Medical Check-In

Posted Sept. 28, 2022, 2:51 p.m. by Ensign Samuel Andrew McIntyre (Security officer) (Patrick McGarry)

Posted by Civilian Evrilla (Chief Medical Officer w/ specialty in Pathology) in Medical Check-In

Posted by Ensign Samuel Andrew McIntyre (Security officer) in Medical Check-In
Medical Deck USS Atlantis
Ensign Samuel A. McIntyre
Stardate: 2398

After finishing his checking in with the Captain of the Atlantis in her Ready Room, Sam made his way to the elevator once more as it chimed open Sam stepped in and the doors hissed shut behind him turning around to face the doors he extended his right hand and pushed the button that would take him to the medical deck. Elevator chimed open once again and Sam stepped out and made his way to the med bay and pushed the button to his left to notify a nurse or the ship’s Doctor.
Sam stood outside of the medbay and waited to be seen.

Ensign Samuel A. McIntyre

A little Andorian girl ran up to Sam, although she tried to slow to a brisk walk to be more professional. “The Doctor will be right with you,” she announced. “Please take a seat on a biobed.” She grinned as she reached the end of her practiced phrases. “I’m Tatyl!” She proclaimed proudly.

Sam looked down at the little Andorian girl as she spoke to him. And walked over to a biobed and sat on it. ” I’m Sam nice to meet you.” Sam replied to her.

McIntyre Security Officer

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