Boarding and Reporting Into CO

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Posted by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Boarding and Reporting Into CO

Posted by Ensign Samuel Andrew McIntyre (Security officer) in Boarding and Reporting Into CO
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Ensign Samuel A. McIntyre Security
USS Atlantis Stardate: 2398
Docking bay and USS Atlantis Ready Room

A small Starfleet shuttlecraft approached the large mythology class vessel known as the USS Atlantis. The shuttlecraft docked in the large docking bay and the side doors of the craft hissed open and a young man in his late 20s stepped out, carrying a duffle and a data pad. He made his way to the ship’s elevator, when it opened he stepped in and pushed a button to take him to the ship’s ready room.
When the elevator finally opened again the young man stepped out and took a left down the hallway until he reached a set of doors and above it said USS Atlantis Ready Room, The doors dinged open and the man walked through and the doors hissed shut behind him. Standing in front of him was the ship’s, Captain.

IC: * Placed his duffle on the floor beside him still holding the data pad stood at attention and saluted.*
” Ensign Samuel McIntyre reporting for duty Captain Bordeaux!”

Ensign Samuel A. McIntyre

Kelly stopped mid-sip with her coffee and looked at the young officer with a slightly bemused expression. Swallowing the ship of coffee she let a smile spread across her face. “Well, that was an energetic greeting. Tell me any chance you were once in the marines or thought about being a Marine, Ensign Samuel McIntyre?” It was clear that Kelly was amused by the greeting and not upset. She loved his confidence and enthusiasm. It was something only younger officers seemed to possess. She gestured to a seat across from her desk inviting the man with a gesture to sit down.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Sam handed the captain his datapad before speaking again. ” 6yrs of Marine duty before my transfer to Starfleet Captain,” Sam replied to his CO.

McIntyre Security Officer

Kelly took the PaDD and nodded. All departments in Starfleet were unique and Marines were no different. They tended to be far more by the book than any other department. Their lives were but on rigidity in a sense. They needed to follow orders that most other officers would say F-that to without hesitation or question. This tended to make them more formal at times. “Take a seat. Coffee,” she asked in far more of a clipped tone than she usually did. Over the years, she had found out it was best to bring out crazy Kelly slowly.

Kelly Bordeaux

Sam watch his CO carefully and took a seat went it was offered to him. ” Yes mam coffee would be nice,” Sam replied.

McIntyre Security Officer

“Do you take it black?” Kelly stood up and walked to the replicator. Getting his order she brought it back and handed it to him. Sitting down at her desk she waved her hand over a small disk and instantly had a cup appear as if transported there. Looking up she smiled. “First thing you need to know about me is I bleed coffee. My yeoman got tired of getting me coffee so Drayke and Ian got together and made me this gadget. What is the one thing I need to know about you that is not in this file,” she asked leaning back and taking a sip of her coffee.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

” Yes, mam black is good, and thank you, Captain.” Take the cup of coffee and drink out the cup. ” Good coffee nifty little gadget mam. I knew a few Colonels and sergeants and a couple of admirals as well that bled coffee mam. But you’ve seen my records and know why that is. As for what’s not in my record Captain I dated the daughter of the Marine who served on my dad’s ship, Mara, and I was inseparable we joined at the same time and rose through the ranks at the same time. But she got offered a better job and I was thrilled and it came with a much larger rank so we split she was KIA during her first mission and I left shortly after. I take my job seriously Captain not only as a marine and a member of Starfleet but also as the 4th generation of Starfleet. ” Sam replied to his co as he drank more of the coffee in his hand.

McIntyre Security Officer

“Rank does come with problems and the job is dangerous. It’s all about risk management. For the record, I married my yeoman. Since some frowned upon that. I am upfront with everyone on the ship. While we aren’t military we aren’t exactly civilian either. Life is just shades of gray. It’s hard losing people. As a Marine you guys tend to lose more than most.” Taking a drink of her coffee, Kelly let out a sigh. “So why the change between fields?”

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Sam listened to his CO explain before replying. ” That is true mam on all accounts and I switched fields to fulfill my family’s legacy, Mam doesn’t get me wrong I loved my job and my squad. But after the situation with Mara, I didn’t need the black mark on my record and people looked at me like she was the reason why I got all my promotions well she was alive even though I busted my tail for everything, and after she died mam I saw her father once who was one hell of a Sergeant Major before his retirement and I just didn’t have the same spark as when I joined the marines mam.” Sam replied taking a drink of his coffee.

McIntyre Security Officer

“Black mark,” Kelly asked inquisitively. “How do you mean? Your record is impeccable and every CO you have had has had nothing but exemplary reports.” Taking a sip of her coffee she waited for him to explain further if he cared to. Understanding her officers and crew was important to her and this seemed to be something McIntyre was concerned about.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Sam down the rest of his coffee before explaining the comment about the black mark. ” When Mara got the promotion command wasn’t overall thrilled about a Lt. and a Sargent and wanted to put that so-called black mark on our records hers most all of being with an NCO. I didn’t need it and neither did she so we told command that we broke up and she moved out. Even though it was difficult not to resist the temptation. She was transferred to a base out near Rigel IV. I busted tail for every CO and a lot of that push besides my own skill was Mara we were as thick as thieves growing up and inseparable we had each other’s backs no matter what.” Sam looked back at his CO before speaking again. ” But now I just do my job mam.”

McIntyre Security Officer

“Did she affect your ability to do your job?” Kelly always had a hard time with understanding commanders that tried to take human behavior out of the fleet. Throw people together and they paired up like animals boarding the Ark. Sure there were times PDA needed to be brought to crew’s attention but for the most part, relationships bonded the crew instead of tearing them apart. It was only when the crew could not do thier job did relationships become an issue.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

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