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=/\=Understood. We are headed back to the Atlantis. We are bringing a guest with us from the Base. Please see that we have the diplomatic suites ready. We also have the coordinates of the location where the jacket was found. Inform the crew that after we get the proper clearance for departure we will be on our way there. Bordeaux out.=/\=

Captian Kelly Bordeaux

=^= Acknowledged, Captain =^= Jen said, closing the channel. A guest. Diplomatic suites? How many did the guest need? What happened to the fine they were working on haggling for? He shrugged inwardly, but his antennae betrayed his thoughts. Fortunately few could tell what an Andorian’s antennae meant in communications.

To those on the bridge, he said, “Secure stations. Prepare to depart when our guest is on board and the Station relays its clearance. Navigation, plot a course out of system, then, when we get coordinates for our destination lay in that course.”

“Communications, relay a departure notice to the crew. Inform department heads to expect a briefing shortly after launch. Oh, and see that two diplomatic suites are prepared. Perhaps our guest sleep walks. We’ll determine security risk and protocols after we find out who it is.”

Jen, XO

Kelly and company arrived on the bridge as Jen finished giving out the orders. Taking her seat, she pulled up a PaDD reviewing what had happened on the ship since her departure. You have been a busy boy, she commented to herself but was not too surprised. The XO knew his job and there was no need to immediately jump in and take over. Jen had given the commands she would have. All they could do now was wait and see what this little exploration mission was going to show.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

The Bryast system was 12 days away at warp 8. A speed the Atlantis could now sustain after the repairs from the pirates and their base. There weren’t too many inhabitable systems along their course and since the Darkness was quite active in the direction they were heading there wasn’t too much in the way of ship present either. The races looped around the Bryast system adding weeks on to their trips to avoid the dangers the Darkness presented.


“We are prepared for departure, Captain,” he began, then paused. “It seems too .. coincidental .. that the Darkness would be active in this area of space where we are going.” Jen did have a puzzled expression. “Captain, if this system is a pathway for us to be able to return home in some fashion, why are we taking along a passenger. If this will get us home we have only to run the gauntlet once with the Darkness. Otherwise making a return trip to drop off our passenger we would have to do it three times.”
- Jen, XO

“Or we keep our guest as a victory prize....” Trainor chimed in. Tenzing was only half hoping he’d come across as joking., but he wasn’t too fond of fighting the Darkness once, let alone two times. Lt Cmdr Trainor merely looked between the pair, trying to see which direction they’d go in.


OOC: Are we taking the Commander? There probably wont be a lot of chances to drop her off if this is way home. If not? you might need her. Do not take this as a clue, because it isn’t I just don’t want to drive you there… if you are still debating the choice.


“The Endorian’s have ships. We need friends. While I am not suggesting we take her as a victory trophy,” she sent a small smirk at Tenzig’s humor, “I think we should let Commander Rose decide. If she chooses we can take her as far as the edge of the Bryast system. The least we can do is have her over for dinner. She did keep me out of jail. After that Commander Rose can choose to continue with us until she no longer wants to. ” Kelly’s decision was based entirely on the crew’s needs. Commander Rose was a big girl and knew this area far better than any of the rest of them. She would know when to get off the boat before it was too late. “Besides we have twelve days until we reach the point Commander Rose becomes an Ex-Pat of wherever the hell we are. As soon as she arrives I will inform her of her options and leave the decision up to her. When we are ready engage the engines and lets see if the Bryast system can get us home.”

Kelly Bordeaux

OOC: With the exception of the Lorn and the Darkness, the races in the region seem to have about a warp 5 - 6 speed and an occasional warp 7 burst for a few minutes to an hour. The Darkness was believed by the local races to have a top speed of 7, but during their chase of the Atlantis they reached warp 7.5 and might have gone faster but there was no point as the Atlantis was running faster than that.

Jen was thinking, and that thinking showed his agitation with the space they were going to and the passenger in the way that his antennae shifted. “How fast can the Endorian ships travel? Do they have any fast courier ships that we could take aboard and, if needed - that if this is a road home - send Commander Rose back with our blessing in that?” So the passenger had a name. Rose. A very Terran like name, he thought.

He got a nod from navigation. “Disconnecting from the Station now, Captain,” he said, returning the nod to navigation.
- Jen, XO

“All systems green.. for the most part,” Tenzing announced, whispering the last part since they’d be leaving whether or not the ship had small bruises. He sent word down to one of his enlisted crewmen to ensure their ‘guest’ had somewhere to wash up and rest while they made their journey. If they were bringing aboard a courier ship, Trainor would have to make some room in the shuttle bay as well.


“With luck then those things that are working when we need them will be the ones in green,” Jen said with no small touch of ‘wry’ in his tone. Yes, he had received reports on the status of the Atlantis, and those reports were good. They had their speed which was their best defense against the Darkness should they appear. Oh to have a cloaking device on board right now .. “Warp 6 when we are clear, set a course for the Bryast System. Long range sensors in a forward arc.”
Jen, XO

OOC: we can role play a little of the meal with Rose or I can take you straight to the Bryast system. Nothing of interest will happen between here and the border.


OOC: I say the Bryast system and some action ~ Kate
OOC: Technically with the advent of multiple timelines one could do both … Gene

Trainor opted to stay on the Bridge a while longer in order to capture some passive scans of the area since surely Starfleet would want an intensive report on what the Atlantis was up to when they returned. Tenzing was also curious to know if command had deemed him for dead if Q didn’t tell anyone that he was zapped away.


OOC: True… you can play with Rose, who has so far seemed interested in the Captain, but we all can take a shot at chatting her up.


The ship warped into the Bryast system. Seven planets, the third and fourth were the only two that had any chance of being in an orbital position to sustain life. The third had an atmosphere at one point but that was at least 1000 years ago. The fourth seemed to still have a thin atmosphere, there was no chance of it being thick enough to sustain life anymore. At least not as humans considered it (think Mars). Currently on neither planet was there any sign of life. Fortunately, there also was no sign of the Darkness. There was a ship at extreme sensor range, but it had passed without any interest on the Atlantis.


“Science what so we see on long-range scans about the orbital bodies,” Kelly asked taking a sip of her coffee and staring out the view port into space.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

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