CIO Arrival - Meeting the Captain

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The Transport vessel Delphic dropped out of Warp of the Starboard bow of the USS Atlantis. Seated in a passenger seat looking at the approaching Mythology class ship was an unusually large human. Even when sitting down he was too wide and thick. Peter Sigmundsson had requested a larger seat and even with that it barely fit his bulky frame, he preferred the open seats Starfleet provided to Civilian seats with armrests, creature comforts didn’t matter when you were the size of a particularly well-fed Klingon. He looked at his new home, she was larger than his former home, The Viking had finally been decommissioned. The last great ghost ship still on active duty was no more, he wondered if there had been some internal political change that finally got the brass to give the Viking the farewell it should have had nearly a decade ago. He remembered touring the original Mythology class over a decade ago, this was the first time he’d get a look at a fully manned one, the goliath that it was.

45 decks and all of them had working lights and were filled, it would be quite something to get used to, gone were the days where he could commandeer an entire deck for his duties, no more improvising a secure communications array out of equipment left over from the Dominion War and waiting a month to get antiquated equipment for a ship running at barely half capacity, no more investigating disappearing crew every few weeks, and biggest of all, no taunting crazed AI hiding in the computer core waiting for a chance to traumatize anyone not prepared. He shook his head and stood up, grabbing the duffel bag in the overhead compartment and left the passenger compartment.

Moments later he was standing in the back of a full shuttle traveling to the Atlantis with replacement crew and their belongings. He’d been a part of the group that had asked to be shipped over and not transported, it would take some time for him to get used to the idea of functioning transporters that could be used outside of emergencies.

When the shuttle finally landed in Shuttle bay 1 and Peter put his bag on his shoulder and left the craft and entered his new home for the foreseeable future.


Captain Niles Primrose stood by the large window at the hatch watching the new crew and civilians disembark. The arrival of the Lt. Commander was unexpected and no one liked the unexpected. Admiral Perkins had been selective at times with his information which was understandable but frustrating. Perkins claimed it was to protect Niles in case the mission went south. Separate cells allowed for people to really have no knowledge of everything that went on during a mission. This was a benefit and a hindrance at times. This was one of those times. If the intelligence chief leaned more towards crew loyalty, he was just going to be added to the list of those cavorting around Kelly that needed to be taken down. If not, his knowledge and experience would be a boon to the mission that brought Primrose specifically here. The man wore casual clothes instead of his uniform so that the man would not be spooked by his rank. Who wouldn’t be spooked by Niles’s demeanor or his reputation?

Seeing Sigmundsson in the crowd, Niles moved among them. In his mind, Niles always fancied himself a spy. Weaving among the people, Niles felt like his actions would be completely unnoticed and easily forgotten. The issue was Niles, as bland as he was tended to be someone few forgot. He did not have the height or build of most officers. His five foot six inches and two hundred and fifty-pound physical reminded most of some chubby, round awkward teenager. Nothing about the man was remarkable except his personality which for most instantly was irritating. Primrose lived in his own fantasy believing that he inspired fear, awe, and loyalty among the masses. He believed he was the best in all professions however in practice, most people found him to be a blathering idiot that had ascended the ranks stealing the credit of others and buying with favors or underhanded dealings. “Mr. Sigmundsson,” Primrose’s voice boomed out through the crowd. In his mind, Niles fully expected for the Lt. Commander to stop, search the crowd, and snap to attention in awe of his very presence.

Niles Primrose.

Peter had been contented to ignore the small man waddling around the crowd, blatantly staring at him across the room, even if he’d gone as far as following him around. He’d been travelling for a long time and wasn’t in the best of moods. When he screeched across the hall he stopped, sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his right hand closing his eyes. He then slowly turned his head towards the man and opened them staring directly at him, his expression wooden. He turned on his heel and in only a few strides of his long legs he arrived, stopping barely a meter in front of the man. He looked directly down, he had over a foot on the man and was definitely heavier, only his weight wasn’t lard “Can I help you son?” He asked putting no small amount of annoyance into his voice.


“Son,” the man squawked and straightened his shoulders clearly trying to create an imposing posture. This only served to make his potbelly more pronounced and make the man look off-balanced. It was a stark and almost comical pairing against the six-foot eight-inch, two hundred and sixty-pound frame worn by the stranger Niles was taking on. A puffing sound escaped the man’s lips as if he had been running too long and was out of breath. “I will give you the latitude of feigning you do not know me because of the civilian attire but do not mistake that I know you, you know, who I am?” Raising his head as he talked, by the end of his confusing pronoun speech, Niles’ face was now at an almost ninety degree angle to meet Peter’s gaze.

Peter raised an eyebrow at the mans convoluted way of speaking but didn’t give an affirmative on knowing who Primrose was, He’d of course been warned about the weasily mans antics on behalf of Admiral Perkins, it was an open secret that the Admiral for some reason despised the Atlantis and her crew and Peter had been working to discover why that was.

The random people milling about the hatchway that were seasoned crew moved off to the side. They were definitely positioning themselves to see the fall out of what was coming. It had been a long a week since the arrival of the aliens that had attacked the captain fracturing her skill. As if this wasn’t bad enough, Captain Primrose slithered in, locking most of the senior staff up in closed-door meetings, so he could take over command of a crew that wanted nothing to do with him. There was a rumor that the new chief of intelligence would be arriving today. If the man Primrose was speaking to was the new chief, he probably had a lot of information about the idiot.

“You can salute me though,” Primrose nodded and waited. While there was no rule or purpose in this, Niles liked how it felt knowing people had to acknowledge him in the archaic manner. It made him feel powerful and put the other person in a place where they often were unbalanced or nervous.

Niles Primrose

Peter sighed, grabbed his bag, and dropped it on the ground with a loud thump, whatever was in it was heavy and some of it was metallic. He then slowly crossed two treetrunk arms across a wide chest and leaned down “I am capable of that, you are perfectly correct Niles.”

The clunk on the group made Niles back up slightly and widen his eyes. What the hell is in that bag? A body. His mind could not help but wonder what was in there for the sound it produced. Making a mental note, Niles stored away the idea that if this Sigmundsson became troublesome he would just alert security for a full body search. The image of Peter’s face when he was told he was going to get a level five security check in made the corners of his face curl up in a smile. Of course, he would not use it unless the man played ball.

Primrose looked at the man and made a slight nodding as if he were granting the man to pay him homage with a salute. This would also indicate the man was part of Admiral Perkins’s group and inspire respect and awe among those now watching thier interaction at the hatchway. The crew had been surprisingly unhelpful since his arrival. He knew it had to be because of the current senior staff of the ship. Once they saw how easily one could be replaced and who was really in power, they would change thier tune.

It was often said by those that worked under Peter that the most frightening thing about him was not his massive size or domineering presence, it was when he forced a smile. He did so now, a predatory smile… Well, less a smile and more a display of teeth. “But I don’t think that’s necessary, we have so many mutual friends”

“Why yes…we do,” Niles looked at one of the security guards who had been particularly unhelpful standing by the hatchway. “It is so good to know that we have mutual friends.” Primrose virtually beamed at the acknowledgment and now confirmation this man was on his side. Up until this moment the man’s bulk had been slightly unsettling. Now he understood the crossing of his arms and intimidating smile was not for him but for the masses around them.

He leaned in closer and in a hushed voice whispered “Mistress Justinia on Orion Prime, or perhaps Starbase Freedom’s Proprietor Narg the Ferengi Master of pleasure” He put a large hand on the man’s shoulder and squeezed gently “I’m sad I missed your trip to visit Narg last august or all twelve meetings with Justinia for January, March, and April”

“What…what,” Niles turned blood red and instantly began stammering as he looked around. Coughing nervously he cast his eyes on Peter, squared his shoulders, and stood up straight. Anger coursed through the man as he tried to resist looking up at Peter so that thier eyes could meet. This would never happen again. From now on, Primrose would make sure all meetings with Sigmundsson would be in a seated position with the CIO’s seat two inches lower than normal. If this man wanted to play dirty, Niles could do so also. “You are mistaken. Mistress Justinia is one of our associates. The reason I was there was to work on the Treaty. Narg is also the Ferengi Minister or Policy,” he let out a half laugh. Inside Niles seethed. How this man knew of his clandestine activities on Orion astounded him. Looking at the man his eyes narrowed slightly as if daring Peter to deny the claim.

Peter leaned back and his smile faded. He’d noted the crew standing around to watch the confrontation so he’d been certain that he couldn’t be overheard whispering Primrose’s “I hope you’ll remember to send my regards to the missus” He leaned down and grabbed his bag again then stood up fully and looked down “Anything else?” He asked.


“How dare you,” Primrose sputtered finally realizing Peter was not going to cave in and start to beg for Primrose’s forgiveness. “Anything else? You will be dismissed when I deem it so.” While the man’s regard to the missus was clearly meant to impart how much knowledge Peter had on Niles, the only thing the short, chubby man could focus on was that Peter had not crumpled into a mewling mess given the authoritative stares, Primrose had tossed his way. “Do not make me force your transfer off this ship into the hell hole on Coranta III. You can play ball or I will end your career.” Primrose’s power was completely in his mind. He did not have the power to place him or remove him from the Atlantis. The man was requested by the CO and XO due to Sigmundsson’s brilliant skills as an intelligence agent and analyst. “You are free to apologize and return to at ease.”

The at ease comment caused a snicker to ripple among the people in the room. It was clear Sigmundsson never saw a reason to snap to attention upon meeting Primrose nor had he held anything but a relaxed posture during the interaction. It was just Primrose’s warped sense of reality and ego that needed to remember the event in a different way than how it occurred.

“I have a tenner on the big guy putting Primrose through a bulkhead and not breaking a sweat. The bag has to weigh like fifty pounds and at the right angle based on Niles height it would totally be an accident,” one of the onlookers said pulling out a credit chip and holding up to the guy next to him.

“Okay, I am only accepting this because I want to see it happen. I am not betting against this but we should get the story straight. Niles just walked into it,” the man said and then looked around at the people near him. “If it goes any other way we regroup, come up with a story backing the new guy before we go on record.” A few annoyed and muffled replies came back clearly indicating no one was stupid and of course, that was going to be the plan.

Niles Primrose

Niles stood there looking at those around him and felt a sense of power. His mind drifted to the possible conversations the groups were having. He didn’t need to hear the actual words to realize they felt a pity for the large man who had been taken down several inches by Primrose’s authority and presence. Unfortunately, it had to be done. This Sigmundsson needed to know his place and although Niles had just explained that publically it would be a lesson the would remember and hopefully give Peter something to reflect upon later tonight.

Peter sighed, normally a weasel like Primrose would have been cowed by the mixture of dirt he clearly had on the man and using his sheer size. That only worked when they had half a brain and were connected with reality. You had too much freedom for the past decade, got to get used to being more subtle… or less subtle He thought to himself.

Primrose missed nothing. His keen ability to read people saw that Peter’s sigh and deeply contemplative stare were simply a way for Sigmundsson trying to apologize. Relaxing his stance he waved a hand in a dismissive gesture and put on a paternal expression.

The crowds of people watching raised an eyebrow wondering if the new expression meant Captian Primrose has officially snapped or if whatever anti-hallucinogenic had started to finally kick in. The smile was almost creepy and felt like the slippery grin worn by the more feeble-minded or the serial killer people described as there was always something off about that man.

“It’s okay Peter,” Primrose’s voice had a melodic quality. “I probably shouldn’t have been that hard on you. It’s okay. I don’t hold grudges and you can skip the apology.” Nile’s expression did not need a trained officer in espionage to read him. Even the small child in the corner eating a lollipop saw the stubby little man believed what he was saying. Niles leaned his head in as if waiting for a babbling thank you that he claimed he didn’t need.

“Son, I just spent the last four years assigned to the USS Viking, yes the ghost ship. We barely had enough crew to stay afloat, I lost a lot of good friends, good officers. Some people just disappeared for years at a time and then reappeared. That can happen on a spaceship, people just disappear. Did you know that Starfleet Intelligence has a form specifically for when people just disappear with no trace, Form November Tango - 234” He let the unspoken threat hang for a moment.

Niles’ face flushed blood red until something caught his attention. At first, the thought the large, brawny, hulk of a man was threatening him. It was only after he really listened to what Peter said did the meaning come clear. The reference to son was not derogatory to him but in reference to thier glorious leader Admiral Perkins. Everyone looked up to Reginal Perkins as a father figure so son was just spy code to reference Perkins. The mention of a ghost spoke to Sigmundsson’s ability to seem to be there one minute and then the next minute gone. What really clued Niles into the fact Peter was on Team Reggie and not Team Kelly was the comments about people disappearing without a trace. His mind drifted wondering if it would be possible to have Peter find a hatch close to the Mess Hall where he could blow the blonde bimbo out into space as Niles dined on a muffin and coffee. Oh you are good Peter. You are so good. Having the accident at a time while I am in public will clear me of all charges. Of course I will try to help you but I do respect how you would be willing to take one for the team. You are a team player.

Nile’s excitement at jettisoning the capricious Kelly kept his face red but the stern reaction was harder to maintain. Working hard to remain in this little improv Niles nodded and crossed his arms. The image would make all those wonder about how angry Primrose really was and fear the wrath of holy hell Niles would soon release on Peter. Locking eyes with Peter he did give the man a subtle nod to let him know he understood this was just an act for the simpering masses. “Yes, I do know Form NT 243.” Niles was too important to do paperwork. That was for lackeys and protoges to complete and submit. Niles was far too important to be bothered with menial tasks like that. It was a bit over the top he thought but this was probably Peter’s first real foray into political subterfuge. “I also know Form KA-N008 and have signed those personally myself,” he puffed out his chest in an attempt to project authority.

“KA-N008,” one of the onlookers whispered to the man near him. “We don’t have a KA-N008?”

“Yeah, we do. Kiss Arse - Noob. We had to be a little discrete so we made the letter B into an eight. It’s a special internal HR form we use for Perkin’s group when we get a really asinine memo we want to share. Generally, it is something about screwing over another officer, giving undeserved promotions, imaginary conferences, or scheduling tee times for golf. As you can see IQ has dropped sharply in the Perkin’s camp because when they discovered it they actually thought it was a real form. Sometimes you just have to go with the win and not question it.”

The large man then leaned in again and spoke in a low growl “I just had a very long uncomfortable trip to get here and I am very far from being in the mood for this tet-a-tet you seem to want.” He paused and sighed dejectedly, he was just so tired, he decided to change strategy.

“I understand,” Peter said slowly as if he were imparting a deep truth. Don’t worry Peter. We will get through this. Just keep sighing for the masses. We will talk soon. You are playing the part of being happy with your new transfer perfect. Don’t worry. It will be over soon, he thought looking at the intelligence chief.

“You know what let me be frank, if you try to threaten me one more time, try to use your non-existent authority on me, or just generally keep annoying me” He looked the man directly in his eyes, Peters expression had turned more and more wooden, emotionless. His eyes seemed to simply go blank as if there was a void where emotions used to be “I will break you in front of the crew in such a way that you won’t be able to look at yourself in the mirror for the forseeable future”


My god you a good at playing this role. If I didn’t know better I would think you actually believed what you are saying. Don’t worry. I got this, Primrose thought. Clearing his throat he belted out loudly. “Commander Sigmundsson I command you to your quarters to think about this. Dismissed,” Primrose waved his hand, spun on his heel and about-faced out of the disembarkment area.

Niles Primrose

Almost upon his heels, a man dressed in operations appeared next to Peter. “Commander sir,” the man replied in a far more genuine and affable tone. “Crewman John Penner,” he extended his hand. “I am so sorry about that. That man is an idiot and denser than a slab of hull plating. It takes more energy to engage him than just let him rant like a lunatic. For the record, we had a tenner on you putting him through a bulkhead. I would say you could pay me back by buying me a drink but the crew pretty much will be buying you around for the next couple of weeks.” Penner gestured to the people looking at Peter and giving him brief nods of hello as he met their gaze.

Peter turned around slowly to face the new arrival and unclenched the fist he’d firmed with his right hand. He softened his expression and inclined his head in greeting and shook the mans hand

“Captain Bordeaux and Commander Garinder’Jen had planned to meet you but are tied up in meetings. They asked me to meet you and show you to your quarters and give you the nickel tour on the way.” Penner hoped Niles hadn’t soured the new chief about his posting. From what little the crew saw, the man seemed to have the patience of a saint and the zero interest in Perkin’s cronies. That made him instantly accepted and trusted.

“So I can embarrass myself and try to pick that up,” looking at the bag Penner let out a half chuckle. “Option B is we can get a hovercart, or Option C is you can carry it.” There was nothing malicious or sarcastic in the man’s comment or tone. Only Niles was stupid enough to miss that the bag had to weigh at least one hundred pounds and that any man that could casually sling a bag like that over their shoulder could snap your neck like a chicken.

NE Penner, operations officer

“It’s only a few dozen physical books, a handful of blades. Nothing too heavy” The large man said in a casual manner, tossing the bag over his shoulder “I’d prefer to go directly to my quarters if you don’t mind, skip the tour” He spoke politely but firmly regarding that.


“No problem Sir or do you prefer Commander,” Penner asked not giving the bag a second glance.

“I prefer Peter” He said honestly, having spent nearly a decade on a civilian board and good deal of time outside the chain of command left him with a great preference for his own name, at least to those he didn’t dislike.

Walking to the turbo, he pressed the button for the correct floor. “Welcome to the floating cruise ship,” Penner joked as the doors shut. “I heard you were from the Viking?” There were rumors about the ship that felt like when people talked about it, the ship had almost a Mary Celeste feel only with a manned crew. While the Commander seemed friendly enough, he was huge and not someone with any intelligence would want to trifle with.

“Yeah, did a few years as Security Chief then returned to run intelligence from there, was there when it was destroyed last year until they decommissioned her a few weeks ago. Good ship, better crew”

Thirty seconds later, the turbo doors opened onto the correct floor allowing Penner to step out and lead Sigmundsson to his room. Opening the door, Penner stepped in. “Anything that comes through the quartermaster I will make sure gets up here as soon as possible. The Skipper is around the corner and said if you felt up to it you are more than welcome to stop by. If not you can drop by her officer tomorrow at your convenience. If you need anything I am your man,” Penner hooked a thumb at Peter. “Welcome to the nut house,” he laughed as he walked out.

NE Penner.

“Thank you Ensign” Peter said to the young man as he left. Penner had managed to make the best of a bad situation, with polite conversation and no unnecessary questions. He’d gone from wanting nothing but a quiet night alone to being up for conversing with the Captain. It spoke well of a Captain if the standard crew members were as such.

He quickly put away his things and took the time to put on a new uniform and cleaning himself up then left his new room =^=Computer, where is Captain Bordeaux ?=^=


=/\= Captain Bordeaux is in her ready room=/\=. The computer rang out. Peter was new to the ship but there was one rule with Kelly and that was she had an open door policy. Pennner had mentioned something about the Captain being tied up on a meeting as to why she didn’t meet the new CIO personally. From her location it was obvious that meeting was now over.

Kelly Bordeaux

Peter made his way to the Captains ready room, he pushed the door chime and Waited to be let in.

The large man entered the room, carefully examining from corner to corner, an action that took less than a few seconds before focusing his attention on the Captain herself. He clasped hands behind his back and spoke, a calm confident tone “Lieutenant Commander Peter Sigmundsson reporting for duty”


“Kelly Bordeaux and good god what did your mother feed you,” she joked in a half-laugh seeing at even at an at ease position, the new CIO was a mountain of a man. “We have a joke back home about being corn fed to achiever your stature but you are from the Nordic region of Earth correct?”

“Yes, Ma’am” Peter said with a polite smile “Iceland, a small island in the north Atlantic”

“It was one of the few things I could read that wasn’t redacted in your file.” Kelly hoped the man had a sense of humor. It was her firm belief that people without a sense of humor tended to be people one shouldn’t trust. Humor was also a sign of intelligence and everything about this man, from the reports she read and discussions she had, spoke highly of him.

Kelly Bordeaux

Peter chuckled “With a Captains clearance there should be few things in my file truly redacted, most of the redacted stuff is from when I left the service after the war, went private. Intelligence decided to keep an eye on me, did a few odd jobs for them” he said lightly.


“Yes but those are the most interesting things…aren’t they,” she said with humor in her tone. It was clear she wasn’t pressing but intrigued. “So what brought you back to the rank and file,” she gestured to one of the open chairs as she took a seat at her desk. She could look up the details in his dossier but that never really interested Kelly. Career information told someone one of two things: if they were overachievers or underachievers. Since Peter was a senior staffer that meant he was the former however what he wanted to share was almost as important as what he said.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

“I spent the better part of a decade after the war on a private vessel the SS Tranquility, by the end we’d gained some manner of wealth and influence but the gathering of wealth isn’t much of a Human obsession anymore so when I’d gone as far as I could I was offered a position as Security Chief on the USS Curie, It felt right to return to the fleet.” Peter said honestly “I did some work my final year as Captain of the Tranquility for Intelligence and most of my crew retired, most of them either moved home, bought a small moon or a space station. I think my former chief engineer purchased a Ferengi trading corporation and spends most of his time working as a janitor, strange fellow” he smiled at the thought.


“A janitor huh,” she let out a small chuckle. She did not know if Peter was being coy or informative. “I have heard of people taking a new career path but that is one for the books.” Kelly’s background was security not intelligence but that did not mean she hadn’t learned the value of blending in when needed. Nobody ever looked at the people they assumed were beneath them. This was why so many sting operations used professions like wait staff, store clerks, and janitors. These were the people no one ever gave a second glance to but these people were in positions to observe everything. “I have debated about what I would do after all of this,” she gestured around the room, “but I am not sure dirt side holds enough excitement yet.”

“Do you think the Atlantis is going to hold enough excitement to hold you here?” The question was open-ended and neutral. The man had a very action-oriented career and at times the Atlantis could be the equivalent of a sleepy small town. Although she requested him for the position of security chief, Peter had a choice of accepting it on some level. Kelly wondered why.

Kelly Bordeaux

Peter let out a slight snort at her question “I was only twenty-five when the Borg attacked Earth, I was assigned as Security Chief on the Morton during the battle, manning Tactical. Then not long after the Dominion War broke out. Officially I only fought in a few small skirmishes” He paused “But I was there when Betazed was liberated, boots on ground for Intelligence assigned to a detachment of Marines” It was one the few assignments he could openly speak with to Command staff without special permission “I saw enough action in those three years to last me a lifetime. When I returned I served on the Curie, that was fairly standard not much excitement so I don’t think that the Atlantis will be too slow for me” He chuckled “Besides, I think one of my ex-wife’s found out that I was on the Viking so swapping fleets was a good idea” He said wrily.



“Gotta love the Ex’s,” Kelly let out a laugh gesturing around the highly eclectic items in her office. “My first husband was friends with his lovely twenty something co-host Cynamon Smith.” The buxom red head with a brilliant smile was the poster girl for most teen boys and college kids in the federation. Somehow on each episode of Man Vs Universe Cynamon was able to find a way to either be soaked or have her shirt ripped to appear like a jungle temptress or beach bunny fresh from a dip in the ocean. Between her and Kelly’s ex-husband Ric Erins the show had enough eye candy to make teens and those barely out of their teens to care about geography and history.

“So on a bender one night Dante and a few of us from the academy broke into my house stole a whole bunch of community property that is still in dispute” she air quoted the words. It was obvious none of the items were actually stolen but adorning her walls and shelves. “At least for me with the Atlantis moving Ric can’t just drop by. How amicable did you all end ?”

Kelly Bordeaux


Peter shrugged “Well enough there isn’t any true animosity, badly enough that she likes to drop by and make my life difficult.” He said with an amused expression “My first wife and I did end very amicably enough to have pleasant words on occation…” He paused “Third not so much” He shivered slightly at the thought.


“Well, we can make sure there is a training drill for wife 2.0 and 3.0 if you want when they drop by if you leave their names with security. Full body strip search drills are just the thing that says ‘sure come aboard…if you dare. We all have someone we would rather get a warning about arriving.” Kelly shrugged it off as if it was nothing.

“Captain Niles Primrose just got the training drill. We took it all the way down to hair and urine samples for that extra added excitement. He did not find it amusing but I sure as hell did. I am going to be blunt about this to save us that awkward moment if we are not on the same page. Niles Primrose is an idiot. He wasn’t probably able to climb the nepotism ladder laid out for him and had to use the elevator. The only reason he is on the ship is that I have not found a good reason to throw him off or a plausible reason to explain why he was blown out of an airlock…for now.” Kelly did not pull any punches with Peter on her disdain for the slimy little man on her ship. If Peter had a different response it was better to hear it now than later.

Kelly Bordeaux

Peter gave a slight chuckle at that “You almost had your wish a few minutes ago, I think he believes me an ally. Fool man came as close to having his head torn off as a man can get” He said with a bemused shake of his head “If you don’t mind I think I’ll keep an eye on him, although lacking intelligence and no shortage of arrogance he can still be a nuisance if not dealt with properly.”


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