MAIN SIM - away team to the planet (XO, Tigress, Nash, and anyone else that wants to join)

Posted Jan. 20, 2023, 10:25 a.m. by Commander Garinder'Jen th'Jir (Executive Officer) (Gene Gibbs)


Lexi tricorder ran through the loop of pre-existing codes for ships from that period of time. The tricorder worked far faster than an eye could follow, but it took very little time to figure out the electronic signals were being completely rejected and thus indicating that there was not even an electronic over-ride. Someone was going to have to bypass the lock one way or another… or put in the correct DNA strand.


“It is worth a try,” Jen said. It was looking like this was going to be more of a mechanical override - aka picking the lock, or they could just give up this exercise and call to be beamed into the facility directly. At this rate Jen was beginning to feel a level of pride to overcome and hoped that they could by hook or by crook - whatever that meant, but it was a good sounding Terran saying - manage an entry.
- Jen

Cara felt pretty useless just standing there waiting, but she figured she would do more harm than good if she took the panel off and tried to cross wires and make it open. “Maybe there is another way in? Air vent or somewhere for waste or water to pass through. An emergency exit. This can’t be the only way in or out.”


The wall of the semi-active volcano was worn. There were nooks and cracks that might hide a vent of some sort so nothing was visible to the naked eye from their position.

“Good call,” Jen said. “Our good engineer can do what they do best with the lock. The rest of you have a look around for an alternate entry. Time does have a way of making entries where one may least expect it.”
- Jen, XO

Cara set the building on her right and kept it there. She did not need to get lost. She walked along the complex using her tricorder to scan for any openings, cracks, vents, tunnels or other doorways/access points.


“Girl trip,” Lexi let out a laugh and lifted up her tricorder. There was also very little she could do except make the situation worse by electrocuting herself of finding the one wire that added an extra door sealing off the place instead of opening it. Taking a step away she raised the tricorder to the side of the mountain and glanced up looking at the sky as she waited for the tricorder to do its thing. Suddenly an idea hit her. Tapping her comm badge she contacted Atlantis. =/\=Hey we are having trouble getting into the complex. Anyway you can help a crewman out and just beam us inside?=/\= The idea was simplistic but not implausible. The word KISS came into her mind which was often uttered by her husband for a multitude of reasons. Keep It Simple Silly. While the last word might annoy others, it always made Lexi laugh because sometimes the end result was so simple one did feel silly for not trying it first.

Lexi Science (using the Robbins scientific method of KISS)

“Tut tut,” Jen said with a small smile. “Where is the fun in that? Embrace the challenge.” His expression shifted to a more evident smile. “That is a thought I had in mind. I was just wondering whether we were up to the challenge of an old lock.” He noticed Nash’s next attempt. “If Mr Nash is unsuccessful we will beam through.” This was in part a tension release from the ship and the ‘darkness’ around them. A simple lock pick and explore, if not too much time was taken, would be, as some Terrans suggest ‘a change is as good as a rest’.
Jen, XO

=^= Transporter room to away team. We don’t detect any active forcefields or magnetic deflectors. A transport directly inside should not be a problem.”

While Lexi worked to get them a shortcut inside, Nash decided to scan the panel and the area surrounding it for traces of old DNA, removing Lexi’s from any readings that might come up. If the machine was rejecting electronic signals it was unlikely he could project that DNA signal onto the display, but, if he could find something and then get the panel open it was possible that he may be able to inject the code for the DNA electronically through a back door, so to speak. It would be cleaner than simply trying to hotwire the panel. Wiring the tricorder into the panel and using it as the ‘detector’ itself might do the trick.

Nash, CE

There were microscopic traces of degraded DNA on the absorption pores of the system. It was too broken and old to in of itself link to any known DNA chain so the tricorder just beeped unhappily at the attempt.

However even the best computer wasn’t as good as the human mind at filling blanks. Nash had seen the fractions before… this week when the ship had a sample of the Darkness bio ship. It was close enough to trigger the synapses of his mind.


“What is it Chief?” Jen asked. There was something, a tick in his expression that suggested some kind of recognition. “You’ve got something?”
- Jen, XO

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