insurgent team’s engineers were locking down the conference room the senior staff was currently using as if it was a brig. All comms would be dead for those officers in the room, the exit from the room to the bridge would be fused shut, and a forcefield put up to try and delay the chief engineer from getting to the panel. Keeping everyone in the dark was never going to last forever. The counter-insurgent team was lucky it had lasted this long. The best they could do was try and delay the senior staff from working against them. The most they could hope for was no one on the bridge seemed to notice.

The unpredictability of whether or not the two Elders would devolve into fisticuffs or the senior staff realizing they were trapped made her react. Already the reports from the communications agent indicated Rinker noted the comm badges were not working. They had to move forward with the next phase of the mission. Tapping a button on her console, the coded message Tick Tick Boom appeared simultaneously to all the agents. Half a second later, the transporters initiated and engulfed the aliens to their first training ground: The area of the ship known as Marine Country.

=/\=Do not make me attack,=/\= Jessa’s voice boomed out through the microphone of her armor which was transmitted aloud to the group in the counterintelligence office.

“Oh this should be interesting,” the XO said in a sarcastic tone seeing the four aliens now facing the brunt of the Federation Marine Corp. “At least we can say the Elders shot first when this all comes to light,” he joked dryly.

Aimee Rian

The team watched as about a dozen or so Marines snapped to attention as if they had always been waiting for the Elders to arrive. It was not due to pre-warning but the drills and training that made them proficient as soldiers. Every weapon had been trained on the new arrivals in Marine Country before the swirling lights dissipated. As if they were one organism, the Marine contingent moved in a waved covering all areas of attack by standing or dropping to one knee. This caused the XO to let out a whistle and shake his head with a smirk watching the event play out and hearing Jessa speak.

=/\=We mean you no harm,” Jessa said in a slow and calm tone.

/\=Unīharukō bhāṣā nabōlnē,=/\= Da Mu snapped.

=/\=Triff. Pachāḍibāṭa ākramaṇa,=/\= Rogan called out.

Aimee’s fingers flew over her console silently cursing Jessa for attempting to ruin the mission with diplomacy. Thank god they chose to send her in with the Elders. The Elders would control her and her pathetic attempts for detente. =/\=Comms… what are they saying=/\= Aimee immediately started running the sound bytes through the computer’s translators.

“They are saying they are screwed,” Primrose guffawed from his seat. Picking up a drink, he settled back watch the visual feed as if it was a holovid on the large wall PaDD. No one trusted him with a console and inflated the Captain’s bloated ego by telling him he was observe as if he was a Captain on the bridge. The safety of knowing his rank shielded him, along with several Commodores and Admirals helped sell the lie.

=/\=If we don’t use their language how are we going to negotiate with them,=/\= Jessa responded.

=/\=Stand down. Or you will not live to regret it=/\= Varren said simply

“They are firing up weapons,” Aimee announced causing the XO to rise and stand behind her with his arms clasped behind his back. They held their breath waiting to see what damage the aliens could do when fully armed. They had attacked Captain Bordeaux with nothing but a primitive staff. Now they had not so primitive weapons. A slight tug pulled at the back of her mind. The Marines had suffered a lot of losses. Even though it was counterintuitive to the mission, Aimee Rian hoped the marines got to fire first.

Aimee Rian

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