Times of Tranquility - Flashback

Posted Jan. 25, 2023, 3:48 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Peter Sigmundsson (Chief Intelligence Officer) (Hjortur Ingi)


It had been eight weeks since the signing of the Treaty of Bajor. Life within the Federation was returning to normal, Starfleet had started standard operations and Civilians were getting used to a life without war. A Civilian Transport on its way to Betazed from the Aldebaran Colony docked with Starbase G-6 to drop off and pick up passengers during its now routine flight. Among the few dozen people, mostly civilians with some Starfleet Officers exiting the transport, a large man holding a duffel bag over his shoulder looked across the walkway before continuing on his way. He stood nearly a foot taller than most of the others and was twice as wide. He wore a simple dark jumpsuit, standard Federation design. Most of the other civilians rushed to get to other transports but the large man walked past the other boarding gates towards the starbases Shopping and Food courts.

Peter Sigmundsson, who until a month ago had been a Lieutenant and Starfleet Security officer, wore a mild smile on his face. He was a young man, not yet thirty, but he looked older, like most others of his Generation the last three years had been hard, both physically and mentally. It may have been harder for him as he’d been there during the Borg attack three years ago and seen some of the worst of the War. Right now he wasn’t thinking about the war, or at least not just thinking about it, right now he was looking for someone.

It only took a few minutes for him to notice that he was being followed so he did the sensible thing, sneaking down a corridor and waiting by the corner. In a few moments, the hooded figure he’d noticed walked past, turning their head slightly to look down the corridor he was hidden behind. He was rewarded with a look of surprise as his hands reached out and grabbed his stalker and dragged them towards him. Peter suddenly felt a fist hit his stomach, the only thing that saved him from a painful kidney punch was him twisting his torso to throw his stalker against the wall. He grunted at the hit and managed to use his left hand to grab his assailant’s hands and used his left arm to push the stalker’s throat. He smiled at his stalker as they struggled, this time trying to knee him in the groin, an effort he applauded in his mind as he used his own legs to block the attack. “Hey, that was not nice” He managed to say before he felt a pain in his right hand.

Next thing he knew his assailant was loose and he felt a barrage of punches to his torso that pushed him back followed by a kick to the back of his right leg that pushed him down on one knee, in response he threw a single elbow back that landed with a satisfying thud followed by a low grunt. He used his left leg to push himself up slightly but instead of standing up, he did a slight jump and then pushed both legs powerfully against the bulkhead, throwing his bulk against the momentarily stunned assailant. His foe reacted quickly by grabbing around his throat but it was too little too late, their back hid the other side of the corridor with an even louder thud followed by a curse Klingon? He thought to himself in mild surprise as he rolled to the side, raising his right leg and grabbing the Type One phaser he had holstered there. He drew aimed and then hesitated, his opponent had the same thought, aiming a small handheld weapon pointed at him. Two heartbeats later he smiled again “I think they call this an Orion-Standoff” That received a bark of a laugh but not from his stalker, the laugh came from behind him Well crap he thought, he didn’t dare look back.

“Stand down Luna” the gruff voice behind Peter said with no small deal of mirth. The Stalker hesitated before lowering their weapon and tossed back their head irritably which threw back their hood revealing a woman. Peter blinked in surprise, he wasn’t surprised that it was a woman, although she was tall for a woman she had a narrower build than a man of similar size, what surprised him was the fact that she was a Romulan. He hadn’t expected to find a Romulan walking around so deep in Federation space, even with the temporary treaty following the end of the War. He hid his surprise almost immediately but was certain that she’d noticed so to avoid her scowl he turned around to look at the man who had ended his short fight.

Leaning casually in the corridor just a few meters away was a smiling Orion man, probably in his mid to late fifties, his left eye and arm were both cybernetic, rough non-Federation designs. He took a moment to give the two of them a short applause before crossing his arms together. Peter quickly got to his feet after holstering his weapon and walked to the man “Mongul” He said with a frown “I was expecting to find you at the Betazoid Cafe” He complained to the Orion man “Well that was the plan but Luna over there was a little overzealous and decided that tailing you was a good idea” Mongul answered with a toothy grin, revealing sharpened canines giving the muscular Orion a vicious looking smile “How long did it take him to spot you” He looked to Peters left where the Romulan woman now stood. She had both arms crossed and looked very annoyed with Peter “I don’t know when he made me, thought I had him until I walked across the hallway” She shot him another glare which Peter answered with a very smug grin.

The Orion pushed himself off the wall and clapped his hands together, rubbing them and looking between the overly large human and the Romulan “Well Peter Sigmundsson, meet Lunama, she’s the Tranquility’s Head Engineer and Science officer. Lunama’s been with me for three years” He said giving Luna an amused look followed by a wink which caused the Romulan to roll her eyes, an odd expression from a Romulan Peter thought. Peter turned to face Lunama putting out a hand to shake “Jolan tru” He gave the traditional Romulan greeting which got a mild reaction from her. Then she scowled at him again, turned around and walked away “I’m going to the ship” She called back, putting up her hood and disappearing down the hallway.

Peter quirked an eyebrow towards Mongol “This another one of your tests old man?” his question got another bark of a laugh from the Orion ships captain. Mongol put an arm around Peters shoulder, the man was almost as tall and wide as Peter himself, only shorter by a few inches “Not that you know of” Mongol said as he led Peter back towards the more crowded part of the Station “I was surprised to get an answer so soon, you seemed hesitant when I first made the offer?” Mongol said his voice turning slightly serious. Peter was quiet for a moment until Mongol stopped walking, Peter had taken almost three full steps before he noticed, turning around to see the Orion had taken a seat on a nearby bench. Peter joined him

“I hadn’t planned on accepting” he said truthfully “I hadn’t planned on anything, spent a few weeks just traveling. When I got your ping last week that you’d be on G-6 today I just took a leap”
The Orion gave him a quizzical expression “You jumped?”
Peter chuckled “Sorry, human expression, leap of faith. Means attempting something without knowing the outcome, having faith that you are making the right decision”
“I thought Humans didn’t practice any religions anymore?”
“We don’t really have any of our old Organized religions but you’ll still find people practicing some of the old Faiths but no that’s not really the point. I just need some direction, somewhere to be or belong I guess” Peter sighed “Besides you need someone around to save your ass again”
Mongol sniffed at that “I just had a momentary malfunction in my elbow, I could have won that fight easily” He grumbled
“Sure, all five Nausicaans” Peter said with a laugh then grunted when Mongols elbow hit him in his side.

The two of them spoke together for a few more minutes until the comm unit on Mongol’s wrist beeped “Well Peter, it’s time for you to see your new home” He stood up and clapped Peter’s shoulder hard “The Tranquility, bah, damn Federation computer systems. What sort of Renegade Starship is called Tranquility” He complained as he led the way towards the docking area.

Peter, Mongol, & Lunama

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