Tick Tick Boom…Atlantis Bridge…When the past doesn’t match the future or the present.

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Posted by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Tick Tick Boom…Atlantis Bridge…When the past doesn’t match the future or the present.

Posted by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Tick Tick Boom…Atlantis Bridge…When the past doesn’t match the future or the present.

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=/\=Command we have an intruder=/\= one of the voices called out only to be met with silence. Across the levels of the ship, the comms agent on the bridge was successfully diverting any internal chatter about the mission to Aimee’s control center instead of its intended target. The plea was only heard by her in her earpiece for now. Sending a side glance to the agent at the engineering panel on the bridge, she knew the man was already suppressing the alarms in the Brig so that when the officers deployed their weapons it would not show up. Right now it was mission critical, they had to buy enough time for the asset to free the Elders. Once the Elders were free, there was going to be nothing they could do to stop the rest of the Altantis from finding out about the mission.

The Engineering officer held his breath for a half second knowing that weapons fire was occurring but the hack was holding.

=/\= Ian and Rinker. I hate you. Why did you lie to me when I trusted you.=/\= her voice blared out of the comm badges worn by both Ian and Rinker. The comms agent immediately tried to stop the transmission but it was too late. The engineering officer heard the transmission also and immediately locked down the room the senior staff was in cutting all their comm badges. This was always the plan but hopefully they would just ignore the child’s response before the second phase of the mission began.

=^=Computer why is my comm badge inactive.=^= Rinker’s voice came through the comm’s agent earpiece.

=/\=Commander Rinker=/\= the voice from the counter agent comm’s officer placed on the bridge replied back.

“So anyone get the score on the game last night between the Moon Rakers and Saturn Ringers? ” The comment from the engineer at his station was just to create background banter so the comms agent could send her message to those about to be locked in the conference room.

=/\=We are currently having issues with a solar storm. It is being addressed. Can I help you with something=/\= Her voice was not unknown to the senior staff but had just transferred over about a month ago?

“I got fifty credits riding on that game that I don’t have,” the engineer joked with a good-natured laugh as he began to do his part of the counter-insurgent operation.

Her response was transmitted to the rest of the counter-insurgent team causing several things to happen. The security feed of Jessa’s sick bay room would show the holographic image of Jessa in bed sleeping. This would only hold up until someone went into the room to wake her and their hand passed through the body. The counter-insurgent team’s engineers were locking down the conference room the senior staff was currently using as if it was a brig. All comms would be dead for those officers in the room, the exit from the room to the bridge would be fused shut, and a forcefield put up to try and delay the chief engineer from getting to the panel. Keeping everyone in the dark was never going to last forever. The counter-insurgent team was lucky it had lasted this long. The best they could do was try and delay the senior staff from working against them. The most they could hope for was no one on the bridge seemed to notice.

=/\=Well I am not sure what to say=/\= the comms agent kept her tone neutral and light making sure she no longer used his rank or name to clue in who she was talking to. =/\=My suggestion would be to take it up with engineering at your first possible convenience.=/\= As if to play down the conversation she rolled her eyes and glanced at the engineering officer. So far their luck was holding out far better than they anticipated. The mission was almost twelve minutes underway and no one suspected a thing until now. Why Aimee and the command team didn’t just anesthizine the lot in the conference room was beyond her. Loose ends tended to unravel no matter how you tried to seal them off.

Counter insurgent comms and engineering officers

As the klaxons began to blare the comms officer and the engineering officer realized the mission was finally becoming public knowledge. Reaching into their pocket, they each pulled out a small concealed phaser. There was no ship attacking. The threat was internal so the two counter-insurgent officers immediately took out the tactical officer and security officers on the bridge. Since they were the only two officers armed, it made taking out the rest of the bridge crew like shooting objects in a shooting gallery. The officers on duty were trapped in a confined space and the two agents picked them off one by one until everybody was stunned and unconscious.

The timing was perfect as the comms and engineering agents secured the room before seeing the conference room doors finally slide open. “You have had more time to put together what’s going on than these guys,” she waved her phaser at the group now stunned and slumped over various consoles around the room. “Do not test our convictions Sirs,” she addressed the group standing in the conference room door. “Hands up, file in, and then please take a seat under the viewport because we will shoot you and never think twice. There is no reason for heroics. Your cooperation is appreciated,” the small petite coms agent replied.

=/\=Do not lie to me. What did you stand to lose by not letting me see the Elders?=/\= Jessa’s voice blared through the comms as the sound of weapons fire echoed in the background. Soft dinging sounds interrupted the static as phaser shots ricocheted off her armor. =/\=Was Rogan injured when you were talking to him?=/\=

“Don’t answer that until I get clearance for you to speak to her,” the comms agent said leaning against the console, tapping a finger to the device in her ear. No one had anticipated Jessa having a comm badge. “Hand it over. When I get the clearance you can have it back.”

As much as Ian wanted to deal with Jessa, he had a bigger issue. For now, Rinker could handle Jessa. He needed to work with the rest of the senior staff in getting control of the bridge back. “Nash if we get you to the control panel can you take back what they have overridden?”

“Styxx, we need you to take out the engineering agent first. We don’t want to give anyone enough time to vent the room of oxygen or something more creative. Don’t move until we are all ready,” Ian said to the Marine captain.

Jessa Novar

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