Tick Tick Boom….Marine Country…When the past doesn’t match the future or the present.

Posted Aug. 10, 2022, 2:11 a.m. by Lieutenant River Styxx (OIC Marine) (Nathan Derricutt)

Posted by Civilian Jessa Novar (Child) in Tick Tick Boom….Marine Country…When the past doesn’t match the future or the present.

Posted by Lieutenant River Styxx (OIC Marine) in Tick Tick Boom….Marine Country…When the past doesn’t match the future or the present.

Posted by Civilian Jessa Novar (Child) in Tick Tick Boom….Marine Country…When the past doesn’t match the future or the present.
OOC: I am trying to have several threads happening at the same time. This thread is occurring at the same time the senior staff is trapped in the conference room. ~ Kate


Marine country as it was called by the Marine contingent on the Altantis was a veritable fortress. While security and Marines did not typically intermix in missions, the security and defensibility of the space led Kelly to make a rather unorthodox command decision. In the event of a hostile takeover, all the children of the ship were to be evacuated to Marine country as a last stand. She knew every one of the Marines would give their dying breath to protect them in the case of a catastrophic disaster.

The area was highly fortified and virtually impenetrable from the outside. If anyone was stupid or psychotic enough to attack the Marines in their own space, it would be a bloody and nearly impossible task. The entrance to Marine County was a semi-long corridor that would serve as a bottleneck with only one way in or out for the trespassers. This would effectively pin and surround anyone trying to take the space into a duck shoot against a thick bulkhead door and a wall of the most deadliest and highly trained officers of the Federation. If the wall of fire could somehow be held back, the bulkhead door the usurpers were pinned against could be opened and filled with rows upon rows of Marines now attacking from the rear. The corridor was the only way in and out save one making Marine Country was almost the safest spot on the Atlantis.

“Do not make me attack,” Jessa’s voice boomed out through the microphone of her armor as she suddenly realized the swirling lights engulfing them meant they were being sent to a new location. She looked around feeling a cold hollow knot forming in her stomach. They were not in the escape vessel that the XO and Aimee Rian had promised. They were in some room with no visible windows or readily apparent exits. Jessa stood frozen as her brain tried to rapidly process what was happening.

For a long slow second, everyone in Marine country stopped as they processed that four heavily armored individuals now stood in the middle of their space with two having weapons drawn and threatening to attack.

Jessa Novar

It didn’t take long for the marines to respond every marine present ,10 or so in the room, drew their side arms and pointed them at the intruders. All except for NC sergeant Varren who put his fingers to his mouth and whistled loudly, then he raised his weapon. River had given the order that all marines wear their side arms while they were in marine country. Just in case things went bad.

Jessa felt every muscle in her body tense up as she looked at the Marines in front of her. Her comment was an act of aggression but not to anyone but Da Mu. “We mean you no harm,” she said in a slow and calm tone.

NC Varren just scoffed “Right, the heavily armed and armoured group of people who just beamed in here. Don’t mean any harm. Is that what you said to our captain before you attacked her?” he asked coldly

“Unīharukō bhāṣā nabōlnē,” Da Mu snapped bringing his arms up as fists pointing them at the group of soldiers.

Rogan immediately brought up his arms into fists along with Zala Tsu as he turned his back to Jessa and Da Mu. “Triff. Pachāḍibāṭa ākramaṇa,” he called out and pulled Jessa’s arm until her back touched his. The words might be foreign but their meaning was clear. Rogan had just announced that they were surrounded.

“If we don’t use their language how are we going to negotiate with them,” Jessa snapped, the cold knot in her belly starting to spread. She had not been in a situation like this since Halston.

“Sorry kid I don’t think your friends wants to talk. Tell you what get away from them and then we can talk” Varren added simply but not unkindly

“Stand down. Or you will not live to regret it” Varren said simply, there was no fear, no awe, and no anger in his voice. Just his commanding tone and the hint of a threat. As he spoke the low rumbling of armored boots could be heard and if the four individuals, turned around they would see the 10 fully armed and armored marines arrive as they did five kneeled and five stood, forming a firing line and raising their rifles at the group. You didn’t have to be a genius to realize that, none of the 20 marines weapons were set to stun.

NC Sargent Varren and the Marines

“Our lives are of no consequence. Our mission is the only thing that matters.” Da Mu spoke with the practiced arrogance of someone who was used to being in charge. The face plate of the armor hid any expression on Da Mu’s face, yet his tone was cold and deadly. “Take up the weapon of faith and fear not to use it. No struggle is worth taking unless you feel the pain of your sacrifice. Is anything earned without sacrifice really earned? Show those weak the cleansing power of sacrifice. Be the force that helps them see enlightenment.” Snapping his wrist to the right, Da Mu activated his weapons in the cuffs of his armor. The cuffs flared out along with small components that were lined with red glowing lights.

“we’ve already felt sacrifice thanks to you lot.” Varren said simply completely unphased and unimpressed by da mu and the rest of them “Your arrogance is not lost to us. God I can’t wait till my CO beats it out of you.” he added.

Hearing the click, Rogan and Zala Tsu followed suit taking aim at the soldiers in front of them. As if they were able to secretly communicate the three Elders opened fire at the same time.

Jessa Novar

Varren and the marines had been trained to notice even the slightest hint of weapons fire. This skill made it possibly for the marines to dive out of the way of the shots. In return the group opened fire on the four people in their space. It was hard to say what the elder were thinking but being under the fire of twenty angry marines, with more on the way, was not a good place to be. The group would continue to open fire until al four pope were either dead or had closed to go hand to hand. in that case the marines would unleash even more punishment, this time with knives, rifle buts, fits and anything else they could use.

NC Sargent Varren and marines

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