Tick Tick Boom The Promenade - Jessa...when the past doesn't match the future or the present

Posted Sept. 19, 2022, 3:45 p.m. by Ensign Samuel Andrew McIntyre (Security officer) (Patrick McGarry)

Posted by Civilian Jessa Novar (Child) in Tick Tick Boom The Promenade - Jessa…when the past doesn’t match the future or the present

Almost as soon as the lights faded, so did the slight sensation of falling. Jessa was no longer in Marine County but someplace new. Silently she cursed the transporters and the ease at which they could move people from one place to another effortlessly. The eerie silence of the captured security officers was replaced with sounds of confusion and chaos. The klaxons and red lights were only adding tension and fear to the situation for both Jessa and the people trapped in the space. The battle drug was heightening the anxiety and panic threatening to consume Jessa when she realized she was alone again. “Quad report,” she spoke into her helmet trying to ascertain where the rest of her group was.

Communication systems are currently disabled. Unable to translate written alien language at this time. Armor at 72 percent. Repairs in progress. The AI system of her armor responded.

Tapping the side of her neck, the armor slid back. She prayed that no one saw her appear in the chaos. At least for the moment, she looked just like them minus the armor bracelet and small disk attached to her neck where her armor was now housed. For the first time since arriving on the Atlantic, she was glad not to be wearing her Guardian robes. Closing her eyes, Jessa took a calming breath as she tried to think about what to do next. “There once was a ship that put to sea,” she whispered the song that had always helped settle her as she watched a large group of people trying to get out of the space. There seemed to be an invisible forcefield keeping everyone contained. Moving back as far as she could, Jessa brought up her wrist. The large hand cuff-like bracelet was the only part of her armor that remained.

Translate and scan she spoke in a soft tone. Numerous holo displays began to process her request as data appeared in a holographic form above the bracelet indicating the probability of weapons, the makeup of the humanoids in the space, and her surroundings.

Weapons - 18 probable weapons detected. Females are 52% of the population. Males are 48% of the population. The estimated age of the population sample is twenty-five with 30% of the sample being juveniles. Environment - rejuvenation complex. Threat assessment- mild.

The area looked familiar from the tour by the large green security officer. The space was large and appeared to be an eating facility of some sort. Brightly colored advertisements lined most of the walls showing different things to eat. Several large panels were showing the image of a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in the center. Under it was two words. “Sah… Utah…ahh uh..ah…all…mmm,” Jessa tried to sound out the letters. Not knowing enough of their language made it far more challenging than most adults would realize. “Stah..ah call…mmm. Calm. Stay calm. Stay calm,” she announced finally figuring out what the message said loud enough to be noticed if anyone was paying attention.

The message however did the exact opposite. If they had all been captured, there would be no reason to give the populace orders. If they had all been captured, reason would dictate that the Atlantis crew would have placed them in the prison again. Panic threatened to consume her as Jessa noticed all the people now trapped with her. If they were trapped with her, others would be trapped with the Elders. Her breathing and heart rate spiked as if she were running a race and not standing in place.

Jessa Novar

As if on cue, all of the monitors lining the walls of the eating area switched from the warning sign staying calm to another message.
Attention crew of the Atlantis. Four individuals have escaped the brig. They are armed and dangerous. Lethal force is authorized. Ian’s message was followed by frontal and profile images of each of the four aliens.

Jessa felt her heart sink and a knot form in her belly. The battle drug circulating through her system made her mind waffle between curling up in a corner to cry and physically forcing someone in the room to take her to Ian or Rinker. She could not let one of her comrades die here and yet Jessa could not let there be a repeat of Halston. Jessa took a step forward from her small hiding spot near the support column and stared at her image as if in a stupor with a blank stare. The nanites were controlling the physical effects of sweating, increased heart rate, and labored speech. Nothing could control the confusion and disorientation Jessa was feeling. Controlling that only can with time experiencing the battle drug. =/\=Ian…Rinker=/\= she tapped the comm badge but only heard dead silence as both men were being transported by Nash to different spaces on the Promenade. This exacerbated Jessa’s anxiety and paranoia to new levels.

Raising her wrist to her face, Jessa blurted out, “Mech’s locked to civil defense mode.” Since she had calibrated the Mechs to her armor before leaving the Beacon of Hope her commands would supersede that of the rest of the Quad. It was purely tactical because if one of the Quad was rendered incapacitated, the other members of the Quad could control the Mechs as if they were pieces of a vast chest game. Rogan, Zala, and Da Mu would not be pleased to see the Mechs were no longer in defense mode but they had more than enough firepower to defend and protect themselves until Jessa got there.

Sam made his way through the food court and shopping centers that were on the Atlantis, He was carrying a phaser sidearm and assault rifle due to the upgraded crisis aboard the ship. He nodded at the green security officer as he passed by him and stopped as he noticed a civilian child and tapped his comm badge.
=/\= This is Ensign Samuel McIntyre of Security I’m in the Shopping and food court area of the ship on patrol. And I’ve got eyes on the civilian child Jessa Novar. Does anyone copy Captain Styxx or Captain Bordeaux please copy =/\=
Sam stood there and awaited a response as he kept his eyes on the child.

McIntyre Security Officer

=/\=Yep…this is Lt. O’Neill.=/\= A voice came through McIntryre’s comm badge. =/\=It seems our pint-sized Ironman got some kinda outside help. The Promenade is locked down. Security forces are working on trying to gain entry but what is stopping you from leaving is preventing us from entering. The nerds in engineering think we can use the Jefferies tube to get people out until we can get the forcefield down. ETA for reinforcements five minutes.=/\=.

Jessa Novar

=/\= Sam to Lt.O’Neill =/\= Copy on the reinforcements Lt. Y’all stay safe and I will keep an eye on the child till then. Awh crap the mechs in the area have been locked to civilian defense mode =/\=.

McIntyre Security Officer

Jessa needed to get out of the area and fast. The longer she waited, the worse things would get. You can’t stop me so who’s going to stop me, she repeated the words Adar Vyce spoke so long ago. The quote was not to one person but the universe. She had come here with an objective and she would fulfill it. Jessa looked at the large entrance to the eating area. That was the way out. Slowly but purposefully she began to make her way out of the area.

Jessa Novar

Sam started to move quietly across the food court to keep an eye on Jessa until reinforcements arrived but knowing she was unstable and looking to escape the area from her movements and body language. But maybe there was another way he thought to himself maybe she is hungry. Sam would get closer but not too close as he called out to her.
” Jessa !! Stop there is no need to run no one is going to hurt you at all so how about we calm down and find something for ya to eat? Ya gotta be a hungry right kid?” Sam spoke out to the child.

McIntyre Security Officer

Jerking her neck to the side, instantly brought up her armor except for her face plate. . It covered her body in overlapping scales until it fully enveloped her. Turning she brought up her fists and pointed them at the officer. The wrists glowed a bright yellow as if there were weapons instead of hands. “If no one is going to hurt me then I can walk out these doors, right? If we are all friends then I can get something to eat any time I want and not just when you decided to bestow me with food or trinkets or clothes. So why the Triffing drak do I need to calm down?” Jessa’s speech was full of emotion, agitated, and anger. She slowly moved backward trying to keep her distance from McIntyre as she continued to move toward the entrance.

Jessa Novar

Sam noticed the armor activate towards her neck and the yellow glow from the weapons on her wrist and her movement towards the entrance.

“What I need is for you to mind your own triffing business and just keep strolling around like you have nowhere to go and all day to get there. That is what you do on patrol isn’t it?” Jessa felt bolder and more anxious in the armor. Her heart was pounding out of her chest as she spared a glance over her should trying to judge how close she was to escape. She could easily take the man out but he would not just lie down and accept his defeat. This meant he could be hurt and that was the last thing she wanted.

” Yes normally that would be true and I’m gonna ask you to lower your weapons young lady once.” As Sam moved closer to the entrance following Jessa’s movements closely and taking his rifle off safety. And tapped his badge

Jessa saw the hand movement and while she did not know what it meant, it was purposeful which meant it was not in her best interest. “You lower your weapons,” she snapped back wrinkling up her forehead in a far more teen than terrorist manner. Her tone was challenging but more reminiscent of two kids on a playground than two warriors about to fight.

=/\= McIntyre to anyone. The Child is trying to escape my current location and has become hostile Awaiting orders.=/\=.

McIntyre Security Officer

“Becoming hostile,” Jessa squeaked out full of indignation. “I was not the one that threw us into your security area where you tried to blow me full of holes like Kalwissen Cheese? I am not the one doing that....thing to you,” she paused long enough to hear the internal comms in her armor, “turning your weapon to live fire mode.” There was no way Jessa would have known what Sam had done without being told. “I am not the one that kidnapped us from the Beacon of Hope the second we opened up communications.” Jessa dropped her hands as she pointed at her chest. The yellow glow meant they were still armed just not pointing at anyone but her for the moment.

“I am not the one that locked us up with no access to adjudicators or access to,” her voice trailed off as it began to fill with emotion. The battle drug was making her far more on edge than normal. Feelings of paranoia were threatening to engulf her. Taking a deep breath she scanned the room looking for a way to control the situation. Behind Sam were just tables, civilians, and security forces that were slowly taking up defensive positions anywhere they could.

“Tell your men to stand down. I just want to get to my friends and off this varping ship.” Jessa contained to walk back slowly.

Jessa Novar

” You may wanna get your friends off this ship but one that is not my call and second ya need to calm down I won’t do this if I don’t have to but don’t give me a reason to do so. Third telling them to stand down when there are nonhostile civilians in the area isn’t gonna happen and is also not my call and four I’m gonna ask you to power down your armor and weapons and you can slowly come towards me with your fingers interlocked behind your head.” Sam stepped closer to Jessa still on guard and weapon at the ready. Before yelling back to the other security personnel ” KEEP THOSE CIVILIANS SAFE AND BACK OUTTA HARMS WAY NOW AND KEEP WEAPONS AT THE READY!!” Sam laser-focused on Jessa and her movements.

McIntyre Security Officer

Seeing Sam walk toward her, she brought her arms back in a defensive position. “Do not come any closer!” Jessa looked around the room at everyone aiming at her but the faces she wanted to see were absent. They had always been there anytime she was in trouble or was that an illusion? Ian was not there when she had been thrown into the brig. Rinker did not come when she broke her arm. Aimee stated Jessa had friends but so far all the so-called friends had done was place her in situations that were out of her control.

“I am sorry. I can not do that,” she said without hesitation. Stopping moving backward Jessa took a deep breath and tried to stand more erect. “I am Guardian Novar. If you do not lay down your weapons and put your hands behind your head I will have to take action and subdue you. Deploy initial Mechs,” she stated. Her armor reacted and from a small compartment, two dozen pea-sized metal balls tumbled to the ground. After the first bounce, the balls appeared to melt and then grow expanding exponentially until twenty-four bullet-sized objects formed a defensive line on either side of her. A yellow glow that matched the color of her armored cuffs seemed to pulse like a heart in the center of each Mech. “Mech’s hold position until given my command.” Jessa hoped that her show of force would produce a stalemate between the two forces. It would buy her some time to figure a way out of here.

Jessa Novar

Sam stopped dead in his tracks as he saw what the child was doing. And took a defensive position behind a table where he still had a lock on Jessa as she spoke, when she was finished Sam replied to he’d statement.
” Then I’m sorry Jessa for we will not drop our weapons nor place our hands behind our heads lady. We will not surrender to terrorists nor allow you to start a war with the UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS. And honestly, we could give to rats asses if you are a guardian of whatever or a goddamn admiral your actions are that of a terrorist and a bloody child in need of a serious attitude adjustment. ALL PERSONNEL READY WEAPONS AND HOLD THOUGHS DAMN MECHS OFF.”
Sam readied his weapon at the mechs and Jessa with his weapon locked on target.
” Last chance princess to stand the HELL DOWN!! Or your will leave me no choice.”

McIntyre Security Officer

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