[Pre-sim] CNS's Office: Emerson's Eval

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Posted by Lieutenant Cara Esmé O’Farrell (Counselor / Education Specialist) in [Pre-sim] CNS’s Office: Emerson’s Eval

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Audrey Emerson (Chief Science Officer) in [Pre-sim] CNS’s Office: Emerson’s Eval
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The boarding physical done made it two out of three, with the only remaining appointment being the psychological evaluation. Even though Audrey knew the importance of a counselor on board a starship, it was still the appointment she looked forward to the least.

It didn’t take long for Emerson to reach the Counseling Suites on deck 11. After all, they were one deck away from Sickbay. Silently, Audrey examined the doors before stopping at the one belonging to Lieutenant O’Farrell’s office, the senior counselor on board, and the name listed on her PaDD as the person she was to check in with.

With one last check on her hair, and one last tug at her uniform, Audrey pressed the chime and waited to be called in.

Lt. Cmdr. Emerson, CSO

Answering the chime was a woman with curly bright red hair, green eyes, and classic pale skin marked her as having strong Irish Terran heritage. A very strong Irish accent flowed from her, “Lt Cmdr Emerson. It’s nice te meet ye. I’m Lt O’Farrell. Come on in.”

“Nice to meet you too, Lieutenant.” Audrey said with a smile as she followed the Counselor inside of her office.

Immediately to the left of the door was a desk. A variety of places to sit and low tables dotted the rest of the open area. The right wall was taken up with a wall to wall, floor to ceiling storage until. Books, various pieces of art, and nick knacks covered the shelves. “Help yerself ta the replicator and have a seat.” O’Farrell grabbed a glass of tea off her desk and had a seat in one of the chairs.


“Oh, thank you but I’m fine.” Emerson said at the invitation to use the replicator. She had already had enough coffee that morning and couldn’t really think of anything else to order. Audrey’s eyes were immediately drawn to the shelves, curious about what they held. It didn’t take long, however, for her to follow O’Farrell and take a sit in a nearby chair.

“I’m here for my psychological evaluation.” Emerson said. She was sure the Counselor already knew it, but she felt the need to fill in the silence somehow.

Lt. Cmdr. Emerson, CSO

Cara followed her gaze over to the shelves, “I know they are kinda bare.” There was a section filled with mostly text books, and then a shelf of actual paper journals and writing mediums. “The previous counselor had a lot of souvenirs apparently. The sound system still work if ya want ta pick some music.”

There were plenty of places to sit, low and high back chairs of differing plushness, some floor pillows and even a massive reinforced couch. Cara took a seat in one of the chairs and sipped from a glass of water she had, and then nodded, “Well why donna we start with how ya ended up on this Starbase with warp drive?”


“Ah yes, starbase with warp drive seems a fitting description. I had never set foot on a starship this large before, let alone serve in one.” Audrey replied with a chuckle. “I was just transferred from the USS Castellan after a four year tour. It seems Command thought I’d be a good fit for the Atlantis and I couldn’t be happier with that decision.” A quick search through the computer files would reveal that the USS Castellan was a Pendragon class vessel, and that this ship in particular was a prisoner transport. Pendragon class ships did carry science labs on board, but they were mostly geared towards criminal and forensic procedures.

Cara glanced quickly at the details on the PaDD. She hated when records didn’t arrive before the officer.

“I haven’t had the chance to visit the Atlantis’s labs yet, but I’ve gone over their description.” Emerson’s face lit up with excitement. “If they are as incredible as the specs made them sound like, I can’t wait to get started here!”

Lt. Cmdr. Emerson, CSO

“I have stumbled inta the labs once or twice. They are massive.” Stumbled in, more like getting lost. The stairs connecting the two decks had totally thrown the internal navigationally challenged counselor. “This will be different from yer last assignment. Will ya miss Castellan?”


OOC: Maybe I should have mentioned her before, but I updated Audrey’s bio with medical and psychological details. They are not incredibly in depth but feel free to look at them if you feel they could be helpful. :) – Joana

Ohhhh..I’ll save it for after. The fun of discovery!

“No.” The reply was short and adamant, but a relieved expression settled in Audrey’s features. “The Castellan was a prisoner transport. I honestly couldn’t wait to be assigned somewhere else. The labs were mostly for forensic investigations, and that’s not really what I like to do. I really hope you’re right, Lieutenant, in this being quite a different assignment. In fact, I am absolutely counting on it.” Emerson’s face lit up with a smile. She was visibly excited at the prospect of a very different job than the one she held on her previous assignment.

Lt. Cmdr. Emerson, CSO

Cara was shrewd enough to catch the quick answer and the excitement to move on. And it was no secret that assignments to prison ships were never easy. She had a hunch Emerson appreciated a direct approach, and Cara found asking outright better than hinting around (unless circumstances warranted it). “Now before we move on, is there anythin’ about your previous assignments,” Emerson was a Lt Cmdr there would be a few, “that ya want ta get off her mind? Now or a future appointment?” Sometimes people wanted to get their boarding evals done, others wanted to deep dive. Cara was able and willing to do either.

“I uh…” Emerson thought for a moment. “I am not sure.” She could think about a few things. The major ones… everything else were minor frustrations that had come with the job and that didn’t warrant the time or effort spent, both on her part and the counselor’s. “I am not sure if my records have made it to the Atlantis yet…” Audrey started. “… but I’ve been referred to counseling before. The first time was four years ago, after a lab accident on board the Santiago, and the second time was two years ago after a mission gone wrong.” She didn’t seem too keen on offering further explanation, but she would if asked. “I’ve followed every therapy session that I was scheduled and finished a little over a month ago. However, I was told to keep an eye out and reach out if I need further support in the future.” Audrey smiled. “Right now I don’t think that is the time, to be honest, I am way too excited for this change of pace.” Her smile grew wider. “But I’ll be sure to pay more attention to where my mind wonders when the dust settles.”

Cara nodded with a gentle smile. “New assignments are full of new opportunities and adventures. They are a great time ta move past things. Just donna get blindsided.”

“What do ya like ta do in sciences?”


“Ah, I’m an exochemist.” Audrey beamed as she mentioned her scientific area of expertise. “My favorite topic is the study planet atmospheres and the chemical reactions within them, but of course, any kind of chemistry work is welcome, even if the chemical compounds come from a biological origin.” With a soft smile still on her lips, Emerson hoped that her brief description was enough to provide O’Farrell what she had wanted to know.

Lt. Cmdr. Emerson, CSO

“I’m sure ya have a schedule full of department requests and project reviews, and yer own ya want ta get started on. What are ya most looking forward ta?”


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