Arrival-alternate time line

Posted Jan. 21, 2023, 7:14 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Amelia Barnes (Chief Medical Officer) (Tyra Schroll)

Posted by Lieutenant Lauren Shan (Doctor) in Arrival-alternate time line

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Amelia Barnes (Chief Medical Officer) in Arrival-alternate time line
Amelia listened as the shuttle she was riding in was cleared to dock with the USS Atlantis. Amelia had a mix of emotions about this, she had been on leave for almost a year, working on her education and dealing with family. With everything finally under control she had applied for placement on a ship and now here she was. As the shuttle settled on the deck and the bay repressurized she stepped off the shuttle provided her security clearance and headed to her quarters to drop off her bag, the rest of her belongings would be arriving later. She still needed to check in with the Captain and complete her boarding checks.


As Amelia rode the turbo various crew entered and exited it sometimes nodding hello and other times so engrossed in their work they did not seem to even notice others in the futuristic elevator. Two floors from her stop a woman with dark hair entered the turbo wearing the blue of a medical officer. “Are you Barnes,” she asked the woman stepping in and leaning against the wall of the turbo casually.

Lauren Shan medical

Amelia nodded “I am.” She said extending her hand “And must be Shan?” She added have read the jackets on her team in Medical.


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