Meeting the Captain-alternate time line

Posted Jan. 21, 2023, 4 p.m. by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) (Kate O'Neill)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Amelia Barnes (Chief Medical Officer) in Meeting the Captain-alternate time line
Amelia stopped outside the Captain’s ready room and rang the chime and waited for her to respond. Amelia straightened her uniform and bounced on the balls of her feet as she waited.


“It’s open,” Kelly yelled out followed by a small exasperated huff. Of all the stupid things one could do in their daily life was injuring themselves before meeting the one person’s job it was to treat injuries. “Stupid IFEA reject,” Kelly mumbled at the pink box sitting on the edge of her desk as she alternately sucked on her index finger and then shook her hand. The shape and size of the box resembled that of an old-fashioned oven. The bright bubblegum pink color edged in purple would lead one to guess it was more of a child’s toy and not something an adult would use. A closer inspection of the box would confirm this by the wording Ferengi Food Fun Oven above fake dials and a glass window where one could look into the device to presumably see something inside. On each of the sides, two ports jutted out as if it were a mini conveyor belt where something could be placed inside one end and come out the other.

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