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Posted by Commander Garinder’Jen th’Jir (Executive Officer) in Bridge Main Sim

Posted by Gamemaster Deus Ex Machina (GM) in Bridge Main Sim
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=^=Norg to Bridge=^= “Its a Communistic society, well… sort of.” he said as he delved into relevant data ” Rather than placing value on an individual for their own capability, its a tiered system were work and goods are awarded a value and then that value is placed in energy credits evenly among the tier, in this case Work Credits. The downside means that we don’t really have the ability to replicate the difference given we have no idea what particular coding they use.” he paused as things came into motion “If we could manage to generate an expectation given what we are about to trade is state of the art versus their perceived as limited technology. We could increase the value of our traded items considerably, but it would have to be done quietly. Anything we try to up sale would be instantly disregarded because we have to trust to use as currency, what we need is a mouthpiece.” =^= End Transmission=^=

Norg, civ

=^= Thank you Norg. That is a good idea - stepped technology. Trading functional rather than state of the art. =^=

Back to the Captain. =^= Captain, what would a cargo transporter be worth to them? It would help them vastly in transporting non-biological goods and even in ship building, component fixes and more. It would be an upgrade in their computer storage technology, power distribution and introduce transporter technology without it being state of the art tech with biological or personnel transport. And gives them the ability to expand their technology in exploration. =^=
- Jen, XO

=/\=I will ask them. Good call. To be fair I didn’t contemplate the power compatibility. I will keep you informed but I am getting back to the table. I will contact you when it’s over. Bordeaux out.=/\=

Bordeaux CO

Just before the Captain slipped way he said, =^= Norg has volunteered to assist you in your negotiations. =^=

=/\=The Ferengi civilian,=/\= The shock and surprise was clear in Kelly’s voice. Ferengi were the master negotiators at times. On some level the thought amused her. Hell Norg might even end up with the people from Base Five giving them stuff instead of the other way around. =/\=Send him=/\= Kelly replied. Jen was tactically brilliant. If he was suggesting this it meant there was a purpose.

Kelly Bordeaux

=^= Acknowledged. Will send him along at once. =^= Jen replied. =^= Will he be met at the station for escort to you? =^=

=/\=I will make it happen=/\= Kelly replied into the comm.
Kelly Bordeaux

=^= Norg, you’ve found your place as a .. mouthpiece in the team. Report to the station docking platform to join the Captain. =^=
- Jen, XO

While Jen awaited the scans of the century old unform that he, at this moment, had no dream of it’s existence, he stretched. He was getting old, at least to him, and he needed to prove it by going on one of his runs again. He had not done that since they had come into this area of space which, admittedly, was not ‘that’ long ago but still long enough that he missed it. There should be a retractable bar here on the bridge where he could lower it to do chin ups, or a treadmill in the back for just these times where the shift was long and they were staring at a station wondering how the haggling was going down below.

He was sure that the pirates had done the work asked of them in making repairs, though the irradiated columns and supports they put in bothered him. It was a large ‘you are here’ sign but to whom? Surely not the pirates. They could do laps around them. To have an entire carrier at their disposal with fighters and a base - albeit looking a bit worse for wear after the ‘Darkness’ shot at them, they had to have a sponsor. Jen was not naïve enough to suggest that they bought it and built it out of their pillages under the noses of all these races. It was likely them that they did this for and they needed to keep an eye out. They were more dangerous to the Atlantis than the Darkness. The latter was a random chaos event that they found they could outrun. The former was calculating and likely even now plotting. So they needed to do the same.

=^= Jen to Department Officers aboard. Report to the bridge for assignment. =^=
Jen, XO

OOC: That would be any rostered folks who are NOT on the station .. gene

OOC: Like your favourite nail collecting Security Ensign?
OOC: This is quite .. an interesting obsession :)
OOC: Yeah, I don’t know how I came up with it to be honest. But when your least weird character is a sentient ostrich obsessed with death … I had to come up with something to make Anjo … unique.

IC: Anjo was patrolling the ship on deck 3 and deck 4, specifically around the quarters of the CO, XO and Department Heads … it wouldn’t do if any of their quarters had been left unlock and any nail clippings were left unattended, they could be mistaken for rubbish and sent into the recycling and reclamation system on board the Atlantis instead of into Anjo’s collection, and that would be a shame.

Hearing the voice of the XO over his combadge, Anjo tapped it and said, =/\= Ensign Kiwa, Security on his way. =/\=

A short turbolift ride later saw Anjo stepping out onto the bridge.

“Anjo Kiwa, Security reporting as ordered for assignment,” he said to the Andorian in the commander pips. An Orion COS and an Andorian XO, they would have interesting nail clippings to add to Anjo’s collection.

  • Ensign Kiwa, Sec

Jen had been looking at his nails. They seemed ready for a trim. The things that one thought of when one was waiting. Perhaps the next step in technology would simply be local transmat places for more instantaneous travel. “Ensign, good,” he said. “We may have a ..” The comms interrupted him.

“Nail emergency,” Anjoy suggested in a low voice.

Jen’s antennae picked up the vibrations suggesting Anjoy said something but wasn’t sure what. Evidently it didn’t matter to the conversation and Jen’s mind was on the task. Perhaps that was for the best.

Looking at Tenzig, Kelly tapped her comm badge. =/\=. Jen sending you a tricorder scan. Confirm authenticity and cross match it with any vessels that disappeared in the same time it was not a piece of history. =/\=. As if an afterthought she added. =/\= send the scans to medical and see if by chance there is any residual DNA left on it=/\= It was a long chance but dinosaurs sat under rock and dirt for millions of years and at times they still found some.

=/\= And are you holding a raffle about who is combing over to the base? =/\=. Kelly wasn’t sure if they would let her take the coat but there was a solid argument that since it belonged to them they could take it back. If she needed she would recite some of that historial and cultural significance loop hole everyone seemed to throw about when they didn’t want to give something up.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

=^= Delays are more due to an extended rock, paper and scissors element, Captain =^= Jen replied, trying to fathom what she meant by that. =^= Data received. =^= He looked over at Anjo motioning him to come over to see it. =^= We’ll get back to you after an analysis. =^=

“What do you make of this? What era do you place this uniform?” he asked. It was evidently Fleet. While Jen could tell you marine uniform changes going way back, Navy was a mystery.
- Jen, XO

The fragment was an inner bulkhead fragment consistent with Star-Fleet manufacturing of the 2250s-2290s. There was microscopic coding on the fragment that indicated that the part was installed at Utopia Planitia the date of the install wasn’t found on the part they had. Routine scans indicated that the part was close to 100 years old, but the deterioration of the material was very inconsistent (fire exposure, space, and then storage) and thus made hard dating tough.

The uniform part revealed about the same details about the age it was created, but narrowed the time frame to the 2275-2285. The ship was not encoded in the uniform which was not uncommon especially if the uniform was not assigned to a ship or a person on that ship.


“I was roomed with a Vulcan who had an obsession with the history of Starfleet uniforms, while at the Academy” Anjo said, “he graciously gifted me with some of his nails … even though he found it ‘extremely illogical’ that I would collect them. He gave lectures many nights on the uniforms. See the colours and the way the department colours join the black, and the piping here,” Anjo pointed to the monitor they were both viewing and enlarged it, “I think that this indicates the time frame for the uniform falls between the time frame of 2275 to 2285.” He looked at it closely, and looked at Jen, confusion on his face, “the uniform does not encode a ship within this fragment of the uniform. That suggests that the officer who wore it may not be assigned to a ship or an officer assigned to a ship. Maybe we could … look at the record of Federation ships from that time who were lost or damaged in this area of space to try to work out possible candidates for this.”

Jen was very nearly about to say, “My condolences,” in relation to rooming with a Vulcan. They had the strangest fetishes that they would call ‘logical’, of course. That thought was segmented when Anjo had mentioned nails, which seemed a bizarre thing to collect. He wondered if he had different kinds of nails .. iron, bronze, well, the ice nails of the Nol’a Glacier nomads on Andor was unlikely. Bringing his mind back to task he peered in at the uniform, squinting to look at the details. “A ten year spread, and decidedly a Starfleet ship, I think we can assume. I can’t see anyone voluntarily wearing one on a civilian ship.”

He looked at the bulkhead fragment. “I’m sure you see the fire damage and the damage from space, Sir,” Anjo said to Jen, “and I’m sure that they weren’t very careful with the storage of it, from a visuall inspection. An engineer or a scientist might be able to give better advice on it … but if the uniform is indeed from 2275 to 2285, it is likely the bulkhead fragment would be from the same, or slightly earlier, period.”

  • Ensign Kiwa, Sec

“It does look worse for wear,” Jen said. Rather like a bunker that had been hit hard. “In that time there weren’t as many ships out there in Starfleet as now. One missing perhaps mysteriously I would hope would show up.” He nodded. “Do a search for missing ships.”

He turned to the Orb. “Orb, in this quadrant are there particular locations where there have been mysterious spatial anomalies such as wormholes or other events, and this back about a hundred to a hundred and fifty years ago?”
- Jen, XO

“Data from 150 years ago is not particularly accurate, but within the ability of the Lorn to scan there has been over 3,000 spatial anomalies during the past 150 years. There were 14 recorded during the time frame of 149.5 - 150.5 years ago. The Dumass Point,, Kilido Spectrum and the Millisecond tranversion were are micro anomalies that lasted less than 1 second and/or were smaller than 1 meter in size. The Hum-vary Incursion, Para-Point Flexion, and Hourglass Incident were of over 200 meters in opening and lasted over 2 minutes. The other anomalies were detectable but not named either due to insufficient data or extreme distance.”


“Well, aren’t they diligent,” Jen muttered, glancing at Anjo and repressing a sigh. “Suggestions, Ensign Kiwa? Should we look at that time spread the Orb suggested, or widen the date range? And if so, how far?”

=^= Jen to Captain. Was there a quadrant or rough location of where these fragments were located? We’re utilizing the Orb to define spatial anomalies detected around the age of the fragments. And the Lorn appear quite diligent on detecting them. =^=
- Jen, XO

OOC: little cutting and pasting.

“Tell the orb it was found in the Bryast System. It was only a territory of the group called the nine,” Kelly did not miss a beat when Hammon did not volunteer the info in sharing it with her XO. Looking at Hammond, Kelly leaned back in her chair and took a sip of her beverage. “So why would anyone want to give up a good space lane? Was it due to the darkness?”

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Presuming the question was asked: The Orb glowed its fairly impressive purple for a moment as it added the data. “There was no recorded anomoly during the time frame referenced, however 142.2 years in the past an energy pulse with no identified power source occurred in the Bryast system. The power flux was significant enough to have lead to a subspace vortex of some sort. However there is a vast number of other phenomena that could have projected that level of power.”


Jen’s mind was moving though his face was impassive. Only his antennae shifted about. “Close enough for me in time,” he murmured. Turning to Anjo he asked, “Does 142.2 years follow in the line of these style of uniforms being worn?

The ship part and uniform was consistent with the time frame.

=^= Computer, is there any Fleet record of a Starfleet ship going missing 142.2 years ago? =^=

“Working, the computer responded”
USS Okudo - lost due to unknown space phenomenon
USS Pegasus - lost due to pirate action
USS Reliant - Lost due to Classified Science Accident
USS. Robin - Missing In Action
USS Greyhound - Missing In Action
USS DeMilo - Lost Due to Klingon Engagement
USS Grissom - Lost Due to Klingon Engagement
USS Enterprise - Lost Due to Klingon Engagement
USS Clarke - Lost Due to space phenomenon
USS Cayugo - Lost Due to Unknown Race
USS Sarajevo - Lost Due Self-Destruct
USS Valdemar - Lost Due to Incurable Diease, still on ‘patrol’

=^= Captain, the Orb confirms that 142.2 years ago three was an energy pulse with no identified power source that originated in the Bryast system. We are correlating uniform style and missing ships from that era. =^=

Jen, XO

That was a lot of ships lost. Right now, were ‘they’ one of them on the list for right now according to Starfleet? They could remove the pirate action and accidents and Klingons. That left four – The Robin, Greyhound, Clarke and Okudo. Space phenomenon? Interesting.

=^= Computer, relating to the Space Phenomenon losses of the Clarke and Okudo, were those losses documented and witnessed? What kind of phenomenon were they? =^= The missing in action would suggest something explained given they seemed to have had Klingon issues at that time.

Either way they would need to go to that location and see for themselves. This was an academic exercise to try to explain a missing ship from long ago. But the Darkness was there. What did that mean? Did the ship get lost through a wormhole of sorts only to get destroyed by the Darkness? And why would the Darkness have a nest at all if they were solitary ravagers of chaos? Unless they weren’t as chaotic as they led others to believe? They wouldn’t be the only civilization which based their ideology on causing chaos and destruction. For all they knew their ‘wandering ships’ could be a ‘coming of age’ ritual.
Jen, XO

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