Meeting the capten (check ins)

Posted Sept. 25, 2022, 5:29 p.m. by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) (Kate O'Neill)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Tigress (Science Officer) in Meeting the capten (check ins)

Posted by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Meeting the capten (check ins)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Tigress (Science Officer) in Meeting the capten (check ins)
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Finally she was back in science and glad to be on this new ship. Sure is was a step down but she had not enjoyed being a chief engineer. Her mechanical cat Quinn was right behind her she had worked out most of his issues. There were still a few programming things to work out but she had time.

Finally arriving at the captens offices she took a deep breath and rang the chime.
LT Tigress

“Come in,” Kelly rubbed her forehead feeling the tension of her last call starting to build in her neck and shoulders. This had been the longest month of her life. At least there were little things like crew one on ones that were the upside of her day.

“Lt. Tigress,” she greeted the science officer. “Please come in can I get you anything from the replicator?”

Kelly Bordeaux CO

” No thank you Ma’am,” Tigress said with a smile. Quinn walked into the room right behind her. The pare was definitely unusual. tigress looked much like a wight tiger with bright gold eyes. Quinn was a little mechanical cat. ” How has your day been Captain” She asked.

LT Tigress

“Much more interesting now,” Kelly looked at the cat following in the Caitain. “Comfort pet? Robotic genius or some percentage of both?” Kelly wasn’t sure why the mechanical cat was following around the science officer but it did pique her interest.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Tiger is smiled ” Hes a work in progress in slowed him to follow me so he can learn” She said.

” Hi im Quinn” The cat said.
LT Tigress


“And it talks,” Kelly smiled. “That is pretty advanced AI,” she commented. “Please ignore the pun but is this a pet project?”

Kelly Bordeaux CO

” Yes he is” She said with a smile.

” I’m not a pet” Quinn protested. Which got a giggle from Tigress.
LT Tigress

“What is pie,” Kelly asked Quinn. Depending on it’s answer would tell Kelly a great many things.

Kelly Bordeaux

” The is several kinds of pie the ones that people eat and the number which are you referring to” Quinn asked tilting his head sidways.
LT Tigress

“What kinda of pie do you like Quinn,” Kelly smiled at him and cast a small glance at Tigress.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

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