Main Sim - Checking out the debris (Trainor, Kelly, and whoever else wants to join)

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Kelly looked at the material that was beamed into the center of the room as Tenzig took scans. “So are we going to glow in the dark from some weird radiation or is that the least of our problems,” she looked at the twisted hunk of debris.

Kelly Bordeaux

Any primary radiation was well below lethal level as was any stellar radiation so the ‘joke’ remained untrue. The analysis of the material could begin (if someone would tell what the inspection would be).


“Afraid not, Cap,” Trainor replied as he slowly wafted the tricorder around the structure.

Kelly picked up the tricorder and began to scan it looking for any signs of where this piece of debris might have come from on the ship. With any luck, there might be a console or such hidden in it that might give her and Tenzig more info about what had happened. “You know people always make fun of the past but what I wouldn’t give to find one of those little black boxes from the ancient past.”

Kelly Bordeaux

“If you consider this ancient ma’am, what would you consider Earth’s Roman gladiators?” The Ops Officer asked with a smirk on his face. Though by those standards, one could say the Captain was almost ancient as well.


=^= Jen to Atlantis. We are at the door to the structure. It’s very weather beaten but we believe we have found a powered panel and hope to be through shortly. The weather is .. like a day at the beach. =^= He let out a smile as he said that.

  • Jen, XO

“You have a locked door you are trying to pick,” Kelly sounded almost heartbroken. The look she gave Tenzig spoke volumes about how much she wished she had picked scissors instead of her rock with the XO earlier. “Understood. If you need a hand or a battering ram let us know. Keep us appraised of your situation. Kelly out.”

=^= That does sum it up, Captain. Perhaps it is frozen and we may need you to come down with some .. de-icer. =^= Jen replied.
Jen, XO

Letting out a breath she whacked the tricorder a few times as if beating the instrument would give it more of an incentive to work faster. The reading on the hunk of debris was going much slower than Kelly’s attention span. Looking around the room, she walked over to the replicator and ordered up a crowbar. Walking back to the debris, she twirled it like it was a baton and she was a majorette. Running her hand over the surface she looked for a crack or seam. “Dinosaurs,” she replied simply. “I am far more of a fan of the Greeks than the Romans. Tossing the crowbar in the air, she caught it with a better grip finding a small seam that was about to be opened. “Do you know the lever is dated back to the Stone Age,” she asked. “Archimedes said it best when he said, give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world. Right now I am not interested in moving the world, but cracking this thing open like a Kinder candy egg and seeing if there is a surprise inside. My tricorder registered a pocket inside. It might just be an air pocket but having a look-see is far more interesting than math.”

Kelly Bordeaux CO

The tricorders skipped a whirl when slapped as if pouting against the blow. The material was definitely federation. Nothing that wasn’t already known. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a component with one of the thousands of micro markings that would let someone scan the identity of the ship however the material was circa 2262-64. The radiation actually was background radiation and a secondary wave, that was not naturally made and not able to be classified by the tricorder.

“Trust me, Captain, the only surprise inside better be a console,” Tenzing said as he tried scanning through the small dents the CO waking in the metal. “If a creature pops out like a jack in the box, you’re on your own.” The Ops officer joked, though he wish he had grabbed a phaser before joining the Captain in the cargo bay.


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Kelly looked at the readings with a frown. “So we narrowed it down to a two-year period between 2262-64 but nothing else. Of course, we can’t get a hunk of junk with a stamp that says USS This is who I am. ” Her brow furrowed some as she read the reading about radiation. “Well, this is interesting. The tricorder is picking up a radiation signature that it can’t define,” she looked a Tenzig. “Have you seen anything like this in your travels?” As she spoke she brought up the Radiation pulse emitter setting and scanned the debris field again. The tricorder already said they did not have a general idea but maybe a more specific setting would yield results.

Kelly Bordeaux

“I don’t remember seeing anything like that, Captain.” The Ops Officer said, pausing momentarily to think. “Since it doesn’t appear to be a naturally occurring radiation, it’s possible it could have been made in a lab for a weapon.” Tenzing hypothesized.

“Good point and kind of a quinky dink that we have an abandoned lab on the planet below us?”

Kelly Bordeaux

“Is there enough to take a sample?” Trainor asked as he tuned his tricorder to find more traces.


OOC: A sample? Of the radiation? If so, below is the description.

The radiation wave, was particularly odd as inside of a sin/cos type of curve it instead looked like the seams of a rugby ball, if the rugby ball had three pairs of loops. Radiation waves did tend to be ‘perfect’ curves and even though this wasn’t an infinite curve, it was perfect.

There was no real way of telling the power curve, however if one assumed that it was a from a single event a 150 years ago, given the decay rate of the curve… it would be a ELE - an extinction level event for a planet… perhaps as much as several planets.


Kelly looked at the signature of the radiation wave and felt something tugging at the back of her mind. Her expertise had laid with security and tactics but like every other cadet, she had had a sampling of all the courses in each major from engineering to sciences to basic medical. The shape of the wave felt important but for the life of her, she had no idea why. “Astronavigation in the stratosphere,” she blurted out as if it would make any sense to Trainor.

Being in command did not mean you knew everything. It just meant you knew the people that did know the things you needed to know. Tapping her comm badge, Kelly reached out to Lt. Robbins in Stellar Cartography. =/\= Chris, I am sending you a reading from the piece of debris Tenzig and I are studying. Give me your two cents?=/\=

And maybe a psych consult for the Cap? Trainor thought to himself, as he waited for whatever results the Captain was waiting on.

Several minutes later an Aussie returned the comm call. =/\= It’s a sinusoidal wave. Probably from some cosmic event like a supernova.=/\=

=/\=Yes but a supernova going off this close to a planet or a ship would wipe out all life on the planet and crush a ship like a beer can=/\= Kelly stated in a slight questioning manner.

=/\=Yes and no,=/\= Chris replied. =/\=If the supernova was just out of the kill zone it could cause an ELE but not immediately. If it was the right distance away I could strip off parts of an atmosphere and the planet’s life would get fried by UV radiation slowly and not like in a poof =/\= Chris made a mouth sound like that of an explosion. =/\=I can look around this part of space and see if we have evidence of a supernova but I am not sure 200 years is long enough for the planet to recover. That you would have to ask my lovely wife about.=/\=

Kelly looked at Trainor and let out a slight exhale. The radiation wave was unique and right now all they could do was come up with hypothesis. While Chris scanned the skies, Kelly chewed her bottom lip in thought. “Tenzig....the Darkness…did weapons have a pattern like this?”

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Tenzing thought for a moment as everything that was just said sunk in. It was plausible that this could have been caused by a supernova, but Trainor thought it might be wise to confirm whether or not the Darkness’s weapons had a similar pattern.

=^= Computer, cross reference the radiation and damage to this bulkhead against the damage the Atlantis received from the Darkness, and respond with how likely it is that the Darkness could have been the force to damage the bulkhead. =^=

Trainor (Ops)

The computer took less than a second. =^=No match between the wave and radiation from the Darkness ships or weapons. Known Darkness weapons cannot project the force suggested. The wave is not consistent to natural phenomena like a supernova Giant or White Dwarf.=^=

Behind them the door opened and one of the ships Intelligence officers, the Bajoran Devon Rand walked in. Stepping up beside Kelly, he glanced over at the consoles and handed her a cup of coffee. “What’s up? Anything fun?”

Devon Rand, Intel


“Nothing conclusive…” Tenzing groaned, turning to the CIO. “Doesn’t appear to be similar to a supernova or white dwarf, either,” The Operations Manager added. He was usually the go-to for odd occurrences, but this even stumped the Lieutenant Commander.


“Well something had to fly through space Tenzig! Something had to break the ship,” Kelly said in a tone from a well known Christmas movie. Staking a step around the hulk of metal, Kelly slipped slightly. Looking up at the officers she added. “And why is the floor all wet, Tenzig,” she wiped her boot on the ground seeing a small amount of fluid on the ground.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

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