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Posted Dec. 5, 2022, 10:29 a.m. by Commander Garinder'Jen th'Jir (Executive Officer) (Gene Gibbs)


“You know Trainor you could take Lexi’s spot down there if you want to get out and stretch your legs. Me with a tricorder working with you or a 200-mile-an-hour flash freeze. Both sound mighty fun for a day’s duty.”

Kelly Bordeaux

“I’d rather have another round with a Bartol, then head down to that wind mill of a planet,” Trainor replied. Tenzing was not feeling very risky, and could never fathom why ever ship he’s been on thus far had found their way into a distant quadrant or galaxy. “Invite me down when the temperature rises about another 15 degrees.”

Jen moved away and out to the transporter room to prepare for the trip. Some fresh (cold) air was just the ticket, for him at least.
- Jen, XO


Bordeaux CO

Trainor watched as the XO disappeared into the turbolift before turning back to the CO. “So who replaces him if he blows away?” Tenzing asked jokingly. The Ops officer wasn’t planning on visiting the center chair again, and with the predicament, Q placed him in, it might be a decade or two before that occurs.


=^= Jen to Atlantis. We are at the door to the structure. It’s very weather beaten but we believe we have found a powered panel and hope to be through shortly. The weather is .. like a day at the beach. =^= He let out a smile as he said that.
Jen, XO

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